Tuesday, August 25, 2015

lake barkley

A few weeks ago now we went on a mini vacation to Lake Barkley. We had spent the week prior visiting Landon's family and friends, but we still wanted to have a little fun before school started back up. On Saturday morning we loaded the car, buckled the boys in, and drove off to Nashville where we stopped to see some friends and spend a day with my grandparents. We arrived in time for bedtime on Saturday night, went to church and lunch with my grandparents and aunt on Sunday, hung out that afternoon, and left their house early Monday morning so we could get to the lake. 

It was a tiny little stop over and visit with my grandparents, but I'm so glad we were able to see them for at least a short time. We don't have a chance to see them often, but I really wanted them to meet Oliver while he was a little baby still and for them to see Emerson again.

We drove off to the lake and after making a stop for lunch, to feed Oliver, and to grab a few groceries for the days ahead we finished the short drive to lake and got there in time to enjoy some sunshine, shade [for the babe], and swimming in the pool before dinner time. 

Monday evening we hung out as our little family of four - swimming, eating dinner, and an early bedtime. I had been a little anxious about the sleeping arrangements, seeing as how it would be all four of us in one little room. I was worried Emerson would wake up when Oliver fussed and wanted to eat, but thankfully that never happened. And thankfully Emerson actually slept through the night every night we were there. I think it helped that Landon and I moved the couch around to make a little divider with it so Emerson couldn't see us if he happened to move around during the night. 

Tuesday morning we ate breakfast and then headed to the pool. Landon and Emerson swam while I looked sat in the shade with Oliver. Around nine or so that morning Landon's parents and sisters arrived and not long after that they had joined them in the pool. I even got to swim a little bit too as Gigi and aunties were there and were more than eager to hold and love on Oliver.

Our days were all pretty much the same: eat breakfast, go to the pool and swim until lunch time, put Emerson down for a nap, relax, then go to dinner. Emerson always took really good naps while we were there [I wonder why :]. One night we went to Patti's, home of the two inch pork chops. Apparently Patti's is the place to go around there. Ever since meeting Landon I've heard stories about that restaurant. From him. From his family. From friends. Even from one of my nurses after Oliver was born. I'd hear about the amazing pork chops. The bread that's baked in little flower pots. The strawberry butter. The old time uniforms the waitstaff wears... It was pretty built up. Thankfully it did not disappoint. Cause you know how sometimes that can happen? It was a delicious meal and I was happy to finally be able to know what Landon was talking about. 

At night, once we put Emerson to bed, we would enjoy a quiet night and either read or just go to sleep early ourselves. Since we couldn't watch TV and we couldn't walk around or talk, we were fairly confined. But it was nice to just enjoy the quiet at the end of the day.

I realize that there are tons of pictures here, but I just couldn't help myself. A baby in a swimsuit and a sun hat? Brothers in matching swimsuits? How can you resist? 

Oliver got to wear the swimsuit Emerson had when he was a baby, and somehow we managed to find a nearly identical suit in a bigger size for Emerson to wear this summer. I couldn't resist when I saw it, because I knew it'd be so cute to have them all matchy matchy. ha. 

Emerson loved the pool and swimming in the water. He had been unsure about big swimming pools up to this point, so we weren't sure how he'd do. But he absolutely loved it and wanted to swim all the day long. He pretty much got his wish each day. Since he is such an early riser we were the first ones to the pool and had it to ourselves for most of the morning.

It was a short but very fun mini vacation/getaway. The perfect little vacation for our family this year. Although it wasn't the beach, Emerson still called the lake the ocean and swam to his little hearts content in the pool. So, it's basically the same thing as the beach? It was nice that we were able to go and enjoy the time there with Landon's family as well. All in all it was a really good trip, and we are thankful we were able to go on a mini vacation. 

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Amy said...

You guys sure ended your summer with a bang! Those smiles on your precious boys in matching swimsuits nonetheless gives me all the feels & heart eye emojis! I was actually telling Luke yesterday that I can't wait to match the boys for all of the upcoming holidays!

You have the most adorable family!