Thursday, July 9, 2015

in the kitchen

If you've known me for long, you probably know that I love baking and making yummy treats. Some times I get to bake more than others and sometimes I get on a little baking kick and bake all of the things. I haven't done too much baking over the past month ... can't imagine why ... but the other day I was a making all of the things. I'm not sure what came over me [or how I had the time], but I decided to make a few things. 

First I started with some peach ice-cream. It's Landon's favorite summer time treat and he's been talking about it for a while. So when we saw the peaches on sale at the grocery store last week we picked a few up to make some ice-cream. It's a new recipe, but we are hoping its delicious and a keeper. It was fun to make some ice-cream, now we're just waiting for a warm summer night so we can try it out! 

One of the easiest things to make is granola, it's fun, it's simple, and you can pretty much make it however you want to. I've been making our granola for a long time and it's one of my favorites. In a matter of minutes you can have your house smelling like yummy goodness with something you know is good for you. 

Emerson is always the best little helper. Ever eager to taste and sample anything and everything I make ... and occasionally stir something, at least until he sees something he wants to munch on.

Each week we get a bunch of fruit because we all love it so much. Usually it's all gone before the end of the week, but for some reason we had a few extra bananas that happened to be browning a little bit. So I decided to make some banana bread for breakfast.

I also decided to bake some gooey butter cookies. Probably the best cookies ever. Landon took some to his research group at school, but was sweet enough to leave a few for us at home. 

It was so fun getting to make some treats for us over the past few days. I just might have to establish one baking day a week. Maybe it would make a good post nap time activity? 

What's been baking/cooking in your kitchen lately? 


Amy said...

Could you please share your granola recipe?? It looks yummy! Thanks!

Lauren said...

Mmm...peach ice cream sounds delicious!