Thursday, July 2, 2015

hello July.

On this second day of July:

- We've [and when I say we I mean a certain little mister] have gone through five paris of underwear. Four of them happened before 10am. One of them was full of poo. 


I was walking upstairs to grab something before we all headed to the grocery store when he ran up behind me, stuck his finger in the air, and said, "Poop!" Yes, dear, that. is. poop. I don't know when or where he made that treat... but he did. Why did he not save it for his diaper at nap time like usual or the potty?  

- A bath was had mid morning. 

- We all went grocery shopping, I'm pretty sure our fridge hasn't been so empty since we moved in over a year or so ago. 

- A little mister ate two bites of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, licked the rest of the squares, and was done. 

- The same little mister cried for longer than usual come nap time, and ended up falling asleep on the floor of his bedroom while calling, "MommyDaddy! MommyDaddy," fingers sticking under the door.  

- Lots of tears have been shed. 

- Lots of fits have been thrown.

- Nap time makes me feel like I can do this whole mama thing.

- Nap time with both babies sleeping at the same time refreshes my soul.

Oh, this second day of July . . .

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Jessica said...

Mama life. Oh, mama life. Wouldn't trade a second of it, but it sure can be tough when you're in the middle of it.