Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a trip to the farm

I'm not sure when Emerson's love affair with farms began. Maybe it started when we read all the farm books and looked at the different farm animals. Maybe it was started when we went to see the real live farm animals. Maybe it started when he actually went a farm. Even though I'm not sure when or how his love of all things farm began, I know his love for them runs deep. So much so he had farm animal cupcakes for his birthday, granted I may have decided on this theme, but it was only because I knew how much he loved the farm animals. 

Anyhow, when ever we have a chance, we like to take Emerson to his Papaw's farm to see the cows, tractors, and other farm things. It's one of his favorite things going to that farm. And since it's his Papaw's farm, he not only gets to see the things, he gets to do the things. Like drive the tractor.

Before we left on our trip we told him he would get to go see Papaw's farm and the tractor. It was all he talked about after we told him. Once we got to Landon's parents house we kept trying to get over to the farm, but weather or other appointments kept us away nearly all week. Every morning and multiple times throughout the day Emerson would ask to go to see the tractor or the cows. Finally, after days of not being able to go, we headed over to the farm. And oh, how he loved it.

After looking at the cows for a little while we headed over to the main event: the tractor. After they climbed into the tractor the boys were off, and Papaw was kind enough to let Emerson do the driving [hold the steering wheel]. Landon told me after they were done that when they tried to help steer Emerson would take their hands off and tell them no, just he could drive. Ha. I have a feeling one day all too soon he will actually be driving that tractor.

Another favorite activity at the farm is riding on the four wheeler. It's a super fancy one and Emerson loves it almost as much as the tractor. All four of us went for a little ride around the farm and said hi to a few cows, really though, every time we saw a cow Emerson would say, "Hi, Cow." After the ride was over he somehow managed to sweet talk his way into going for another ride on the four wheeler with his Papaw and Auntie Meredith. Goodness sakes.

After the riding/driving around the farm a few times we headed back to the house, but that didn't stop Emerson from talking about driving the tractor and seeing the cows.

Going to Papaw's farm was one of the highlights of our trip for sure. I'm glad the weather finally cooperated and that there was a morning free of work and appointments so we could take him to the farm and let him enjoy running around.


Susannah said...

How fun to see your little boy's personality blooming and discovering what he loves! I can't wait for more of that with Caleb!

Laura Darling said...

So cute, I bet he had a blast! Love that he got to "drive!"

Jessica (The Newly) said...

He is SO stinkin' cute! Did he get a haircut recently? Such a big boy now! Love that you guys have the opportunity to visit a farm once in a while:)

Amy said...

Oh gosh, Cash would LOVE this! Emerson looks sooo big!