Friday, July 3, 2015

just some thoughts

Right now I have a sleeping newborn tucked on my chest, and it's pretty much the best. I love any and all cuddles I get with my little peanut and am so thankful for these days at home. I'm also super thankful for nap time, which is pretty much the only time I get these cuddles. Anyhow, here are just a few things I have for this day... 

one. a little bit of bragging .... 
Since moving to Illinois nearly two years ago [what?!] Landon has been working hard on his research, which includes writing and publishing papers. He has already had a few papers published, but just recently [a few days before Oliver was born] we found out that one of his papers had been published by PNAS [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences]! Basically the top science publisher. It's a pretty big deal to be published, especially in this magazine. An even bigger deal? Landon was first author on his article. Huge I tell ya. Huge. And not only was Landon's article published by PNAS, but his paper has been referenced to several times by other articles and publications, including Time, LA Times, and a few other science journals. Snap. I could not be more proud of him and all of the time and hard work he has put into his research. 

two. July 4th. 
People have asked us about our plans for this weekend, and honestly, they're pretty much the same as any other weekend. We don't usually celebrate holidays in any big way, so our Independence Day will be pretty low key. Maybe I'll make a treat for us and we will probably grill, but that's not uncommon for a summer day. Though I suppose to make it sound a little more exciting I could say we're going to grill out for the festivities. Other than that we will be at home doing what we usually do. Maybe I'll be a good mama and do a craft with Emerson for the holiday? We shall see. 

source - oh, how I love this lady. 

three. birthday birthday. 
It's my birthday month this month and I am going to be older than I've ever been before [isn't that how it always works though :]. Seriously though, I'll be saying good-bye to one of my favorite decades and hello to a new and strange one. Yikes. How am I already this old? Landon asked me what I wanted for my birthday, apart from some clothes, and I really couldn't think of anything. Usually I can think up a few things, but this year? Is this what happens the older you get? 

four. a day alone. kind of. 
I have been so blessed by all of the help we have had since Oliver was born, from family and friends, to Landon making a way to work from home more frequently and help with more than his fair share of things. I had a taste of what my days will all look like here very soon: me and two boys [I'm trying to not think about this fall...] at home with no one to help or be company. Yesterday afternoon and evening I had both boys to myself and we survived. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. And then this morning I was on my own again with both boys [I still think it's a little crazy that I'm saying boys as in plural, as in there are two of them now]. And the morning went so much better than I had envisioned but as good as I had hoped and prayed for. Thank you, Jesus. These days are slowly building my confidence in being able to manage both boys on my own. 

five. tot school? 
I'm not sure that's an official name or anything, but when I was looking on Pinterest for ideas for a more educational and structured day with toddlers, that came up. So I'm just going with it. I thrive with a routine and love a good schedule. I know sometimes its hard to keep an exact schedule with little ones, but a routine? That is manageable. Right now I'm thinking that we will really need some structure to our days come August and I'm baby-sitting again. So I've been trying to think of doable activities for two year olds and create a routine for our days. It's both intimidating and exciting to think about. If you do anything kind of like that I'd love to hear your thoughts. Or if you just really happen to love the routine you have for your little one[s], I'd love to hear that too. We are fairly confined to the house, so playdates and outings aren't much of an option but things to do at home? Yes please! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have fun celebrating our nation's independence! 


tina bumblebee said...

Congrats to Landon!!! I homeschool Lyla, she's 4 and doesn't go to preschool. I joined my local Lakeshore which is a store for teachers, real and self made haha. I go and buy all kinds of tracing workbooks to help Lyla practice writing and also flashcards with letters and numbers on them. There's all kinds of fun preschool workbooks at stores like Lakeshore and also on Amazon. So we start with flashcards, then do our workbooks every day (and each page she completes she gets to put a sticker on it), then we do an arts and crafts project (no matter how simple) to help with motor skills, and then we play games that are educational (like toddler boardgames and stuff). I also print worksheets off Pinterest and get lots of ideas from there. It's such a HUGE and wonderful resource for tot school! Oh and we incorporate the leapfrog educations movies on Netflix... they're awesome! Happy birthday month!

Jessica said...

Being mama to two will be as natural as anything in a short time - you are doing great, mama! And for tips on toddler school, check out Amy Smith at Keepin' up with the Smiths. She does toddler school with Cash, and always has the best, most creative ideas!:)

Amy said...

Congrats to Landon! How exciting!

I love that fireworks art. I will have to add that to the list for next year. :)

Thanks, Jess! You can search "toddler school" in my search bar on my blog. It will then bring you to a list of my posts. :) I'll be starting up again come September. :)

Amy said...

PS: Birthday months are the best. :)