Friday, July 31, 2015

home alone and a blue moon

These days are just flying by and here we are saying hello to another Friday. Before I know it there will be snow on the ground. But hopefully that day won't come too soon. Here are just a few favorites and things for this week . . . 

one. a new nephew. 
The other day I mentioned I had a new nephew, but I just can't not mention it again. On Monday afternoon my sister called to say her water broke and they were on their way to the hospital. We waited for updates for the rest of the day and finally, nine minutes past midnight, her baby was born. She told us later that she dilated about five centimeters in thirty minutes and was ready to push, but the doctor was with another patient so she had to wait. Poor mama. But she is healthy and well and so is her little baby. I cannot wait to meet him! 

two. home alone. 
Since my sister had her baby my mom left to go help her and her family as they adjust to being a family of five. And now all of our "helpers" that we've had trickle in and out of our house over the past seven weeks are seemingly gone and not coming back to help us any more. We are on our own and I am officially spending my days with two adorable little boys and no one else. So far we've managed to survive and even have some fun with each other. Just kidding. Kind of. These few days we have had just the three of us have been good ones and I am so thankful for them. 

three. a solo trip. 
After my mom left I decided to get out of the house, so I loaded up the boys and off we went on a little adventure of our own. Emerson was a pretty good little buddy and Oliver just slept the whole time, so I'm calling it a success. The only meltdown happened when I told Emerson it was time to leave the little play area in the mall - that up to that point he had not been playing on. With that announcement though he ran off to play and did not want to leave. toddlers. 

four. planning a routine. 
This summer is coming to an end all too soon. I am savoring each and every day I get with just the two boys and am dreading the day that school starts. I am not ready to start babysitting again. But, since that day will come [all too soon] I decided to make out a little daily routine for us. It doesn't have to be followed to a "T" each day, but after just writing down what our days will hopefully look like I feel a tad better about tackling each day while babysitting. If we have success in this routine I will be sure to share it. 

five. out for an evening stroll. 
Last night after Emerson went to bed, Landon stayed home and worked while I took Oliver out for a little walk. Mostly for my benefit - trying to get my pre-baby body back and all - but the little guy seemed to enjoy a change of scenery and the smooth movement of the stroller. It was a beautiful evening and the perfect time for a walk. The sun was setting and the full moon was big and bright. Apparently it was a blue moon last night: two full moons in the same month [or something like that]. I have always enjoyed going on walks and last night was no different. I was so thankful for the calm breeze and the heat of the day floating away, it was a sweet way to end the day. 

Anyhow, I hope you all have a happy weekend! 


Ashley Brickner said...

How fun that you & your sister had boys so close! Glad you guys are doing well! XO

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

It sounds like you're keeping busy! Congratulations on the new nephew!