Friday, August 21, 2015

one week + three minis = thank goodness for the weekend

Right now the house is quiet and full of sleeping babes. So I'm taking advantage of this moment to get a few thoughts out as quickly as I can, because you just never know when one of them will wake up....

1. a week with three minis
Well, I did it. Today is Friday and in two hours I will have officially survived a week of babysitting and keeping up with three little people. Whew. I feel like a reward or great big prize is in order, you know like the weekend or something :). I am so thankful I was able to get through this week and manage the little ones on my own with most of my sanity in tack. They sure know how to keep my busy and give me a run for my money. Though there were a few times when I felt like I could sit back and relax. Granted, those relaxing bits didn't usually last long... Overall it went a lot smoother than I had envisioned, so that's good.

2. some structure 
This week we I did a few things to establish some sort of structure to our days. In general I'm a super organized person and thrive on structure and routine. I know that little people also do well with a routine, be it for newborns: eat, play, sleep, or if it's for toddlers. I started this week with an idea of what our days would look like, but I wasn't fully prepared to fill them. That all changes on Monday. Come Monday morning we will have a lot more structure to our days. I'm pretty sure they will love it too, or at least Emerson will. We've done a special story time on the floor this week and Emerson loves it. He even asked to have "tory-time" after Bee went home one day. And every day since we first did it, he asks for it and cleans up the toys so we can read. We're making a trip to the library this weekend so we can get all kinds of fun new books to read.

3. a play date 
The other day our small group leader came over with one of her little boys and her baby girl to play. Emerson loves her boys and has been asking/talking about them for weeks now. We looked for them at church on Sunday, but were sad when we realized they weren't there. So it was a special treat for her to stop by. The kids all ran wild and threw anything and everything they could. It's a miracle nothing broke and no one was hit. A good time was had by all.

4. nap time 
While the kids played, we talked about this and the other and she asked me how Oliver was sleeping. He's been doing pretty well, better than Emerson ever did a least. But her question got me thinking about naps. Oliver does well at night time but in the day he'll fall asleep and wake up off and on instead of taking a good solid nap. The one exception? The afternoon nap, when Emerson is sleeping and the house is quiet. So it made me think that maybe I've been depriving the poor baby of a good nap. He needs peace and quiet and not crazy little people running around, jumping, and screaming at the top of their lungs. This morning, when he started to get a little sleepy I laid him down in our bedroom and he has taken the best nap of his little life. I'm hoping and praying that it's not a fluke and that it's something he will continue to do. Fingers crossed?

5. an adventure to the park 
This morning I must have been a little bit crazy because I decided to go to the park. With all three munchkins. By myself. I made Emerson go potty, put shoes on the kids and myself, plopped them in the stroller, put the baby in the Boba wrap, and walked to the park. I was a little impressed with myself, if I may say so. Thankfully the park was nearly empty - with only one tiny tot and her grandma and they left after a little while so we had the whole place to ourselves for nearly an hour. I let Emerson and Bee run free and wild with the threat of going home the moment they climbed up on the big playground set or set foot out of the mulched play area and into the wide open grassy field hanging over their heads. I can't be chasing two toddlers around in two different directions. Knowing what the consequence would be if they disobeyed, they did surprisingly well and played on the approved areas. Emerson was especially keen on staying as long as possible, so if Bee made one wrong move he was on her like white on rice. She didn't even have a chance. ha.

I hope you all have a good weekend!


Ashley Brickner said...

Yaaay for surviving your first week! That is seriously impressive, mama!

Jillian said...

congrats on your first week with all 3!!! super impressed, but not surprised one bit! i'd love for you to share what your structured days look like as we too are seeking some ideas for organizing our days!

Courtney said...

Way to go!! I knew you could do it!!!!! :)

Amy said...

Rock on Mama! So proud of you! Looking forward to hearing how your new routine goes tomorrow!

Lauren said...

way to go momma! and I love your idea of having structure. I'm only home 2 days a week...but I still really want to plan some structure in our days! I just think that the kiddos do so much better with that.

Callie Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading the update, and I hope Oliver does start taking good long naps in your room!