Tuesday, July 28, 2015

full house weekend

Our house has been full to the brim these past few days. A houseful of people doesn't just mean more bodies in the house, but also more noise, more dirt, more smells, and a lot more love. I wasn't sure how we would accommodate nine people in our little abode, but somehow we fit and and were able to enjoy a few fun days together. We stayed pretty busy and I didn't stop to take many pictures. I usually get caught up in just enjoying company with family and friends when they are here. We took a few right before my sister headed out, but that's about it.

On Wednesday afternoon my mom arrived. She had flown in from Thailand on Monday to my sister's house in Ohio with plans to come to our house the following day. However, she came down with a bad case of food poisoning so she stayed in bed/at my sister's house instead. Once she finally felt better she made the drive to our house and that night we enjoyed dinner together before heading to bed. Thursday afternoon my other sister made the drive with her three kids from Minnesota so she could see us and our mom.  She had plans to drive on to Ohio to see the our other sister, but she ended up staying with us the whole time. Friday morning we went to the park near our house, it was so so hot, which meant we had the whole place to ourselves. Obviously we were the only ones dumb enough to be outside in such heat. After lunch that day I stayed home with my boys and my sister and her kids went out with my mom. They did some exploring and other things to keep the kids busy. After Emerson woke up from his nap, I loaded him and Oliver into the car and went to meet up at the petting zoo near our house. The kids all had fun looking around and we all enjoyed the shade that is provided by the big trees at that park. On Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market in town and walked around in the scorching heat for a while. And that afternoon we played my older nephew's favorite game: Monopoly. Well, I didn't play, but I watched, listened, and wrote some thank you notes. That evening my sister took her older kids to see a movie while the youngest stayed at the house with us. He and Emerson played in the swimming pool and we had a dinner of hotdogs and a dessert of icecream. Fancy stuff I tell ya. Once Emerson was in bed for the night I sat on the front porch with the little guy and we talked about all kinds of things while waiting for his mom to come back. I don't usually get one on one time with any of my nieces or nephews, so it was a special way to spend the evening.

Sunday morning we usually go to church, but we decided to stay at home and just enjoy the little time we had with family while they were in. I'm glad we made that decision too, as my sister decided to head home a few hours later. She and her kids packed their things and headed out, leaving a quiet house in their wake. The rest of the day we just hung out and Emerson went for another swim that evening.

I'm so thankful that my sister made the trip all the way down from Minnesota and that we were able to visit for a few days. Time with my family is rare, especially multiple siblings in one place and a parent present. We're scattered around the world, so we don't see each other often. Even though the weekend was a little fuller than usual, it was one for the books.


Amy said...

So glad that you were able to get this special time with your family! How long is your Mom in the states for?

Brandy said...

Family time is the best!

Laura said...

Just now getting to catch up on blogs from while we were in Zambia. What a treat to have so much family together, especially your sweet mom! That's very special!