Monday, September 28, 2015

little weekend adventures [trips to the park and dinner at a friend's house]

This weekend started a little bit early. Bee was picked up a little earlier than usual and her mom brought me a nice decaffeinated surprise. The boys napped a little bit longer than usual, so I enjoyed some time of getting things done and enjoying the calm while enjoying that treat. After nap time the boys and I walked to the park for a little while before dinner time. Landon called to let me know he was on his way home and would be able to go on a walk to the park with us. So we hurried home, I fed Emerson an early dinner, and while he was eating Landon came home. Though, the boy took forever to eat so in the end we didn't make it to the park or even on a walk for that matter. Sometimes he eats and is done in five minutes and sometimes it takes him well over an hour. After he was finally finished eating, I gave him a bath and then fed Oliver while Landon fixed pizza for dinner. By the time dinner was ready we were able to sit down and enjoy eating together without having to worry about other little mouths to feed. A nice little date night. 

Saturday morning after getting ready and having my menu and list in hand, I buckled Oliver into his carseat to head to the store. I went into the kitchen to grab something and heard him coughing, a lot, and not a little tickle in the throat type of cough, a deep, something needs to come out kind of cough.  By the time I got to Oliver, he was done coughing, but he had thrown up everywhere. He was drenched, his carseat was soaking wet too. Some even got on the floor. Poor baby. I picked him up and he was smiling away, but I knew that he didn't feel good. I changed him and tried to clean up the carseat as best I could without washing it. Then we went to get our groceries. 

After that little episode, combined with the fussy eating, I'm pretty sure he has a milk allergy of some sort. It's the only thing that makes sense to me right now. Maybe it's something different, but there are so many coincidences. I stopped eating/drinking milk for a week, then I had some -unknowingly in the coffee Bee's mom brought me [half way through drinking it I realized that it probably had milk in it. So I stopped, but it was too late]. That combined with the pizza I had for dinner. I thought cheese would still be okay, but I'm thinking it's probably not after he was sick again and was fussy while eating. I'm not 100% certain it's a milk allergy, but I am cutting all dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks to check and see if that helps him. There are a lot of other little signs that make me think it probably is an allergy to milk, but I guess we shall see. 

The rest of Saturday was low key, we went to the gym and watched some football. Nice and quiet. At Emerson's request for "pap-jacks" I made pancakes for dinner and he was all too eager to help. He had been talking about them for over a week and had requested I get him some at the grocery store for two weeks in a row. So we had some for dinner. Not that I mind, I love me some brinner :) 

We went to church on Sunday and on our way home Emerson sang us a song/Bible verse he had learned in Sunday school. Oh, my heart was beaming. It was a nice day so I took the boys on a walk to the park and then fixed lunch. Some friends had invited us over for dinner, so we made our way over to their house after nap time and enjoyed seeing their new house and just spending some time with them. I think the highlight for Emerson was licking the beater ... not playing with their son. Can't say I blame him, licking the beaters is petty wonderful. 

Hopefully you all were able to enjoy your weekend. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

this week and a potential milk allergy

This week was full of snot and coughs, laundry and cleaning. Even though work only kind of stops for me on the weekends, I'm still awfully glad to see Friday come. So here are five things for today...

one / days off
Monday and Wednesday were little holidays at our house this week - I didn't have to babysit! Although, I had two sick kiddos, so it wasn't all fun and games, it was still nice to just have to watch after my own two littles. We did all of the fun things we don't usually get to do when Bee is here, like go to the store. ha. Exciting times I tell ya.

two / sensitivity to tomatoes or milk
In Oliver's three month update I may or may not have mentioned how he sometimes screams when it's time for him to eat. Sometimes he'll eat fine for a while and then after burping, when I know he's still hungry, he will just cry and scream and refuse to eat any more. I hate to see him in pain and know that he's hungry but refusing to eat. So I started keeping track of what I ate to see if there was any correlation. I cut out tomatoes and milk and since then, he hasn't pulled away/made his body stiff as a board/screamed/cried/refused to finish eating. You can imagine my relief and I'm sure his as well. Now, the only trouble is, I'm not sure if it's tomatoes or milk, or if it's both. But I really don't want him to scream like that when he's eating again so I don't even want to test the waters to see if it's tomatoes or milk. I'm scared to have tomato sauce or yogurt or milk because I just want him to be a happy eater. If only I could figure out the cause without the possibility of upsetting him again....

three / quit my job 
Sometimes I just feel like quitting my job and going back to the classroom - tomorrow. Of course I know I'm not going to do that, but sometimes I feel like I need to be around children that are much older than the ones I see every day. Namely, the two two year olds running around my house and tearing it to pieces. I feel like the conversations I had with those 14 year olds were just a little more "normal" and if I told them to do something, they did it ... most of the time ... but one thing they didn't do was throw their body on the floor and scream and cry and wail for 20 minutes. So yeah. There's that. But then I see little Oliver's face and I hear Emerson tell me that he wants to read about how God made the earth, and I know I am right where I should be.

four / finding/making time 
You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that I joined a gym. I've been going a few times a week since we joined, but it always seems like a challenge to actually get there. Finding the right time is tricky I tell ya. I can't go during the day when it would be most convenient, I can only go late in the afternoons. But Oliver usually takes his better naps later in the afternoon, and he needs those naps, and I ain't waking no sleeping baby. After he wakes up, he needs to eat, and by that time it's time for me to fix dinner so I don't have a cranky toddler on my hands. And then of course dinner is followed closely by bed time. I've considered going early in the dark of the early morning, but oh, how I love my bed and feel the need to sleep in it for a little while longer. When do I go? That is the question. Or do I just ditch the gym? ha :)

five / a new kitchen 
We have a functional kitchen. It's not great, but it works. It's smaller than the kitchen in our previous home but bigger than the kitchen in our first apartment. But when evening time rolls around and I'm fixing dinner and Emerson "needs" to help, I need a bigger kitchen! There is no where for him to stand that isn't close to a burner or next to a pile of clean and/or dirty dishes. eessshh. One day, maybe I'll have a kitchen that is a little more functional. At least I can hope for it, right?

Anyhow, I'll leave it at that. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

an open letter to the mom I saw at the park

Dear Mom at the park with a toddler running free and a baby cuddled up against your chest,

I see you there, wearing your baby only a few months old, chasing your spirited two-ish year old daughter around the playground. I see you watching your daughter as she climbs up the big playground equipment, climbing up to the very top, going down the slide, and running around to do it all over again. I see you giving your sweet baby some pats on the back, swaying to rock him as you watch your daughter. I see you being a good mom, giving your toddler a chance to run around and get some fresh air, to get her energy out. I see you getting out of the house and doing something fun with your kids.

I see you as you tell your daughter it's time to leave, it's time to go home. And I hear her scream, "NO!" and stomp her foot in the soft mulch. I see her run to the other side of the playground. I see her run away from you.

I see you there as you pretend to leave the park, pretend to leave you daughter behind, in hopes that she will come running after you. She doesn't. I see you call for her and I see her run even further away from you. After minutes have gone by, I see you catch her wiggly little arm in your strong steady hand and start walking away, pulling her behind you. I see her kicking and screaming and flailing her arms and legs. I see you struggle to bend down, keeping baby safe and snug, and pick your daughter up with your free hand. I see you struggle to soothe your baby and carry your screaming daughter as you leave the park. I see her little legs kicking the air and your legs, I see her arms waving around in the air and hitting you as you try to protect your baby.

I see you trying to hold it together. I see your frustration. I see your embarrassment.

But most importantly, I see your strength. I see your love for your children. I see you being the best mom you can possibly be. Mom at the park, you brought your little girl and baby to the park! You didn't just sit at home and think about leaving the house or think about taking your children to the park - you actually did it. You went through the motions, you put socks and shoes on your daughter. You found the baby carrier. You got yourself dressed. You left the house with two little people. A feat that is not so easy. A feat that can take longer than the outing itself sometimes. But you did it. You wanted to give your daughter the chance to run around outside [even if it was to save your sanity and the state of your home], you took her and her new brother to the park. Alone. You are a rockstar, Mom.


Don't worry about what others may think about you, about your daughter, about the screaming and flailing arms and legs. Don't feel like people are judging you and thinking you are a terrible mother, how you need to get your act together, how you need to discipline your child, how you need to get her under control, how you shouldn't have come to the park.

Don't be embarrassed. 

Be proud. You got two little people out of the house - by yourself! You brought your children to the park. You allowed your daughter to run free and wild. You kept them safe and looked out for them. You kept their interests and well being above your own. You love them with a deep fierce love. You are the best mom to your little ones. You are doing an amazing job. You are a wonderful mother.

Maybe no one tells you that, maybe your husband tells you all the time. But let me tell it to you again, because hearing those words will never get old, hearing those words will build you up, hearing those words one more time just might get you through the rest of the day: You are a wonderful mother and you are doing an amazing job.

You may feel alone in this mothering journey, you may feel that other kids are better behaved than yours. You may feel judged and looked down on. Don't. You are not alone. You are not the only mom who has left the park with a screaming toddler in tow [trust me, I would know]. You are not being judged.

You are a wonderful mom and you are doing a great job. Keep venturing out of the house. Keep going on little adventures. Keep loving your kiddos with that deep fierce love. And always know - you are admired: by your children and by other moms, you are strong, and you are loved.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

the other time we gave our pup away

Last week I told you all about the time we gave our pup away. Today I'm going to tell you about the other time we gave our pup away. Because apparently giving him away just once wasn't bad enough.

After Boady came back home, Landon and I were happy that it didn't work out with Linda. I didn't have a true sense of peace in my heart about him going off with Linda and figured that since he didn't like it there he was just meant to be with us. Forever. Two days after getting Boady back we headed off to Lake Barkley for about a week. We packed our bags and made our way to my grandparent's house and to visit some friends. Landon's parents were going to bring Boady with them when they came down to the lake a few days later.

When we were visiting my grandparents Landon's mom called to tell us about one of their relatives, Martha, who had a sister that wanted a corgi. Martha offered to watch Boady for the week we were at the lake until her sister could come and meet him and then decide if she wanted him or not. After Boady came back to us, I was done thinking about the possibility of giving him away. I wasn't going to ask people if they wanted a dog or seek out a new home for him. He was going to stay with us and that was that. I also didn't want someone to keep Boady for a little bit to "decide" if they wanted him or not. Either they did or they didn't want him. We didn't want him going though a lot of change. A dog can only handle so much. But, Landon's parents know a lot of people and have a lot of friends and they talk a lot. Apparently Boady was the hot topic of conversation, which is how Martha found out about him in the first place.

Landon's mom told us all about Martha and how it seemed like it would be a great home for Boady. I still wasn't too sure of that as a lot of what the potential new people for Boady did was outside and Boady is very much an inside dog. There would also be a children's camp each summer that he would be tagging along to, and he is not crazy about tons of attention from small people. We weren't keen on Boady "trying out" a new house and new person again and again. I didn't want to put him through a lot of change and uncertainty. He was our dog and that was that. But Martha had a corgi and seemed eager for her sister to have one too and she knew all about them. So with a somewhat hesitant heart I agreed to let Boady spend the week with her. If nothing else he would be able to run around a farm instead of being cooped up all day while we were at the pool. Kind of like a kennel that we wouldn't have to pay for. Not a bad deal for either of us. So I said yes, and Boady went to the farm and ran around with another corgi. Though, they ended up not getting along so well [surprise, surprise].

We enjoyed our time at the lake and kept checking in on Boady. Before the end of the week, Martha told us that Boady probably wasn't the best fit for her sister as Boady obviously preferred being indoors and she knew about how he didn't love attention from little people. It was a shame, but we just looked at it like Boady had spent the week at a boarding house while we were at the lake. And, we didn't have to pay for it or worry about him while we traveled; I was okay with that. We were just going to have to wait to get Boady back home until September when Landon's parents would come and visit us. Until then, he would stay at their house.

But, as I said before, Landon's parents know a lot of people and have a lot of friends and talk a lot. And apparently Boady was still a hot topic of conversation. One evening while chatting with their neighbors they learned about their neighbor's co-worker, Deb, who loved corgis and had one who might not live to see tomorrow, because she was apparently ancient. Deb was going to get a new corgi puppy after her dog died, she loved corgis so much. Their neighbor lady went to work and told Deb all about Boady. And Deb got excited. All kinds of excited. She knew she would love him and wanted him if we were still willing to say good-bye to him.

At this point I was really hesitant about yet another person 'taking' Boady to a new home. He had already been through so much. I missed him and loved him and just wanted him to be happy and settled again. But because Deb was so excited about getting a new dog, Boady, and because she knew all about corgis [she'd had many throughout the years], and had one that bit her finger off [true story], and loved them, we had one last serious talk about really giving Boady to a new home.

So it was decided that on the coming Saturday morning Deb was going to bring her feeble, old corgi, Mitzi, with her to Landon's parent's house to meet Boady. She had learned about him second hand: his habits, his tricks, his personality. She was still very eager to meet him. Saturday morning came and Lesa called us on FaceTime so we could "meet" Deb and see Boady with her and Mitzi.

After talking with her for a while and watching her with Boady and Mitzi and telling her everything we could about Boady, we told her to love Boady something fierce and to take the best care of him. We knew she would be the perfect person for Boady and that he would get all the love and attention he needed and wanted from her. I knew deep down that he would be happy in her home, that he would get to play more, cuddle more, and run around more, if he went home with her.

So, we said our final good-bye to Boady over a terrible FaceTime connection.

Lesa helped Deb load all of Boady's things into her car and then Deb drove off with our sweet, lovable, ball of fur, Boady.

I didn't even get to give him a last squish. A last squeeze. A last smooch.

But I know that he is happy and doing well. Deb and I have corresponded several times and we've heard stories about Boady through the grapevine - that's the good thing about giving your dog to the co-worker of your in-law's neighbor. We still have a connection to him, even though we don't get to see him. I know that he is getting a lot of attention, that he's getting to sit on the couch to his little doggy's heart content, that he is playing and doing tricks, that he is getting cuddles, and that he is being clever as always. I know that he took all of the toys upstairs so that poor old Mitzi couldn't play with them. I know that he is getting taken care of and being loved on every single day.

And I tell that to myself every day. Because even though some of you may say, "he's just a dog, Hannah," he was my fur baby and I loved him and I still do. So I have to believe that he truly is happy and loving his sweet dog life.

This is my good-bye to Boady, since I didn't get to give him those last squeezes and pats, I have say good-bye the only other way I can, through words.

He was [is] the best dog. So sweet, funny, energetic, clever, smart, lazy, and cute. He was everything I wanted in a dog [with few exceptions, like loving little people]. Really though, he is amazing and I will always love him and I will always hold him in a special place in my heart.

I love and miss you Boady Buns.

Monday, September 21, 2015

a weekend in review [the time we were all sick]

I don't know what it is about storms this year, but I feel like they are never ending! We keep getting one bad storm after another. I don't particularly like storms, but as long as there is no tornado involved [watch or warning] I'm fine and am content to stay safe inside my house. Emerson is now at the age where he is recognizing what a storm is and he is terrified of them. I've mentioned him and storms on here before, but goodness sakes, since storms keep coming, I'll probably keep mentioning them.

A storm is pretty much how our weekend started [again]. We put Emerson to bed on Friday night, ate dinner and started to watch a movie. Then the storm came. We tried to clam Emerson down a few times and reassure him that he was fine; he was fine in his room until the loudest clap of thunder hit and rumbled our house. Then he was not so fine and screaming ensued. We went upstairs, got Emerson from his room and we all hung out in our bedroom until the storm passed. Emerson was up way past his bedtime, but he didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

While the storm was brewing and Emerson was hiding under our covers, Oliver was crying and wailing like none other. The poor little babe got sick. He was congested and coughing and threw up twice that night. He never had a fever, but after he threw up twice and the fact that he hardly ate anything, I was worried. I called a nurse to talk to her about his condition, but she wasn't very helpful. So I just kept a close watch on him throughout the night.

Saturday morning after I tried to feed Oliver, we headed to the grocery store. I wasn't as concerned, about him as he had eaten a little bit, but I was still fairly worried so I just prayed and went about our day. After getting home from the grocery store I tried to feed Oliver again, as he was acting hungry and it was time for him to eat again. The boy did not eat. When I changed his diaper there was a tiny red spot. I saw the red and after showing Landon we decided I should take him to the doctor - just to make sure he was okay. So I pumped, got a bottle ready to take to the doctor - just in case he was hungry - and went out again. Oliver and I waited for a while to see a doctor, and while waiting Oliver slept some, didn't eat, and fussed a little bit. After a doctor checked him over he couldn't find anything really concerning. He was congested and had a cough, use a humidifier he told us [we already were]. He saw the red spot, because I brought the diaper with me, and said it wasn't blood and that it was nothing to worry about. Thank goodness. As far as the the loss of appetite, he told me if he continued to not eat to take him to his regular doctor come Monday.

That afternoon Oliver slept some and started eating a little bit better. I'm not sure if it was the congestion or if his tummy was upset, but he started improving. Even with the improvements, he still had a bad cough through the night and we decided to stay home from church on Sunday. I was exhausted and not feeling super great, and the boys [even Landon] were all feeling under the weather as well.

We were slow getting up and going that morning, but it was fine by me. We went to the park because Emerson needed to get some of his never ending energy out [even though he was a tad congested]. At nap time I took Oliver to run some errands so Landon could get some more work done in the peace and quiet. I had some Kohl's cash and a coupon that were going to expire that day, so that's where we headed. I walked around the store until I found a good deal and decided what to spend the cash on, it usually takes me a while to finally settle on something. In the end I got Oliver a little outfit and some pants for Emerson. When I got to the register the girl rang my items up and told me there was a coupon online and I could use it. God bless smart phones. She helped me find it and applied it to my purchase. Minus $10. I had Kohl's cash. Minus $10. I had a 20% off coupon. Minus even more money. In the end I walked away spending only $8. So exciting! I think I'm figuring out the whole Kohl's shopping game and it's kind of fun!

It was a very lazy weekend and I didn't get much done. I feel like I can never truly get our house in order. There are little piles or stacks or bags of something somewhere. As hard as I try to get it all put away, it just doesn't happen. Or when it finally does happen, a new pile or stack appears. How does that happen?! Usually I try and get those all cleared up on Sunday, but that just didn't happen. Maybe by tonight I get everything put away in its proper place. I'll give myself an out as I had two sick boys this weekend ... That's allowed, right?

Anyhow, those are the highlights of our weekend. Nothing fun or exciting, but a few scares, busy, and restful at the same time. Is that possible?

I hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying your [hopefully] good health!

Friday, September 18, 2015

kids, storms, and sickness

Let's get straight to it shall we?

one || three littles, one me 
On Tuesday, our Bible study started back up again and I loaded all three munchkins up and headed to church. And, miracle of miracle - we weren't late, though they did start a little bit later than they are supposed to. So maybe the odds were just in my favor that day. If that can happen again, I don't know, but I'm sure going to try. Emerson loves going to Bible class and it's absolutely the best thing ever to hear him talk about how much he loves Bible class and about what he learned and did, even if it is about what he played or that he read books. I love taking him and I just pray that these little years of taking him to Bible class will be something he always remembers and that they are truths that he always holds on to.

two || sick kiddos 
It could be worse, and it probably will be at some point, but both boys have stuffy noses and a cough and they sound congested. Even sweet little Oliver, poor baby. Bee also has the same symptoms, so that makes it extra fun. I'm not sure if she brought it in our house or if it came from somewhere else. Who knows, I just know that it's not fun and I hate it for tiny Oliver to be sick already.

three || safe in the storm 
We have been getting a lot of storms this year. We had them what seemed like non-stop from April to July and they have started up again. Emerson has started expressing his dislike of storms, and I don't blame him. This morning we had a thunderstorm and after I went in his room to get him this morning he said, "Me no like tunder. Jesus keep me safe." What sweet words! I have been telling him over and over that Jesus will always be with him and keep him safe, and apparently those truths are starting to stick!

original source unknown 

four || thank you notes 
Oliver was given a gift a while ago and I have yet to write a thank you for it. We told the Aunt who gave it to him thank you, but I have yet to send a card. Goodness sakes. I really need to do that. But when I remember to do it I can't and then when I can, I forget about it. Except for right now. So, I should probably get on that.

five || ...nothing 
That's all I have for today. Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

thankful thursday

Sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed and things just don't go as I wish they would. Sometimes I forget to stipend be grateful for all of the little blessings in my life. I know I've shared some blessings and gifts on here before, and I think it's time for me to do that again. Because really, is it possible to give thanks too much? I think not.

- newfound baby squeals
- soft toddler arms hugging you around the neck
- random smooches on the lips from Emerson
- disinfectant wipes
- tiny baby clothes
- a tall glass of ice cold water
- the anticipation of visiting family and a trip to the zoo
- sleep
- new socks that make your feet feel like they are walking on fluffy clouds
- seeing friends after not seeing them for a while
- the fact that Emerson loves going to Bible class
- young imaginations at play
- holding a soft and squishy baby
- a quiet afternoon
- three littles sleeping at the same time
- library books
- the promise of Fall in the air
- flickering candles and twinkle lights
- tiny fingers poking out from under the bedroom door

...and that's all I have time for today as that last one is something I see this very moment. What are somethings you are thankful for?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the time we gave our pup away

Five years ago Landon and I talked about getting a dog. Getting a dog was never something I wanted to do and I was quite leery about getting one. So we talked about it off and on for several months: what kind of dog, what we would name him/her, how it would affect our life, and other things you think about when you talk about getting a dog. I wasn't super keen on dogs in general, I think in large part because I was attacked by one when I was younger, but I knew Landon really wanted a dog. So I looked at pictures and read about all the dogs that interested me. We went to the Humane Society and met a dog we liked a lot, but because they didn't know exactly what type of dog he was, and had him labeled as partially American Bulldog, our home insurance wouldn't cover us if we got him. As I kept looking at all of the different types of dogs I came across a picture of a little Corgi and I fell in love. That was the puppy we needed. 

After doing more research on Welsh Corgis and finding a breeder in our area, I was excited to get a puppy. I figured that if we got a puppy, I might be able to love a dog and that they wouldn't attack me. Plus, Corgis are short, chubby, and cute, so that couldn't hurt, right? After a lot of discussion, Landon and I decided to go ahead and get a Corgi pup. We brought our puppy home with us when he was just a tiny six week old puppy. We named him Boady Sherman and he was the best little puppy ever. I worked on house training him and teaching him other tricks and we did a lot of playing and cuddling. One of Boady's favorite things to do was run underneath our couches while we chased him - he was that tiny! He went with us when we when to live in Washington D.C. for a while and was a true companion to me while Landon worked long days.

We loved Boady and Boady loved us. Then we had a baby and we gave Boady less attention than he was used to. After all, he had been our fur baby, the center of our attention, he was spoiled, and then suddenly he wasn't to center of our world any more. But we still loved him, took him on walks [when he would go], took him to see our family, and cuddled with him. He was our pup, he loved us, and we loved him.

Then our baby started getting bigger and braver when it came to petting Boady. While Boady was never mean to Emerson, he didn't really love him either. He tolerated Emerson and the bigger Emerson grew the more he became picky about when and where Boady could be. They had a very strange relationship, those two.

Then we had another baby. And Boady was getting less and less attention from us - Landon would spend his days away and since Boady is a dog and barks at anything and everything, and doesn't care for children other than Emerson, he spent a lot of his time alone and even in his bed during nap time [can't wake those babies...], and he would go to bed when the Emerson went to bed. He wasn't getting all of the loving he used to get. Though we still loved him and we still played with him. It just wasn't the same.

Some time after Oliver was born Landon and I mentioned in passing that if we ever found a corgi lover, we just might consider giving Boady a new home. We weren't going to pursue looking for a new home for him, but we talked about any time Boady would groan and moan when Emerson was trying to pet him. Then we mentioned it to Landon's parents, thinking nothing about it, just something to talk about. His parents called us days later to tell us about a lady, Linda, who had always wanted a corgi. She lived in their town, she loved dogs, so much so that she already had a few.

We tossed the idea around more seriously after realizing that we might really be giving him to a new person. And when we were at Landon's parent's house in August, we met Linda. We told her all about Boady, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sweet stuff. We told her [and stressed] that he doesn't get along with other dogs. He is a people dog and does not like other dogs so we weren't sure how he'd do at her house. She reassured us that he would be fine, she'd take good care of him, let him have a slow and easy transition with her other dogs, and that she would send us letters and pictures occasionally.

I was worried, it was not the situation or setting I wanted Boady to be in. And I was torn, I never actually thought we would really give Boady away. I loved him. But because I loved him and knew what his days would look like in the months to come, I agreed to give him a new home - somewhere he could run around more, jump on the couch, but most importantly: get more attention. So we said our good-byes, gave our last squeezes, and pat our last pats. We watched as he drove out of the drive way, head sticking out of the window.

My heart was ripped into pieces. I loved Boady. I was going to miss him.

That night Landon and I sat on the couch and I couldn't help but think about Boady and wonder if he was happy, if he missed us, and if he would hate us forever. Landon told me he was fine. But my heart was still a heavy for him. Life goes on, even when you don't have your puppy any more.

all Emerson wants to do is love him . . .

Though this picture is blurry, it is probably the best representation of Boady's and Emerson's relationship. 
Love, hate, dislike, toleration, sheer joy . . .  

The next morning as I was feeding Oliver, my phone rang. It was Linda. I was surprised to already be hearing from her, and as soon as I heard her voice I knew things weren't good. She called and told me, "I'm going to have to bring your baby back to you." Apparently Boady did not get along with other dogs, [we tried to tell her...], and he was acting miserable at her house: staying in his crate, not eating, wanting nothing to do with anything. When she tried to pull him out of his bed [big mistake! but we told her...] he bit her finger. She wasn't upset about the biting, she said it just broke the skin, and she had been bitten dozens of other times, but she was concerned because he was obviously unhappy and missed us.

So after one night, after just nine hours of Boady being away from us, we got him back. He came running into the house and jumped up and down. He was home. He was back. He was our dog and we were his people.

Though apparently my heart was heavy and concerned with good reason: Boady really was unhappy.

And that is the story about the one time we gave our dog away. ... he didn't even make it a full day away from us. ha!