Friday, September 4, 2015

how to clean a pack n play, among other things

Here are just a few things I felt like sharing today . . .

one. the pack n play. 
Earlier this week I was enjoying nap time; all three littles were snoozing away peacefully, which left me some time to enjoy to myself and try to get some things done. It just so happened on this day that Emerson and Bee woke up about the same time. I was upstairs, which is where Emerson naps, so I got him up first. Then we both walked downstairs to get Bee up from her nap. Walking down the stairs I knew she had a dirty diaper, as I could smell it, then, as I rounded the corner to get her from her bed, I noticed something immediately: she was naked from the waist down. She was naked. As in, she didn't have a diaper on. It didn't take me long to realize that not only was she naked, but that she had smeared her poop all over her and the bed. Apparently she thought it would be fun to roll around in and play with her poop. It was everywhere: her legs were covered, her feet caked, her hair decorated with speckles, her hands coated, her arms painted, her belly dotted, the pack n play covered. All in her poop.


I took Emerson upstairs, grabbed some gloves, plastic bags, wipes, and a new pull up for her. Then we went back downstairs and I got to work. She had to be wiped down from head to toe. I scrubbed and scrubbed and finally had her to a point of being somewhat clean, though she was hardly what I would consider clean. It was during this time that her mom arrived and actually waited outside for a while since I was busy trying to get her somewhat cleaned up. After they left I still had the pack n play to clean up. I carried it upstairs and outside, grabbed the bleach, a rag, and pulled the hose out. I poured all the bleach I could on that thing and scrubbed it over and over.


two. reading. 
Other than the whole poop incident, things have been going fairly well. Sure there are melt downs and times when no one wants to listen or share or play nice, but most of the time the two little people enjoy each other's company and play well together. Thank goodness.

three. an evening outing. 
The other day I was feeling trapped inside our own house. Landon called me and asked if I would want to go out after dinner that night. I quickly agreed to it and we made a little trip to Target, because it's pretty much the only place I ever go. While I was getting a few things there Landon and Emerson went off on an adventure of their own to get some things for the car and to go to the pet store. Which meant that I pretty much had 40 minutes to myself to shop and walk around as I pleased, since Oliver is a fairly compliant little shopping buddy and doesn't voice his dislike of riding in the cart. Oh how peaceful and wonderful it was. It was a nice way to end the day.

four. sleep patterns. 
Oliver is starting to have a good wake / play / sleep / eat routine going. Though the time of his eating and sleeping is different from day to day, he is pretty consistent about how long he stays awake to play before getting sleepy and ready for a nap. He doesn't always nap for the same length of time each day or nap time, but he is napping and there is consistency being established. So that makes me happy. Also, I love when the bigger kids nap and I get to cuddle with Oliver. The sweet, sweet not-so-newborn cuddles are some of my favorite.  

five. weekend plans 
This weekend Landon's parents are coming in for a visit. Before they get here I'm hoping to clean our house a little bit and enjoy some time with my two favorite little boys. I'm also hoping to get some things done while they are here, I'm pretty sure I'll have ample time to do whatever I want as they will kidnap the boys the moment they walk through the door :)

And yes, I realize these pictures are all taken from my Instagram. Oh well. What can you do? 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 



Amy Coose said...

Eeeek, I can't imagine that mess. Actually, I can because I have 3 kiddos. :) Love the pics.

Jessica (The Newly) said...

Oh. My. Lord. That mess sounds like the stuff of nightmares. I'm glad you came through it ok. Eeeek! You definitely deserved a little Target getaway after that, lol! Isn't Target just the best? My only problem there is trying to narrow my options down. I end up wanting one of everything:)

Jillian said...

Oh my... I could feel my blood pressure rising as you described the lil poop incident. Bless your sweet lil soul my friend!!! Glad that is behind you now!

kelseylynae said...

As I was reading about the poop incident and got to the part where her mom came, I thought, "Oh good. At least she could help…." She just took her and LEFT?! When it was HER CHILD'S POOP smeared all over kingdom come?! You are a saint. I would have been like. "I'll go give her a bath. The hose is outside."