Thursday, October 1, 2015

0 - 3 month favorites

Since Oliver is around three months, I thought I'd share some of our favorite things. I feel like they are different from what our favorites were with Emerson, but maybe some of them are the same. Who can remember? But anyhow, I wanted to be sure to write down what some of our favorites were this time.

Swaddle Blankets

We use these blankets all the time. Every day we use at least one, sometimes more. They are so lightweight, soft, and breathable. And when your babe is wrapped up tight, they are kept nice and warm. They also provide great coverage for baby and for you to use as a spontaneous nursing cover if need be. Or if you want to cover the carseat and keep the baby cool but protected from the elements. I love them. Oliver loves them. I want a dozen more of them. For some reason, I never really used these blankets that much with Emerson. But with Oliver? All the day long. And like I said, I need to get him some more. I feel like we're always washing all of them at the same time ... a few more blankets never hurt anyone, right? We were given some blankets similar to these ones, but the quality isn't as good and they don't wrap the baby as well. They work, but if I were going to actually buy some, I'd go with the Aden + Anais ones for sure. They are worth the money and they have super sweet designs and prints. 

Rock n Play Sleeper

While we don't have one of the newer rock n play sleepers with all the bells and whistles like the one above, we still love it. Oliver takes all his naps in it and it's his bed for the night. I can't imagine life without it. Actually, I can. We were given one a month or so after Emerson was born and it was a game changer. He would actually sleep for an hour, an hour and a half if we were lucky. I love that it's small and portable, but not too little like a bouncer. I'm dreading the day Oliver won't be able to sleep in it anymore. Love it!

Activity Play Mat 

I was so excited to find an activity mat for Oliver while we were out garage sale-ing [if that's a word] this past Spring. We had to part with the one we'd used for Emerson and I knew that I wanted one for Oliver. I am so glad I found one and that I snagged it up. He loves it to bits. I think he could sit lay on that mat and stare at these critters all the day long. Actually, he probably couldn't really last a whole day, baby's gotta eat. But he does love it and he's started punching the little birds and kicking the squirrel. Emerson added a few other things that dangle above him and he's even pulled it so that it plays a song a few times. Boy is getting strong. It's also great for tummy time. We use this thing daily. Love it.  


The Itzbeen is more for me than it is for Oliver, but I love it and cannot imagine life without it. It comes everywhere with me. I never leave home without it and always have it next to me when it comes time to feed Oliver. It helps me keep track of when Oliver last ate, how long he sleeps for, and can be used to keep track of diaper changes and other things as well. I don't really track diaper changes on it, but it's nice to have that option - especially for brand new babies. When I was taking my pain medicine after having him, I used it to help keep track of how long it had been since I took pill A and pill B, which was a life saver as I couldn't keep track of anything at all during those first few weeks. Love it love it. 


This was another thing we had with Emerson but rarely used. He didn't like it at all at first and then when I think he may have liked it, we couldn't use it because we were in the process of moving. But I am oh so glad we have it. I use it all the time with Oliver - and he likes it! When I need to fix breakfast, lunch, or dinner Oliver camps out in this little swing and is happy as can be. Occasionally he'll tire of it, but I can usually fix a meal and even eat some or most of it before he wants me to hold him. Since I can't very easily tote the rock n play sleeper up and down the stairs, it's nice to have this swing for him in the kitchen to use when we need to be in there. 

Boba wrap 

The Boba in nice for those tiny newborn days and it's simple to use once you figure it out. Landon's cousin gave me one because she loved hers, and I like it for those newborn days when you feel that your baby could break. Though I wouldn't recommend trying to figure it out when your baby is crying. It keeps the baby nice and snug right against you. Perfect for using when you're walking around on a farm or other more normal places people go. I like it and have used it quite a lot with Oliver. With at toddler or two in tow it's pretty much the only way we've managed to make it to the park.

Infantino Mei Tai 

But when the babe starts to get a little stronger and more study, I prefer to use the Infantino Mei Tai carrier. It's not quite as complicated and it's really comfy to wear. It's more breathable and quicker to put on. If I could use it with a newborn, it would be the only wrap I ever use. It's the only way I'm able to get my grocery shopping done with a baby in tow. I love it and it's my favorite baby carrier/warp.  

Of course there are some other things that we can't do with out, but I consider those staples: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, cloths, burp cloths, pacifiers.

What are some of your favorite 0-3 month baby things? What is a must have for you and your peanut?

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