Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend highlights

Our weekend was a fairly typical one for us, so I thought I'd just share a few highlights . . .

- the weather was beautiful! We had a day or two that felt like the perfect Fall day. If every day could be as beautiful . . .

- we went on several walks to the park and a few walks around the park. Thanks in large part to the perfect weather we were having.

- on Sunday after we got home from church we decided to clean the garage. It wasn't planned, it just kind of happened. And it is so much better now. I have a love hate relationship with our garage. I love it because, well, it's a garage. I hate it because it is so skinny! Our car barely squeezes in each time and we would be impressed with ourselves if we don't hit one of our mirrors before we move. We can't open the car doors all the way, and lugging a baby carseat in and out? I'm pretty sure the planners/builders/developers of this house [garage] didn't take into account that people would have to get in and out of their cars and that they might have a baby in a carrier... love hate relationship. The spontaneous clean was fun and much needed.

- after cleaning out the car Landon took it to vacuum it out and I made some homemade salsa with Emerson's "help".

- little did I realize making your own salsa without a food processor would take five hours. Kidding. It only took one.

- I dusted. I just feel like that's something to document.

- Saturday afternoon I went out to run an errand. I had forgotten it was back to school/move in weekend for U of I and holy cow. Let's just say, I'm glad what I needed to get was in the baby section as it was the only manageable part of the store. And even then, walking through the rest of the store just to buy it... shheesh.

And those are the exciting bits of our weekend. Minus pictures of course, because it's me and well, I'm terrible at taking pictures of the little things we do. I like to think if I had a smart phone I would take more pictures of things: like walking to the park or making salsa or cleaning the garage. But I don't have one, so I don't. Maybe one day I'll join the rest of you all and get a smart phone. One day...

I hope you all had a good weekend too!


Amanda Klein said...

Sounds like a relaxing and productive weekend :)

Courtney B said...

Jealous of that Fall-like weather!! I good go for a serious dose of cooler weather!
Homemade salsa sounds divine right now! YUM!