Monday, September 28, 2015

little weekend adventures [trips to the park and dinner at a friend's house]

This weekend started a little bit early. Bee was picked up a little earlier than usual and her mom brought me a nice decaffeinated surprise. The boys napped a little bit longer than usual, so I enjoyed some time of getting things done and enjoying the calm while enjoying that treat. After nap time the boys and I walked to the park for a little while before dinner time. Landon called to let me know he was on his way home and would be able to go on a walk to the park with us. So we hurried home, I fed Emerson an early dinner, and while he was eating Landon came home. Though, the boy took forever to eat so in the end we didn't make it to the park or even on a walk for that matter. Sometimes he eats and is done in five minutes and sometimes it takes him well over an hour. After he was finally finished eating, I gave him a bath and then fed Oliver while Landon fixed pizza for dinner. By the time dinner was ready we were able to sit down and enjoy eating together without having to worry about other little mouths to feed. A nice little date night. 

Saturday morning after getting ready and having my menu and list in hand, I buckled Oliver into his carseat to head to the store. I went into the kitchen to grab something and heard him coughing, a lot, and not a little tickle in the throat type of cough, a deep, something needs to come out kind of cough.  By the time I got to Oliver, he was done coughing, but he had thrown up everywhere. He was drenched, his carseat was soaking wet too. Some even got on the floor. Poor baby. I picked him up and he was smiling away, but I knew that he didn't feel good. I changed him and tried to clean up the carseat as best I could without washing it. Then we went to get our groceries. 

After that little episode, combined with the fussy eating, I'm pretty sure he has a milk allergy of some sort. It's the only thing that makes sense to me right now. Maybe it's something different, but there are so many coincidences. I stopped eating/drinking milk for a week, then I had some -unknowingly in the coffee Bee's mom brought me [half way through drinking it I realized that it probably had milk in it. So I stopped, but it was too late]. That combined with the pizza I had for dinner. I thought cheese would still be okay, but I'm thinking it's probably not after he was sick again and was fussy while eating. I'm not 100% certain it's a milk allergy, but I am cutting all dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks to check and see if that helps him. There are a lot of other little signs that make me think it probably is an allergy to milk, but I guess we shall see. 

The rest of Saturday was low key, we went to the gym and watched some football. Nice and quiet. At Emerson's request for "pap-jacks" I made pancakes for dinner and he was all too eager to help. He had been talking about them for over a week and had requested I get him some at the grocery store for two weeks in a row. So we had some for dinner. Not that I mind, I love me some brinner :) 

We went to church on Sunday and on our way home Emerson sang us a song/Bible verse he had learned in Sunday school. Oh, my heart was beaming. It was a nice day so I took the boys on a walk to the park and then fixed lunch. Some friends had invited us over for dinner, so we made our way over to their house after nap time and enjoyed seeing their new house and just spending some time with them. I think the highlight for Emerson was licking the beater ... not playing with their son. Can't say I blame him, licking the beaters is petty wonderful. 

Hopefully you all were able to enjoy your weekend. 


Courtney said...

When a massive DD coffee is the first picture in the post, you know i Have to come read! :) Your boys are so sweet! And I'm right there with E. Gotta like the beaters!!!

Amy said...

The beaters are the best part! And brinner...yum!! Hope Oliver is doing better!