Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend, weekend, it was a weekend

Since we got in on Thursday evening we were pretty low on groceries. I made a very feeble attempt to go grocery shopping on Friday, but decided to stay home and work on unpacking, getting laundry done, and take Oliver to his two month well check. I stayed pretty busy with all of those things, so I just worked on writing a menu for the next week and then a grocery list. Friday evening we had biscuits and sausage for dinner and then we went to the park for a little bit before bedtime. Emerson stayed and played at the playground with Landon and Oliver and I walked the loop around the park. Trying to get my body into some kind of shape, I'm taking advantage of any opportunity to walk I can. And I must say, those evening walks with Oliver are a favorite.

We had talked about me going grocery shopping early Saturday morning, that way Emerson would still be sleeping and so would Landon. I was really going to leave after Oliver finished his first feeding of the day [at five or so], but then I thought of how much better it would be if Landon came with us a little bit later on [like at nine] and we made it a family affair. Thankfully in Landon's sleepy state of mind he agreed to go with us so I was able to get another hour or so of sleep. After breakfast we all headed off to the grocery store so we could restock our fridge and pantry after being gone for so long. When we got home I reorganized our pantry [it was in a state of disarray and was driving me nuts] and fixed some lunch. And now I am happy to say we have a very organized and functional pantry and it's better than it's ever been. It's the little things that make me happy.

That morning we had purchased a baby gate to put at the bottom of our stairs to keep Bee from going up them when ever she wanted to. Emerson is really good about staying downstairs and about obeying, but Bee is not so much. We needed something to contain her. Unfortunately when we went to put the gate up later that afternoon it was broken so we had to take it back. I'm just glad we had the foresight to try it before late Sunday night. Fortunately we were able to find a different one that fit and wasn't broken. And now we have an [almost completely] toddler proof living room. Whew.

Sunday morning we headed off to church and then hung out at home that afternoon. We were all happy to be home after being gone for a few weeks and I worked on finishing the pile of laundry from our trip. We obviously know how to have a fun time. haha.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did ours!


Amanda Klein said...

Yay for evening walks with a little newborn!! And around here, we love family trips to the grocery store, too! Especially Costco! Enjoy your organized pantry :)

Amy said...

Hope you had a great first day with Bee yesterday!