Monday, September 21, 2015

a weekend in review [the time we were all sick]

I don't know what it is about storms this year, but I feel like they are never ending! We keep getting one bad storm after another. I don't particularly like storms, but as long as there is no tornado involved [watch or warning] I'm fine and am content to stay safe inside my house. Emerson is now at the age where he is recognizing what a storm is and he is terrified of them. I've mentioned him and storms on here before, but goodness sakes, since storms keep coming, I'll probably keep mentioning them.

A storm is pretty much how our weekend started [again]. We put Emerson to bed on Friday night, ate dinner and started to watch a movie. Then the storm came. We tried to clam Emerson down a few times and reassure him that he was fine; he was fine in his room until the loudest clap of thunder hit and rumbled our house. Then he was not so fine and screaming ensued. We went upstairs, got Emerson from his room and we all hung out in our bedroom until the storm passed. Emerson was up way past his bedtime, but he didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

While the storm was brewing and Emerson was hiding under our covers, Oliver was crying and wailing like none other. The poor little babe got sick. He was congested and coughing and threw up twice that night. He never had a fever, but after he threw up twice and the fact that he hardly ate anything, I was worried. I called a nurse to talk to her about his condition, but she wasn't very helpful. So I just kept a close watch on him throughout the night.

Saturday morning after I tried to feed Oliver, we headed to the grocery store. I wasn't as concerned, about him as he had eaten a little bit, but I was still fairly worried so I just prayed and went about our day. After getting home from the grocery store I tried to feed Oliver again, as he was acting hungry and it was time for him to eat again. The boy did not eat. When I changed his diaper there was a tiny red spot. I saw the red and after showing Landon we decided I should take him to the doctor - just to make sure he was okay. So I pumped, got a bottle ready to take to the doctor - just in case he was hungry - and went out again. Oliver and I waited for a while to see a doctor, and while waiting Oliver slept some, didn't eat, and fussed a little bit. After a doctor checked him over he couldn't find anything really concerning. He was congested and had a cough, use a humidifier he told us [we already were]. He saw the red spot, because I brought the diaper with me, and said it wasn't blood and that it was nothing to worry about. Thank goodness. As far as the the loss of appetite, he told me if he continued to not eat to take him to his regular doctor come Monday.

That afternoon Oliver slept some and started eating a little bit better. I'm not sure if it was the congestion or if his tummy was upset, but he started improving. Even with the improvements, he still had a bad cough through the night and we decided to stay home from church on Sunday. I was exhausted and not feeling super great, and the boys [even Landon] were all feeling under the weather as well.

We were slow getting up and going that morning, but it was fine by me. We went to the park because Emerson needed to get some of his never ending energy out [even though he was a tad congested]. At nap time I took Oliver to run some errands so Landon could get some more work done in the peace and quiet. I had some Kohl's cash and a coupon that were going to expire that day, so that's where we headed. I walked around the store until I found a good deal and decided what to spend the cash on, it usually takes me a while to finally settle on something. In the end I got Oliver a little outfit and some pants for Emerson. When I got to the register the girl rang my items up and told me there was a coupon online and I could use it. God bless smart phones. She helped me find it and applied it to my purchase. Minus $10. I had Kohl's cash. Minus $10. I had a 20% off coupon. Minus even more money. In the end I walked away spending only $8. So exciting! I think I'm figuring out the whole Kohl's shopping game and it's kind of fun!

It was a very lazy weekend and I didn't get much done. I feel like I can never truly get our house in order. There are little piles or stacks or bags of something somewhere. As hard as I try to get it all put away, it just doesn't happen. Or when it finally does happen, a new pile or stack appears. How does that happen?! Usually I try and get those all cleared up on Sunday, but that just didn't happen. Maybe by tonight I get everything put away in its proper place. I'll give myself an out as I had two sick boys this weekend ... That's allowed, right?

Anyhow, those are the highlights of our weekend. Nothing fun or exciting, but a few scares, busy, and restful at the same time. Is that possible?

I hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying your [hopefully] good health!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! XOXO
And I totally know how those piles multiply!!!

Jessica (The Newly) said...

We have been sick in our house too! It started with Caleb and is ending with Vivian and me now:( Sigh. So glad you got some good deals at Kohls mama - I love shopping for kids clothes there because they let you use discounts together, so you can come away with some amazing steals:) And oh, how I feel you when it comes to keeping the house clutter free. No matter what I do, it seems like there's always something somewhere that needs putting away!

Amy said...

Cash has been sick, too. I'm pretty sure that Wyatt has the sniffles, too. Ugh, no fun! Hope you guys are all feeling better now!

And yeah, shopping at Kohl's is pretty much the best thing ever! ;)