Wednesday, July 29, 2015

some happies [2]

The other week I listed a few happies in my life and it did wonders for my spirit to focus on the blessings I've been given. So I thought I'd do it again. It's always good to recognize the blessings in your life and since I'm already anxious about a few things I figured I should write out some blessings to help me focus on what is good. 

- time with family. My mom and sister have been visiting us over the past week and I rarely get to see either of them. Life is far from dull when our house is full of family. It was a blessing indeed to have time with them. 

- a new nephew! My sister had her baby in the wee hours of July 28! What a HUGE blessing! Both she and baby boy, Will, are doing well and are healthy. They got to go home this morning and are now enjoying life as a family of five! I can't wait to meet the little guy. 

- clean dishes. Sometimes all it takes to lift my spirits is walking into the kitchen and seeing all of the  dishes done and sitting sparkling clean in the dish drain [or seeing none at all]. 

- two sleeping boys. at the same time. Need I say more? 

- coffee. Enjoying a cup of coffee during nap time, that also happens to give me a little boost of energy to make it through the rest of the day. 

- free samples. I received a free birthday sample/gift of mascara from Ulta. How could I turn down a free tiny tube of mascara? 

What are some happies/blessings in your life right now? 


Amanda Klein said...

Loving these - I agree to all of them! Even the nephew - I got one this month, too!! :)

Amy said...

Such a good reminder to stop & enjoy the little things. In all the craziness & chaos, there is always the good!

Laura Darling said...

Congrats on the nephew, I just got a new niece! I agree, sometimes stepping back to look at the positives can change my whole mindset! Enjoy that coffee! :)