Tuesday, June 9, 2015

some weekend fun

Our weekend ended up being a little more full than we anticipated, but it was a fun weekend and we loved every minute of it. I have been trying to soak up as many days with my little family of three before baby arrives, this weekend I feel like we were able to get lots of fun in. 

Saturday morning after getting ready we went to a little donut shop for a special breakfast treat. It was nice to just sit and enjoy the morning with my boys and munch on a good donut [or two]. Afterwards we stopped by a friend's yard sale to say hi, I ended up finding a deal on some diapers for my sister, so that was pretty exciting. We looked at one or two other yard sales in the area and then headed home. Afterwards we decided to go run some errands, get a birthday gift for Bee, and use a coupon before it expired. Since we were out at lunch time, Landon suggested eating lunch out - a real treat, and then we went home for nap time. 

before church on Sunday I caught these two reading all the books :) 

That afternoon some friends invited us over for dinner and some pool play time for Emerson. When Emerson woke up I asked him if he wanted to go play with his friends and swim in a pool, he was all kinds of excited, and just said, "yeah, yeah, yeah!" I told him to go get his swim shorts and he ran off saying, "okay, okay, okay." He was pretty excited. We enjoyed the evening by our friend's pool and then a nice meal of grilled steaks. It was sooo good. 

Sunday morning we got ready and headed to church and spent most of the day at home afterwards. It was quiet, but it was nice. I was so thankful to have a sweet little weekend to enjoy some quality time with both Landon and Emerson. I know these days of just us are fleeting, so I'm trying to enjoy them as much as I can. 


Laura said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend!!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

That is so cute that he was so excited about the pool!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

That is so cute that he was so excited about the pool!

Alisha said...

That picture of your boys is adorable! Diapers at a yard sale? Awesome!