Friday, July 17, 2015

some happies

This afternoon I thought I'd just list a few happy things for me right now. My mind is already getting anxious about the start of the school year [aka: having to start babysitting again] so I'm trying to not think about it and focus on the right now and some happy things.

- While grocery shopping this week the store was having a 10 for 10 sale [always a great week], one of the items marked down to $1 was the coffee creamer I like - and I had a coupon! - but when I went to add my favorite flavor my cart, I realized they were out. When I told Landon they didn't have what I wanted he went and found an employee and asked them for it. What a guy. I never would have done that, but oh how I love that he did.

- I was given one of my birthday gifts a few days early, and I love it! If it's up to me I always wait until the birthday/Christmas/special day to give/receive gifts, but I didn't have much of a choice on this one and I'm so glad. Every time I see this wreath it makes me smile. I have been wanting one forever and had just decided to make one. I'd been thinking about what I wanted it to look like/use to make it: grapevine wreath, hydrangeas, our initial, and green because it's my favorite. So when Landon's mom gave me a wreath that was pretty much exactly what I had been envisioning I was so very excited. I love love love it and want to stand outside and look at it all the time [or put it on the inside of our door. ha.

- A little mister is starting to be more alert these days, it's so fun to see his little eyes watching everything and take in the world [room] around him. Most afternoons while Emerson naps Oliver and I get to play and hang out. Some days he will nap at the same time, so I get to enjoy lots of little newborn cuddles. Or he eats himself into a deep sleep. So sweet.

- We got a gallon of milk for 27 cents. It was a whole 90% off... sure we bought it on the sell by date, but that gave us a few days to use it up before it went bad. Right?

- I try and drink lots of water each and every day, one thing that makes me want to drink more water is if it's ice cold and if it's in a nice little glass/cup. I had a few tumblers I used and they recently all broke within a few weeks of each other. So, when I was at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago I was super excited to find some nice new tumblers for a steal of a deal. They keep my water nice and cold, even when we are outside. Refreshing.


- The past few days I've been itching to get my hands on this book. I am dying to read it. One of my friends was smart and pre-ordered it way back when... why did I not do that? I said I was going to and then it didn't happen... sheesh. I checked at our library just to see if Landon could grab it for me on his way home from campus one day. There is a wait list of 128 people. ohmygoodness. I need to go buy it now.

- Last year I found this candle on mucho sale at the end of summer and have been waiting to pull it out. It's such a fun and refreshing smell, perfect for summer! If I see it on sale again this year I just might have to get another one [or two]. 

Anyhow, I hope you all have a happy weekend! 


Jessica said...

Hannah, I just love your sweet posts! Your thankful heart is always such a good reminder to me to take more time time to be thankful myself - even for the littlest of things:) I would like to read that Harper Lee book too!

Courtney said...

Where did you get that candle? It sounds fabulous!

I'm like you and would never ask for the sold out flavor at the store, but Jim totally would! Such good husbands! :)