Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a little trip to see family

Last week we were able to visit friends and family. We have had a few visitors come see us at home after Oliver was born, but most of Landon’s family wasn’t able to come see us. So aside from his parents and sisters and one aunt coming for a visit, none of Landon’s family had met Oliver, nor would they be able to meet him until we went in at Christmas. After talking about it we decided to take a little trip and visit the fam. We are all glad we did, all of us were spoiled rotten and we were able to spend lots of time with family. 

The drive usually takes about five hours, but add in a stop to feed a toddler and new baby, and well, that adds quite a bit more time. We stopped for lunch and had hoped to eat something for cheap at some fast food place. We couldn’t find any shade to park under, and since we had our pup Boady with us, not parking in the shade was to an option. We drove around until we found a tree and some shade at Cracker Barrel and then rolled the windows down for the pup. Oh course, since it was Sunday afternoon the place was packed and we had to wait for a little bit to get a table. We planned our stop so that we could all eat, including Oliver, which was good. I hate nursing in public, even with a cover, but thankfully I had a cover and somehow managed to feed Oliver in the middle of an incredibly busy and full restaurant.It was less than ideal. But we made do and Oliver was happy to eat, as were the rest of us.  

 After lunch we dropped in to see my sister and her new baby boy as her family lives on the way to Landon’s parent’s house [well, depending on which way you go]. We had hoped to visit with her for most of the afternoon, but as it turned out we were only able to stay for about two hours. Even though it was a short visit, it was a good one and we enjoyed chatting and looking at cute babies. It was crazy to see how much Oliver has grown, he was smaller than Will was, but after seeing and holding new baby Will it was hard to believe Oliver was really that tiny. How fast they grow and change. Babies don’t keep, do they? 

After a little stop we made time to visit one of Landon’s sisters and see her new house. She surprised Emerson with a new toy of golf clubs and he was all too excited to play a round of golf in her backyard. We had dinner together and then Emerson, Landon, and Lauren went out to play and walk around while I stayed and fed Oliver in her very pretty and very clean house while watching HGTV. I felt like I was on vacation. Lauren had gotten some popsicles which Emerson was able to enjoy after running around outside for a while. They had seen some ducks, so we all walked over to feed them and then we were off again. We made it to Landon’s parent’s house late that night and were happy to finally be there.

I'll save the rest of our visit for another day :) 


Jessica said...

Oliver really is getting so big! And so handsome:) He looks a lot like his older brother from these pictures:) Love his sweet face, and so glad you guys got to visit with family!

Amy said...

So glad that you guys decided to take the visit! Such special family time!