Monday, August 31, 2015

the weekend of the runaway child

It seems as though this weekend went by in a blur. It was full, busy, and a little stressful. But also a little bit restful. And I am pretty sure it was just a little bit too short. Anyhow the highlights of my weekend. Sans photos.

- Saturday morning after I finished feeding Oliver in the early morning [around 6], I got myself ready, buckled Oliver into his carseat, and headed to the grocery store. Last week we didn't make it to the grocery store until around 10:30 and it was nuts. Crazy busy and a little bit too much for me to handle. I knew that if we waited to go until after breakfast, we wouldn't end up leaving until around 10 or so and I did not want to maneuver my way through the crowded grocery store. I also knew there were a few other things we wanted to to that day, so we wouldn't have much time to lolly-gag. So Oliver and I hit up the store while it was still nice, early, and empty. We pretty much had the whole store to ourselves, which is just the way I like it.

- Once we got home and unloaded the groceries we ate breakfast, I fed Oliver again, and then we headed out to see about new phones/a new phone plan. We switched carriers nearly a year and a half ago, and the service has been terrible. So when a little flyer from our old phone service arrived in the mail with a pretty good deal, it was hard to pass up. We talked about if for a few days and tried to decide what the best thing to do would be. In the end we decided to switch back. So we went to the phone store to get that in the works.

- While Landon was finishing up the phone stuff I took the boys across the street to the mall to return some things at Old Navy. We walked around for a few minutes and I browsed as quickly as I could with a toddler who wanted to get out of the stroller. On my way to the register I saw a super cute skirt, but with no tags on it. I grabbed it and took it to the front with me to check the price. You never know. The girl looked it up and it cost a whopping $4.50. Yes, please, I'll take it. I have never been that confident about a purchase.

- Before we headed out, Landon stopped to look for a new pair of shoes. Somehow Emerson had talked his way out of the stroller and went off with Landon to look at shoes while I was finishing up at the register. When I got to the shoe store, Emerson was looking at all of the shoes and having a grand ol' time. While Landon was trying on shoes, I was walking with/chasing Emerson around the store. Then all of the sudden he decided it would be fun to run. His little legs started moving and didn't stop, I was right behind him, pushing the stroller, reaching for his arm/hand/leg/any part of his little body I could catch, telling him to stop running. But the boy did. not. stop. running. He darted through a group of people at the store entrance and kept running through the mall, towards the door that goes outside [though of course he didn't know that]. He was running, squealing with delight and laughter. I was running too, pushing the stroller, yelling, "Emerson! Stop!" over and over. The group of people he had darted through didn't bother to move at all for me [or stand in his way?] so I could get through [you would think they would have realized what was happening and moved?], so I had to go around them. Those extras steps it took me gave Emerson the lead he wanted and he made it to the mat they have laying out in front of the entrance before I caught his little arm. Oh... that boy...

- I had a mini heart attack. Not really, but basically.

- He got a sore little booty. Not really, but basically. I didn't really know what to do. How to discipline him for that. Spank him? Give him time out? Lecture him? Strap him in the stroller and never let him out?

- After lunch and once the boys were napping I left the house, by myself, to go visit a friend at the hospital who just had a baby. Oh, the memories it brought back. It seems like forever ago, and at the same time, like only yesterday that I was at that same hospital with Oliver. This was her first baby, so talking with her also brought back so many memories of being a first time mama. I'm no expert now, but I do feel a little more confident, which is nice. It was good to visit with her and see her little peanut.

- Sunday was less eventful: went to church, had lunch, made granola, worked on a photobook. A nice little lazy day.

And that was our weekend. I hope to goodness we don't have a repeat of a runaway boy - ever.

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Amy said...

I had a mini heart attack reading that! Oh my goodness! How scary. Did Landon realize what was happening? You would think those people would have done something!