Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Emerson : 2 1/2 years


You are 2 1/2 years old! Happy half birthday to you. For the past few months [maybe even since January?] I have been meaning to write about what you are up these days. I thought I would take advantage of today and share some things about you at this stage in your life. 

You are full of energy! From the moment your eyes open in the morning to after we close your door at night time, you are go go go. And you don't go slowly. Everything you do is done on full speed. You run everywhere you go and always have so much to do. Some of your favorite things: reading, coloring, being outside, petting the animals at the park, going on walks -only if the park is an end result, playing at the park, helping with anything and everything, and playing with whatever tickles your fancy. 

This past month you have really become more attached to your daddy; you've always loved him and liked playing with him, but these days you will choose daddy over mommy to read you a story or play with. I can't say that I mind it either, I knew this day would come and I love that you already love hanging out with your daddy. One of your favorite things to do with him is "work". When he goes downstairs to work, you want to go too and work on your 'puter' [the old broken computer we have downstairs]. Recently you've found two rulers and started playing the violin with them. Those two things are things you could do for hours if we let you. 

It seemed for the longest time that you would just use your sounds and signs to talk to us, but recently your vocabulary has been exploding! You are talking so much these days and like to express yourself, especially by telling us everything that you "need". And you sure do "need" a lot: to eat more food, to eat more chips, to watch a show, to play outside, to help mommy or daddy, to hug "OliveFlynn", to stay outside . . . pretty much anything you want to do is something you think you need to do. You also like to say everything is silly. It doesn't really matter what, but a lot of things are silly to you, "thas silly," you say. Other things you say: Mommy doin [doing]? Daddy doin? [insert anyone's name] doin? Daddy goin [going]? My do it. Me help. OliveFlynn [always always together]. I need to ... 

You have such a helpful and sweet little spirit. Any time we are doing anything other than sitting down, you like to help us. One of your favorite things to help me do is cut up watermelon. For Christmas you were given some child-safe plastic knives, and anytime you see me cutting food for meals, you'll run to the pantry and demand that you get your knife to help. After a few cuts you mostly snack on whatever it is we are cutting, but you still like to help. Though sometimes your help is not the most helpful, I still try my best to encourage you and have you help me because I know it's so important and good for you. You say, "Me help. Me help," or "My do it," when you want to help with something. I figure one day you will want nothing to do with helping me so I may as well take advance of your helpful hands while I can and hope that it fosters a lifelong helpful spirit. 

Giving hugs and kisses is one of your favorite things it seems. You love your little brother and smother him with kisses, hugs, pats, and uga-mugas [Eskimo kisses]. You also love to give daddy and mommy kisses as well as your Gigi, Poppy, and aunties. You're just an affectionate little guy all around. Though your relationship with Boady is a strange one. One minute you love him and want to hug and pet him, the next minute you're screaming for him to "go way! go way!" I don't understand. 

Sleep is so so for you these days. Well, you sleep fine, but you have so much trouble going down at night. After we read you stories, pray, and sing with you we kiss you and head out of your room. You climb out of your bed and chase after us. Screaming for us. I was hoping that would be a short little phase, but it's going on about two months now. I suppose in the grand scheme of things that's not too long, but it feels like forever when you fight sleep like you do. You've also started waking up so much earlier too. At the crack of dawn you are up and ready to do. Since you mastered opening doors a long time ago we had to get a little child safety latch for your door so you can't run out of your room whenever you want to. Before we put the latch up you would run out of your room at all hours of the night and refuse to sleep. It was not great. Thankfully you're not doing that any more, so I'm hoping you'll go back to your previously great sleeping habits here soon. You still nap in the afternoon, most days for around two hours [though today it wasn't even one hour!], sometimes more - you can have those days more often.

Sometimes you can sure be a little stinker. That's right, you're not perfect little man. And sometimes the fits you throw push my patience and I just don't know what to do! Though you are usually pretty happy and obedient, you have started becoming a little more defying lately. We don't know if it's because Oliver is home now or if it's just your age. Either way, we're just trying to figure out how to help you understand you don't get everything you "need" all of the time and that sometimes we will say no to you. Heaven forbid. As long as you have food in your belly you are a generally happy fellow, but you do get to be a stinker when you are hungry -and not in a cute way. In a "I'm going to throw all of the papers and toys and everything I see all over the room and make a huge mess" kind of way. I try and keep you well fed and make sure snacks are readily available to you so we can avoid those tantrums as much as possible.

I'm sure there are a dozen things I'm forgetting to include in this little update, and if I remember and think of it I'll come and add to it later. But I just wanted to make sure to remember a few of these little things and how you are these days before you get big on me all of the sudden and I forget.

You are a sweet little joyful guy, Emerson, and we love you so very much. We love seeing you grow, learn, and develop. Hearing you express your thoughts and watching you in the every day things fills my heart with joy. Above all else, I pray that you grow to love Jesus and that you live a life that seeks after Him.

I love you,


Courtney B said...

Oh he is SO cute! Isn't it so fun, crazy and exciting how their vocabulary is just exploding right now?! I am stopped dead in my tracks on the daily with the realization that I can hold conversations with Mia... still mind blowing to me!

Jessica said...

Sweetest little 2 1/2 year old around! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who deals with some toddler struggles at this age though - Caleb is absolute wonderful most of the time - and happy, and fun. And then once in a while, he just has a complete breakdown over the most random of things. Goodness. Time outs and spankings have started happening in our house!!!