Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oliver / three month update


Today you are three months old! How are you already this old?! I went to the hospital a week or so ago to visit a friend who just had a baby and I walked past the room we shared our first few days together. What sweet and precious moments we had there. Those days will forever be cherished and etched in my heart, but so will these sweet days with you. You are getting so very big and developing the sweetest little personality. You are absolutely the happiest and sweetest baby. You have such a laid back personality and are happy to do whatever whenever. Unless you're hungry and then that's the only thing you want, but who's ever a happy person when they're hungry? Having you as a part of our family is the biggest blessing, with you here I feel like we are a family. One of my friends once said that her first born made her and her husband parents, and the birth of their second daughter made them a family. I feel like the same is true for us. Thank you for making us a family.

Anyhow, here are some things about you that I want to always remember and just some stats and whatnot.

You are the happiest and sweetest baby. Before I snapped these pictures you were crying and ready to be rocked to sleep, but you cheered right up for me when I started talking to you and shared your gummy grin for me to capture. And that is just how you are. You love "talking" to me and will get the biggest smile on your little face. Sometimes a tiny little squeal/giggle escapes, but for the most part it's a huge grin that I hope you never stop giving. More and more you are smiling for other people too, even strangers. You love looking at you Daddy and smiling really big for him too. You especially love when he 'boops!' you on your tiny nose with his finger. You think it's pretty much the best thing ever.

All in all though, you have the sweetest disposition. When I need to fix lunch or dinner and you are awake, you're happy to chill out in your swing and watch me as I fix dinner. Whenever I turn around and talk to you, you just light up like a "hi" from your mama is the best thing ever. Which in turn makes me feel like I'm having the best day ever. I pray you will always have such a happy and warm spirit.  

The only time you aren't giving out smiles freely is when you are hungry or when you are sleepy. When you're hungry you usually start out grunting, but if I'm not quick enough to feed you open up your tiny lungs and holler until you are filling your belly with milk. When you get sleepy you start to fuss and fidget, and will usually take a paci, which helps soothe you and put you to sleep. Typically you'll start getting sleepy a little after an hour of when you started eating.

Sleeping is somewhat inconsistent for you at this point. While you are pretty predicable about when you'll start to get tired, I can't always count on you to sleep for a set amount of time. Sometimes you'll sleep for thirty minutes, sometimes an hour, and sometimes three hours. I just never know! Most afternoons you will take a longer nap, ranging from two to three hours, but again, it just depends on your mood or level of sleepiness. The mornings are usually shorter napping times for you, but that's about as predictable as you are right now in the napping department. You have started napping in our bedroom though. For a while you were sleeping downstairs, but your brother is pretty loud and Bee can be really loud and dramatic which wakes you up pretty much every time. If I'm holding you you'll usually just startle and then drift back off to sleep, but if you're laying down, nap time is over. Thus the reason for naps upstairs in the quiet of our room. You still like being swaddled tight and usually sleep better [longer] when you are wrapped up snug as a bug. And you are still sleeping in the rock n play.

While we're talking about sleeping habits, let's talk about how much of a night owl you are! You will not go down for the night before 9:30. Maybe you've fallen asleep before then a handful of times, but for the most part you are wide awake and ready to party. Each night you'll get a bath and eat your last feeding of the day, the order of the two differs from night to night, but after those two things you just want to talk to me or your daddy. Once you drift off I'll try and lay you down, but even then you won't always stay asleep. Thankfully, you sleep really really well at night. So well that I consider it sleeping though the night, as long as you keep sleeping like a champ, I'm happy for you to stay up a little bit later with your daddy and me. You have slept in five to eight hour stretches and have gone up to nine hours between feedings at night. This is just another reason why you are the best baby ever. I'll usually feed you around eight or nine at night and then again around five or so in the morning. The times change from day to day and some nights you wake around three to eat or don't sleep as long, but I still consider you a champion sleeper. Thank you!

Nursing is still going fairly well. Sometimes you'll eat really quickly and sometimes you'll take you time. It would be really nice if you would always eat on the quicker side, but you're still doing great. Occasionally you will scream and cry and stretch your little body out when it's time to eat. I don't know if it's because you're so hungry and you just can't clam down enough to eat, or if it's because you have bubbles in your belly, or because it's something I ate that you don't like. I'm trying to write down what I eat so I can look back on it and see if there is any correlation between what I eat and your screaming spells. Most days you go about three hours between feedings, sometimes longer. If you're sleeping you sometimes go five hours. But usually it's closer to three hours, so we kind of keep to that feeding schedule.

After you eat you like to play for a while and then your eyes start to get heavy and you like to take a nap. Some of your favorite things to "play" with right now: the mobile in your crib - you love watching the little critters dance in circles above your head, and your play mat. You love looking at the little critters on that too and have even started kicking them and punching them a little bit! The other day I caught you hitting the owl over and over and you were delighted when I told you to hit him again and again - and you did! You are certainly growing and getting stronger each day. You don't mind tummy time and are getting stronger and will stay on your belly longer and longer. You've started pushing yourself up a little bit too! Keep building your muscles, Oliver!

Right now you're wearing size 1 diapers, but will probably move up to size 2 when we finish the box we're using right now - you're growing so fast! You are in 0-3 month clothing and they seem to fit you just fine for now. I'm guessing you weigh about 13.5 pounds, but I'm not sure. We don't have a doctors appointment this month so I'm not sure if we will find out how much you weigh right now.

You have discovered your hands and have them in your mouth more and more. You also like to have one or both hands in the air like Superman or like you're driving. They are nearly always moving. You're starting to reach for things and hold onto them a little bit more. Right now you really like grabbing my finger and holding on tight; I don't mind one bit.

Your brother loves you to bits and pieces. He is always wanting to hold, play with, hug, kiss, poke, pat, or look at you. And if you're awake while he's playing he is sure to stop by every minute or so to come give you a kiss or hug, ugga-mugga or poke. We're working on being gentle :) You don't mind his pokes and kisses at all though and always give him the biggest smiles when he talks to you or gives you a pat. A few times he's been a tad too rough and has set you crying, but thankfully it was nothing too bad and you calmed down rather quickly.

This month your Gigi and Poppy came to visit you and you got lots more love and attention than you normally do. You only slept in your rock n play at night time as you napped in Gigi's arms during the day. This month you also took your first bottle and did pretty well with it. You've had a few bottles since then and have taken them all fairly well. Though, when you eat from a bottle your eyes are WIDE open and you are staring at me intently the whole time you're eating. It's almost like your making sure I'm still there, that or you'r giving me the death stare for making you take a bottle in the first place. haha. Although you have taken a bottle a few times, I can't say for sure how much you are eating each time. On average you've eaten about four ounces from the bottle and then you are done. You take a bottle much quicker than you nurse though, so that's nice. We ate at a restaurant while Gigi and Poppy were here and you had a bottle there; it was so nice to be able to feed you while we were out! I wish I knew how much you ate while nursing to know if you're just eating enough from the bottle to pacify you or if that's really all you eat each time. Cause you eat from the bottle so much quicker than you nurse. But yeah... hopefully you continue to take a bottle well as you might be getting it more frequently now that Bible Study and small group are starting back up.

Oliver, you are such a joy! Thank you for making us a family and for letting us love you each and every day. I pray that you will grow in the grace and truth of our Lord and that your heart will always know, love, seek after, and obey Him. I pray that you will flee from temptations and keep yourself pure in thought and deed. I pray that you will grow to be a man of integrity and that you will be a light in this world. You are such a beautiful blessing, little guy, and I couldn't love you more. 



Ashley Brickner said...

He is sooooo happy, I just love him!

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Hannah! Those smiles! All the heart eyes!

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he's so precious! look at all those grins!