Thursday, June 25, 2015

our hospital stay

It has been two weeks since we welcomed Oliver into our family, and we have loved loving on him each day since then. Because his birth is such a special event, I wanted to be sure I recorded what it was like. I also wanted to remember our first few days with Oliver / our stay at the hospital and what they were like. So before more time passes and I forget the little details, I thought I'd share what our time at the hospital was like. There are also tons of pictures ... so, you've been warned :)

I mentioned before how Landon's parents came in and stayed with Emerson while we were at the hospital. I was so apprehensive about leaving him at home, but just had to trust that he would be fine. It was also reassuring to know that we weren't far from home and that we would be able to see Emerson a few times each day.  Landon was also able to leave the hospital and spend time with Emerson and his parents, which I think helped Emerson a lot. 

doing a little reading while waiting . . .  

we could see the helicopter pad from our room - Emerson loved it 

We didn't have many visitors while we were at the hospital. Our closest family is about five hours away, so it's not a trip many could make. Landon's parents and Emerson were the only visitors we had while staying at the hospital. It was very different from when Emerson was born - we had dozens of visitors coming in to see us all hours of the day. It was nice to see everyone and to introduce our friends and family to Emerson, but it also got to be a tad overwhelming and wasn't very restful. Most of our friends were good about asking if they could stop by, so we could anticipate their visit, but it seemed family was always popping in - right when I wanted to take a shower or change or nurse. We enjoyed family and friends coming to visit us, but I will say, it was kind of nice to have these first days with Oliver just to ourselves. I didn't have to worry about when I was feeding him or wanted to shower. And I was able to rest. A lot.

Each morning after breakfast Emerson would come see us for a little while and then his Gigi and Poppy would take him home [or out] for lunch. Landon usually went with them and they were able to enjoy some together time and Landon was able to enjoy some good food and help with Emerson. Sometimes Landon would come back to the room after lunch and sometimes he would go to the house for Emerson's nap time and come after he woke up. But he wasn't cooped up at the hospital, which I think he liked.

Then in the late afternoon, Emerson would come back to the hospital to see us again for a little bit and then they would all head out for dinner. Landon always went with them for dinner and would come back after a few hours. Obviously this left me in the room by myself a lot, but it was nice and quiet so I was able to get a lot of rest and spend that time with Oliver.

Obviously, every few hours the nurses would come and check on me or if I needed something they would come in, so I saw people, but was still able to nap quite a lot and nurse without worrying about being disturbed. I also watched more shows than I can remember watching in a looong time. One day a marathon of "Fixer-Upper" was on. I had only seen that show once before, but liked watching it, so that's what I spent my afternoon doing. And it was nice. It was a pretty calm and quiet hospital stay, which was really nice. And I was taken care of completely, which was also really nice.

he loved washing his hands in our room. ha!  

The nurses were pretty good for the most part. Some were better than others, a few were wonderful, and then there were one or two that were not the greatest. One of my night shift nurses was not the greatest and forgot to give me my pain medicine. I didn't really keep up with the times I was being given my medicine, I kind of knew how long I had to wait between taking the pills, but I wasn't recording when I took one or the other. The nurses did that. Well, one night I started feeling pretty terrible. I could hardly move and to hold Oliver hurt so badly. I couldn't adjust myself in bed because if I moved even a little bit my whole body writhed with pain. I needed my medicine.

The pain seemed to really sneak up on me too, one minute I felt fine and then suddenly, I was at a 10 in the pain department [you know how they're always asking you to rank your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest?]. Landon had stepped out of the room for a minute when my nurse came in to check on me. While I was talking to her I realized that she hadn't given me my medicine when she was supposed to, hours before, thus the reason for the severe pain. She left and when Landon came back in the room, I was crying because I realized how long it had been since I was last give my medicine [which made me really upset]. Crying only made the pain worse and then I started having trouble breathing. Landon was getting ready to call for the nurse, when she came back in, at which point she asked me if I wanted to wait a few more hours before I took my medicine. Um. No. I was crying because it hurt so badly and couldn't catch my breath. The nurse asked me my pain level and I couldn't even tell her, I just held up both hands - 10. Landon insisted she give me my pain medicine right then, but before she went to get it she had to ask me if that was okay. You think? The rest of the night [and stay] Landon kept close track of my pain meds and the times I was allowed to take them. God bless that man of mine.

I finally got my pain meds and started to feel better, but man, I was not fond of that nurse for the rest of her shift. During one of her last checks on me she asked if I wanted her to bring the day shift nurse in the room when it was shift change. I told her if I was sleeping, to let me sleep. Thankfully she let me sleep. After I woke up my new nurse, Kayla, came in and oh, how she was a God send. Seriously. She was amazing and I loved her. She was prompt with my meds, concerned with how I felt, checked on me with care, helped with nursing, and just had really good bed-side manner. It makes a huge difference what a nurse can do. I was sad to see her leave at the end of the day, but I was so thankful for her constant care that day.

For the most part I stayed in our room, napped off and on, watched shows, and held Oliver. What is sweeter than a newborn babe laying on your chest?  Landon and I would walk the halls occasionally to help me build up my strength and work gas bubbles out [TMI?] - man those can be so painful. Since I had a c-section I was allowed to leave three or four days after the surgery. So when Friday morning came, Landon and I talked about going home and I kind of decided we would just go home that day, I was feeling fine and thought it was the right thing to do. But then the hours passed and I thought about leaving the hospital already I got apprehensive about everything. So I decided to stay the whole time and go home on Saturday instead. Best decision ever. I'm so glad I took advantage of that last full day and night at the hospital. It was nice having help when I needed it, and to just be able to rest for as long as I could and not feel guilty about not being able to help Emerson if he needed/wanted me.

By the time my doctor and the pediatrician came to check on me and Oliver and tell us that we were cleared to go home it was around lunch time. We had spent that morning packing up, filling out paperwork, and resting as much as we could. In some ways I was sad to leave what had been our home for a few days, but oh so ready to get back home to my sweet little man. Is it possible to feel both at the same time?

I was thankful for a good experience while staying at the hospital [overall, ahem... ] but was so happy to see my Emerson's grinning face when we pulled into the drive way. Life is different in so many ways now, and I know there there are many challenging days ahead of us, but I also know that my heart has never been so full and that I have the sweetest boys in the world to me that I get to spend my days with. We are blessed indeed.

So here's to a new chapter of my life: being the mama to two little ones! yikes! :)

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These photos are beautiful!!! So glad you got so much rest!