Thursday, October 15, 2015

lately ...

These days seem to go by so quickly, though somehow at the same time some of them seem to go by so very slowly. Anyhow, because I know these days are fleeting and will be gone before I know it, I wanted to share some snippets of what's been going on around here lately.

// cooking company 

Most nights while I fix dinner I have a little cutie keeping me company. The other night he happened to doze off for a little bit. I think he would do that more often if his brother was a little more on the quiet side.

// dinner 
The other week I only had to fix dinner twice! It's usually a seven out of seven deal around here for me. On Tuesday I took the boys to pick Landon up from a conference he was attending and it went over the expected end time. Even though Landon ended up leaving before it was finished, we still waited a long while to be done. Not an easy thing to do with two little ones. Because it was getting late and we hadn't eaten yet we decided to eat out. We knew if we went home, I'd fix dinner and Emerson would be cranky because he'd be super hungry and by the time dinner would be ready, it would be time for Oliver to eat, so we decided to eat out. I am so glad we did! It was a nice change of pace and it was fun to be out of the house [even if it meant being surrounded by young college students who now make me feel so old!].

// naps
For some reason, the floor has been more comfortable to sleep on than his bed. Most nap times these days, Emerson falls asleep with his little fingers under the door. It also happens at bed time, just not as frequently. He used to do such a good job about staying in his bed after we laid him down, said prayers, read stories.... Not any more. For longer than we can even remember now he has been chasing us to the door once we lay him down. Or at least running to to door after we close it. Will this phase ever end?

// happy 
Oliver is such a happy and easy going little guy! I love making him smile and hearing his little bully giggle. He doesn't even seem to mind when Emerson gives him every single blessed toy in the mornings. Most of the time...

// crazy house 
These two sometimes drive me nuts! We've been spending a lot of our time in the living room, I made sure to "toddler proof" it so it was safe and all for them. But then they discovered the wonder of climbing on the couches, pulling cushions off the couch, and jumping off of and on everything. All while I fed Oliver, which makes it super tricky to get on them. They are driving me bananas! I just want my house back.'s a good thing they're cute.

// all the crazy
The other day I needed to get some fake butter and food to eat. So I did the only logical thing I could think to do: load three little people into the car to go to the grocery store. A little grocery run. Thankfully it went fairly smoothly and it took up a good chunk of our morning, a nice little perk and way to mix things up.

// brother loving 
All the kisses, hugs, pats. All the time.

// strawberry pie
We had been enjoying some pretty weather these days and I have loved taking these two outside. They love it too and it's fun to see their imaginations at play. This day they were making strawberry pie and strawberry soup. Sounds yummy!

// little hugs
There's just something about little baby arms giving hugs. They melt my heart every single time.

// hanging out
These two were able to get some one on one time the other day and watch some football or something. I'm sure it won't be long before they watch all the games together.

// this
This blessed crazy life of mine. I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Amy said...

You have just the sweetest little family! Big brothers are something, hey> ;)

Cash has those same jammies that Emerson has. :) Kohl's for the win.