Friday, July 10, 2015

oliver / one month update


Today you are one month old! It is hard to believe you have been in our family for a month already. Weren't we just at the hospital seeing you for the very first time? You have brought so much joy and even more love into our home. We all love you so much, little man, and just can't get enough of you!

// You are such a good baby! You are happy to be held or be laid down; you're just a very chill little guy. Not that your big brother wasn't a good baby ... but he wasn't as laid back as you are. You hardly ever cry and when you do cry it's for a reason, the primary reason being that you are hungry. Occasionally you'll cry because your diaper is too full - or twice because it leaked! ... we stopped using those diapers and are back to Swaddlers only. I felt so bad when I realized your diaper had leaked out, you poor baby, but once I started getting you cleaned up and changed you were a happy little guy. You don't spit up very much at all, but every now and again you will have a little bit, though it doesn't seem to phase you much.

// Speaking of diapers, you are still in newborn size diapers, but I'm not sure how much longer you'll be wearing those. You just fill them so quickly, I'm wondering if we need to move you to size ones soon.

// The same goes for clothes, you are in newborn size clothing and they fit pretty well. You seem to be a long little guy, so some of the sleepers already seem to be getting a little snug on you. But apart from sleepers, newborn size fits you perfectly. I do think you will be growing out of them much sooner than your brother did though!

// You are such a grunter! It's pretty adorable, and I love hearing you grunting away.

// Sleeping is one of your favorite things. You sleep a lot. You are a very good sleeper - so much different from Emerson. [I don't mean to compare everything you do to Emerson, but sometimes it's hard not to!] You have already slept in five-ish hour long stretches. Ah-mazing! From day one you slept a lot and I had to wake you up to feed you, especially at night. You even did this at the hospital. I would wake you every three hours to eat. Since coming home you have continued being a good sleeper and I would wake you every three hours to eat, or at least try to. But then it got to be exhausting and every time I would wake up to wake you up you would just sleep and sleep. I'd take your clothes off, change your diaper, and you'd just sleep. That or you would wake up for all of five minutes while I was chaining you, eat for three  minutes and fall asleep. You are impossible to wake up. So I just decided that you would let me know when you're hungry at night and wake me up. You still doze off pretty quickly after switching sides, but at least you wake up and eat. I'm hoping the doctor doesn't yell at me for not waking you to eat every three hours, but you seem to be fine... so I'm just going with it. Also, I'd be happy if you keep this amazing sleeping up and continue to have long sleep stretches. Please and thank you. [... your brother didn't go that long until he was seven or eight months old! So you are making me one happy mama!]

// As far as eating goes, you are pretty good eater. You usually eat around every two to three hours during the day, sometimes you'll go a little longer and sometimes it's not quite two hours and you're wanting to eat again. At night you usually go longer and start grunting before you let out a full "I'm hungry" cry. You usually eat for about thirteen minutes on the first side before falling asleep. I'll change your diaper to wake you up, and then you stay awake to eat for eight or so minutes on the other side. Sometimes I wish it would be more even, or wish you would eat more on one or both sides, but you seem satisfied and even though I try and wake you to eat more, you just won't have it. So I guess your belly is full and happy and I let you sleep some more. Thank you for not taking one hour to eat :] Most evenings you cluster feed. I'll feed you around seven and you'll want to eat again thirty minutes to an hour later and that's how it goes until around ten o'clock or so. I feel like I just sit on the couch nursing for four hours straight. But, if that's what helps you sleep so great at night, I'm all for it.

// In the evening around seven or so is usually a more wakeful period for you. You like to watch what we are up to and if we're eating [yes, sometimes it is that late!] you like to join us. When you are awake you like to look at the fan and try and focus on our faces. When you focus on us for a while sometimes your little eyes go crosseyed. Cutie.

// You are so very loved by everyone, but especially by your brother! He loves you to bits and pieces.
He always wants to give you hugs and kisses and "uga-muggas" [thank you Daniel Tiger...]. The other day he was trying to teach you how to "pap" [clap] and was clapping your tiny hands together. I know he will teach you so much! He can't wait until you are big enough so you two can take baths tougher, and I'm sure that once you're able to take a real bath he will be an eager helper until you can splash each other in the bath tub. He is usually pretty gentle, but we are still working on being careful and gentle. Every morning and afternoon after nap time, the first thing he wants to do is hug you and kiss you. I pray that you two will be the best of friends.

// You like to be swaddled. It seems like you can sleep forever as long as you are wrapped up tight in good swaddle. As long as you are good and asleep when I swaddle you, you don't break free. And if you do try to break free you grunt, a lot, so I can get to you before you start wailing from hunger.

You are such a joy, Oliver. We love you so much already and love spending our days and nights with you. We can already see you growing and developing more personality, and I know as the days and months pass you will just continue to show us who you are. Right now you are the happiest little baby and just so chill. Thank you for letting me be your mama and letting all of us love on you each and every day. I love you so much and pray that always know that, and I pray that you always know the love of Jesus and that you will grow to trust Him with your life.
- Love, Mama


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

He sounds like such a great baby!!!! Maybe it's a second child thing?! And my pediatrician told us as long as she is gaining weight, don't worry about waking before six hours! We are going with it!!!! Xo

Amy said...

Aww! So glad to hear he's such a good sleeper! It's so hard to believe that he's already a month old! Time sure does fly.

Lauren said...

Nora is soooo laid back too! Glad he's being such a good baby for you, it certainly makes life with 2 kiddos a lot easier!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

He's too cute!!! Happy 1 month, little guy!