Friday, June 5, 2015

summer, hydrangeas, and painting

Since I find great enjoyment in sharing a few tidbits of no real significance, I thought I would do just that today. 

one. a little trim. 
About once every six months I get my hair done. And when I say done I mean, I get it trimmed. A few times I've had it chopped off, which I always love, but I've been keeping it longer lately because I know my hubby likes my hair longer. Anyhow, The other day I was fooling with my hair a little bit which got me to thinking about how ratty it looks and that it's been about six months since I last had it cut. So I called to make an appointment to have a little snipped off, and this afternoon I am enjoying freshly trimmed hair. I love how smooth and pretty the hairdressers can make my hair feel. I just don't have the same touch. It's probably because I lack patience [and product], but it makes me enjoy the day [or more] of my new hair even more. 

two. summer break. 
We are officially on summer break and it is marvelous. It just makes my heart so happy. We haven't done too much yet, but we have been enjoying lots of walks, playing outside, a trip to the grocery store, and more crafts and activities than usual. It is so nice. I love summer time. 

three. hydrangeas. 
Need I say more? They are so so pretty and I love them so much. Fresh flowers add such cheer to a home, I would love to always have a bouquet of fresh flowers sitting in my living room or kitchen [or both]. And hydrangeas are like a touchable fluffy cloud of nature. 

four. yard sales. 
It is yard sale season. We're not having a yard sale this year, but I love when we are able to go to one [or a dozen] yard sales .... especially when you find a wonderful treasure. We are hoping to go to a few tomorrow morning, you never know what you'll find.

five. a bird feeder. 
The other day Emerson and Bee did a little art project of painting bird feeders. I'm not sure what possessed me to let them paint, but I saw the little bird feeders at the store for super cheap and thought it would be something fun that Emerson would enjoy. He was with me so I showed him the little bird feeder and he was all kinds of excited. One morning shortly after that I brought out all the paints, cleared the table, took their shirts off, and let them have at it. They painted those suckers for at least an hour and a half. Was it messy? yes. Was it fun? yes. Was a bath needed afterwards? yes - for Emerson. Goodness sakes, I don't know how he got paint on his legs, arms, belly, back, face, and hair, but it was everywhere. I started to wipe it off with a cloth and realized, that a bath would be more appropriate. But oh, he had so much fun painting. And now we have a little bird feeder in our front yard, beckoning birdies to come have a snack.

I hope you all have a happy weekend!

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Courtney said...

Love garage sales and thrifting! I'm hoping to do a lot of that this summer :)

And yay fresh haircuts! Just before baby. Perfect timing!

Laura said...

Fresh haircuts are always a treat. I never can get my hair to cooperate either, but it does feel so nice after the stylist is finished. I love hydrangeas too! They are so perfect.