Tuesday, September 22, 2015

the other time we gave our pup away

Last week I told you all about the time we gave our pup away. Today I'm going to tell you about the other time we gave our pup away. Because apparently giving him away just once wasn't bad enough.

After Boady came back home, Landon and I were happy that it didn't work out with Linda. I didn't have a true sense of peace in my heart about him going off with Linda and figured that since he didn't like it there he was just meant to be with us. Forever. Two days after getting Boady back we headed off to Lake Barkley for about a week. We packed our bags and made our way to my grandparent's house and to visit some friends. Landon's parents were going to bring Boady with them when they came down to the lake a few days later.

When we were visiting my grandparents Landon's mom called to tell us about one of their relatives, Martha, who had a sister that wanted a corgi. Martha offered to watch Boady for the week we were at the lake until her sister could come and meet him and then decide if she wanted him or not. After Boady came back to us, I was done thinking about the possibility of giving him away. I wasn't going to ask people if they wanted a dog or seek out a new home for him. He was going to stay with us and that was that. I also didn't want someone to keep Boady for a little bit to "decide" if they wanted him or not. Either they did or they didn't want him. We didn't want him going though a lot of change. A dog can only handle so much. But, Landon's parents know a lot of people and have a lot of friends and they talk a lot. Apparently Boady was the hot topic of conversation, which is how Martha found out about him in the first place.

Landon's mom told us all about Martha and how it seemed like it would be a great home for Boady. I still wasn't too sure of that as a lot of what the potential new people for Boady did was outside and Boady is very much an inside dog. There would also be a children's camp each summer that he would be tagging along to, and he is not crazy about tons of attention from small people. We weren't keen on Boady "trying out" a new house and new person again and again. I didn't want to put him through a lot of change and uncertainty. He was our dog and that was that. But Martha had a corgi and seemed eager for her sister to have one too and she knew all about them. So with a somewhat hesitant heart I agreed to let Boady spend the week with her. If nothing else he would be able to run around a farm instead of being cooped up all day while we were at the pool. Kind of like a kennel that we wouldn't have to pay for. Not a bad deal for either of us. So I said yes, and Boady went to the farm and ran around with another corgi. Though, they ended up not getting along so well [surprise, surprise].

We enjoyed our time at the lake and kept checking in on Boady. Before the end of the week, Martha told us that Boady probably wasn't the best fit for her sister as Boady obviously preferred being indoors and she knew about how he didn't love attention from little people. It was a shame, but we just looked at it like Boady had spent the week at a boarding house while we were at the lake. And, we didn't have to pay for it or worry about him while we traveled; I was okay with that. We were just going to have to wait to get Boady back home until September when Landon's parents would come and visit us. Until then, he would stay at their house.

But, as I said before, Landon's parents know a lot of people and have a lot of friends and talk a lot. And apparently Boady was still a hot topic of conversation. One evening while chatting with their neighbors they learned about their neighbor's co-worker, Deb, who loved corgis and had one who might not live to see tomorrow, because she was apparently ancient. Deb was going to get a new corgi puppy after her dog died, she loved corgis so much. Their neighbor lady went to work and told Deb all about Boady. And Deb got excited. All kinds of excited. She knew she would love him and wanted him if we were still willing to say good-bye to him.

At this point I was really hesitant about yet another person 'taking' Boady to a new home. He had already been through so much. I missed him and loved him and just wanted him to be happy and settled again. But because Deb was so excited about getting a new dog, Boady, and because she knew all about corgis [she'd had many throughout the years], and had one that bit her finger off [true story], and loved them, we had one last serious talk about really giving Boady to a new home.

So it was decided that on the coming Saturday morning Deb was going to bring her feeble, old corgi, Mitzi, with her to Landon's parent's house to meet Boady. She had learned about him second hand: his habits, his tricks, his personality. She was still very eager to meet him. Saturday morning came and Lesa called us on FaceTime so we could "meet" Deb and see Boady with her and Mitzi.

After talking with her for a while and watching her with Boady and Mitzi and telling her everything we could about Boady, we told her to love Boady something fierce and to take the best care of him. We knew she would be the perfect person for Boady and that he would get all the love and attention he needed and wanted from her. I knew deep down that he would be happy in her home, that he would get to play more, cuddle more, and run around more, if he went home with her.

So, we said our final good-bye to Boady over a terrible FaceTime connection.

Lesa helped Deb load all of Boady's things into her car and then Deb drove off with our sweet, lovable, ball of fur, Boady.

I didn't even get to give him a last squish. A last squeeze. A last smooch.

But I know that he is happy and doing well. Deb and I have corresponded several times and we've heard stories about Boady through the grapevine - that's the good thing about giving your dog to the co-worker of your in-law's neighbor. We still have a connection to him, even though we don't get to see him. I know that he is getting a lot of attention, that he's getting to sit on the couch to his little doggy's heart content, that he is playing and doing tricks, that he is getting cuddles, and that he is being clever as always. I know that he took all of the toys upstairs so that poor old Mitzi couldn't play with them. I know that he is getting taken care of and being loved on every single day.

And I tell that to myself every day. Because even though some of you may say, "he's just a dog, Hannah," he was my fur baby and I loved him and I still do. So I have to believe that he truly is happy and loving his sweet dog life.

This is my good-bye to Boady, since I didn't get to give him those last squeezes and pats, I have say good-bye the only other way I can, through words.

He was [is] the best dog. So sweet, funny, energetic, clever, smart, lazy, and cute. He was everything I wanted in a dog [with few exceptions, like loving little people]. Really though, he is amazing and I will always love him and I will always hold him in a special place in my heart.

I love and miss you Boady Buns.


Amy said...

Oh, Hannah. Here's a big hug for you. I'm glad that Boady has found a new home & that you are still able to check in on him from time to time!

Jillian said...

Oh Boady!! So sad he had to go but happy he is in a happy lil place that sounds like it fits him just great!!