Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a weekend and a dedication

I know it's only Monday afternoon, but can it please be the weekend already? We've had a rough go of it already and I am ready for a little break. Though, let's be honest, even the weekend isn't much a of a break. haha. Thankfully we were able to enjoy the weekend and we got quite a lot accomplished. It was busy and full of errands, but pretty good just the same.

On Friday evening Landon called me after I had started fixing dinner to tell me that he may or may not have missed his bus connection so I might have to come pick him up. I paused my cooking, quickly made a little dinner for Emerson so that he could just in case we had to leave and get Landon. As he was finishing dinner we got the call to come pick him up. I buckled the boys into the car and went off to get Landon. Thankfully his stop is near a grocery store so he grabbed something to fix a quick dinner and then we headed back home. Once Emerson was in bed we had dinner and watched a show together. Oliver hung out with us until he was ready for bed and we followed shortly after.

Early Saturday morning I got up and took Oliver to get some groceries. Emerson and Landon stayed in bed while we were out and only got out of bed once we got back home! What a perfectly lazy way to start the day. Usually I wear Oliver while shopping, but he had fallen asleep in his carseat so I left him in it and hoped for the best. He woke up half way through our shopping trip but he was content to look around and smile at me. We were at the store so early, we didn't have to wait in line! Big accomplishment; there is always a line. While the cashier was helping me I realized there was no space in my cart for all my bagged groceries and Oliver's seat, so I darted off to grab another cart. When I got back to the line the man behind me said, "Well, you should have asked me to get that for you! I could use the exercise." Then after I was done paying, his wife offered to help me out to my car. She pushed the cart full of groceries out to the car and we chatted about Oliver, being a young mom, shopping with young children, and her grandbabies. She was a sweet lady and I was so appreciative of her help. It's little gestures like that that go a long way. With a practically empty store, Oliver hanging out in his carrier the whole time, and a sweet lady to help me with my groceries, I was able to make a quick trip of it and got back home before Landon and Emerson were out of bed!

After a little while I took Emerson to the gym with me and Landon stayed home with a napping Oliver. It's nice that the gym we go to offers childcare, however, when I took Emerson to drop him off I could tell they were definitely out of ratio when it came to kids and teachers. I was hesitant to leave Emerson when there weren't many teachers [just one] but they told me a few more helpers were coming soon. I trusted them and went off. When I went to pick him up, there was just one teacher in the room with two dozen kiddos. A different teacher, but still just one. So, that's not okay. I've seen them out of ratio before, but never quite as extreme as on Saturday. Yeah, not okay with me.

The rest of Saturday we spent doing a little of this and that, tidying up the house, watching some football, reading books, and eating. The good things. Oh, and got my hair cut. I went to a new place and to a new person. When I got there I was a little leery about going through with it because it was an old man who was going to cut my hair. I've never had a man cut my hair before and definitely not an old one. For some reason I decided to go through with it and let him cut my hair. yikes! Turns out, he had crazy hands - went super fast and it was more than my heart could take. But I didn't know that until he had already started cutting my hair. Landon said it was probably because he had worked as a barber for a while. Makes sense I guess. Anyhow... so that was that.

Sunday morning we made sure to get up early enough so we could actually get to church on time for once. It seems like anymore, we are always late getting to church [or let's face it, anywhere]. But since we were dedicating Oliver at church, we had to be there on time! Thankfully we were basically on time and didn't miss the dedication. We were excited to have the opportunity to dedicate Oliver and are grateful for a church that values children and teaches them about Christ.

Once we got home I fixed a quick meal for us and then we headed out to get Landon's Christmas gift: a suit. Since he will [hopefully] have some [a lot] of job interviews coming up soon, he decided he needed a good suit. And also for future conferences and whatnot. He had looked online and found out about a sale at a suit shop, so we headed out for a "quick" trip to get his suits [buy one get one free, you know]. I took the boys to get some things to work on their Halloween costumes and still finished long before he was done. The only thing left for me to do is actually make Emerson's costume. And I need to get on it - it's almost Halloween! Yikes! Thankfully there was a tv at the store and the employees were kind enough to put on a show for Emerson to watch. He hung out in the stroller, eating snacks, and watching a show. Not a bad deal. I'm not sure how we would have managed if they didn't have a tv with cartoons. ha. Our "quick" trip to get some suits ended a few hours later than anticipated with two suits, two shirts, and two ties. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, and any other holiday we celebrate. haha. But seriously. Suits aren't cheap.

By the time we made it home, it was long past nap time, and even though Emerson didn't fall asleep in the car or nap at the store, he did not take a nap. Not even a five minute cat nap. So instead he had "quiet time" in his room and he just played and hollered for us the whole time. haha. And then, because we were really feeling adventurous, after we got Emerson up from his quiet time we went to the mall to get some shoes to complete Landon's look. And I was going to get some Christmas shopping started. However, as soon as I started to pick the gifts to get, Emerson announced that he had to go potty - over and over. I couldn't not take him. I so put the things back, hoping to return to get them, and hurried across the mall to where the little potty is. Sadly, we didn't make it back to the store to finish my Christmas shopping, and now the sale they were having is off, so I'm hoping they have another one soon so I can get it done! I have goals, people.

We had a busy weekend, but it was fairly productive and we were able to spend some good time together which is always nice. Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend too!


Laura said...

Baby dedications are one of my favorites! Congrats. :)

Amy said...

Grocery shopping with the boys is so hard! I can pack it all fine when in the aisles, but the second the groceries get bagged forget it. It's like a game of Tetris trying to fit in the bags with the carseat, plus carry one or two & hold Cash's hand. I actually went to the grocery store by myself the other night & I made it to two stores & was home within a little over an hour! The little things!