Monday, September 14, 2015

weekend highlights [and some big savings]

This weekend consisted of a little of this and a little of that and a whole lot of not much. But you know, that's mostly how I like my weekends to go. 

- Friday evening I fixed dinner for a friend who just had a baby and the boys and I took it over to her. Then we came home and fixed dinner for us. It kind of felt like the lost night ever. 

- Saturday morning I debated for all of .5 seconds of going grocery shopping after Oliver's early morning feed like I have done the past few Saturdays. I quickly decided against it when he early feed was at 4am and he was done by 5. Even that is a little too early for me to go grocery shopping. Mama needs some sleep. 

- Some how I still managed to get to the grocery store with only the tiny nugget in tow and after we got home we had a quick lunch and went off to the gym. 

- Saturday was a really mild day so we went for a walk to the park that evening and Emerson played for a while. 

- Sunday morning Emerson slept until about 8 o'clock! That never happens, so it was a special surprise. Though, because of it we were rushing to get out the door for church. We were only a little bit late. 

- During nap time I did some online shopping. I had thought about going to the store, but decided against it when I realized I could probably reach the free shipping minimum. And that I could take my time with the shopping if I stayed at home, because well, children. Landon's mom had given me some Kohl's cash so I used that, some coupons, sales, and coupon codes to score a bunch of things for  one very low price. Oliver needed some seasonally appropriate clothing in his size and some socks [why are baby socks always so expensive?], Emerson needed some pants [though he hates wearing them at the moment... he better get over that aversion quickly], Landon needed some socks, and we needed to get a gift for a friends upcoming wedding. Lots of things. All but one were on sale. I'm pretty sure I've never seen such savings. Possibly. My total was $88 something and I saved $128 something. I was pretty excited to say the least. Not too shabby if you ask me. 

- Saturday evening the weather was also pretty mild so we took another little walk to the park. It was busier than it had been the night before so there was lots of people/kid watching to be done. 

- We went to the gym, but once we got there we realized that the supervised children's rooms weren't open. Whoops. Looked at those hours wrong. Next time we won't make the same mistake. It's a chore getting out with two littles.

- We were thankful to have Landon come along with us, he has a really busy semester ahead of him, so I'm not sure how much we'll get to see him and do things together. It was nice to be able to enjoy some of the weekend with him.


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Agree - WHY are baby socks so expensive? They're tiny, so there can't be much material to them! Question of the year, lol. Glad you got some quality time with your husband - I know how hard it can be to get time together with husbands who work a lot!

Amy said...

Great savings! And underwear, too! Why are those so expensive?