Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oliver / four month update


Where do I even begin? Let's see, on Saturday we celebrated four months of your life! As part of your celebration you got to see lots of family and some friends and meet some new friends too. We didn't really plan for it to happen that way, but it did and it was a fun day. 

You are such a happy little guy. Pretty much everyone who meets you and spends any time with you at all comments on how happy you are and asks if you are always such a cheerful little guy. You pretty much are always happy. Unless you are hungry and not being fed or you are getting sleepy, you are all smiles and content as can be. You'll just hang out and are up for whatever comes your way: grocery shopping, playing, reading, talking, swinging... you are just so happy. Even your Bible class teachers all comment every week about how happy and easy of a baby you are and say things like, "Oh! Here comes the happy baby!" You give your smiles pretty freely, but you still save your biggest gummy grins for me and your daddy. You love to talk to us and carry on conversations and are quite an expressive little fellow. You have been giggling for a while now, but it seems like your giggles are becoming easier to get out of you. Again, you mostly save those giggles for me and you daddy, but I'm sure one day you'll be sharing those giggles with everyone.

Some favorites: bath time is a highlight of your day. I have gone without giving you a bath at night just a few times, and every time you protest and won't fall asleep very well for me at all. But give you a bath and you are content and will doze off fairly quickly. So we take baths - every night. You love to kick while in the tub and recently your kicks have gotten much stronger and you are splashing all over the place. Of course, you have the biggest grin on your face as you kick and splash, and it's adorable. You love talking to people and being part of the conversation. You like to be held and cuddled, but when you are tired and want to get some serious sleep, you just want to be laid down. You love your hands and constantly have them in your mouth. You also like to put other things in your mouth - like your blanket or little giraffe buddy. Those are two of your favorite "toys" right now.  You've recently discovered your feet and are getting better about grabbing them and holding onto them. You still love your play mat and mobile.

Your bother loves you and is always more than eager to give you toys, sometimes all of the toys. You seem to like him pretty well too, though occasionally your face seems to say that you've had enough kisses and pats from your big brother. We're working on him being gentle, but that's taking time.

Sleep: As far as sleep goes, you are still sleeping like a champ. We could not be more thankful! You do really well at night, sometimes you'll wake up once in the middle of the night to eat, and sometimes you'll sleep until 4 or 5 and wake up to eat. You were sleeping through the night a little bit better a few weeks ago, but you were also going to bed a lot later than you have been recently, so that probably has something to do with it. Though I can't [and am not] complain about your sleep habits at night - you are wonderful! Naps are a little less consistent, but still oddly consistent. You take a nap in the morning, sometimes it's 30 minutes long and sometimes it's an hour and a half or so. In the afternoon you'll take another nap and that is usually your longer nap of the day. Sometimes you'll nap of for a few hours, but you nearly always wake up during your nap and cry for a minute or so until I've rocked you back to sleep. You do that a few times during your nap and then you sleep for a good chunk of time before waking up to eat. Usually. It would be nice if you'd just stay asleep once asleep, but again, I can't really complain. You still sleep better when you're swaddled up tight, though more often than not, you break free by the time you wake up. Then, in the evenings, you like to take a little cat nap. I think you would nap a little bit longer in the evenings if I were able to swaddle you and rock you to sleep, but that doesn't always happen as I'm usually fixing dinner when that needs to happen. 

Eating: You are still exclusively nursing and I hope and pray we can make it to the one year mark with that. It usually takes you about 20 or so minutes to eat, which isn't too bad. Sometimes it takes you a little longer, but I can usually plan for at least 20. But if we are going somewhere it's likely that you will take double that time. You eat about every three hours, at night you can go longer between feedings, and sometimes in the day time you will go three and a half to four hours between feedings. It just depends. But usually, it's three hours.

Allergies: Well, after a few weeks of trying different foods and eliminating different foods from my diet, it has been determined that you definitely have a milk allergy. You would fuss, cry, scream, not eat, and occasionally throw up, after eating if I ate something with milk in it. So I decided to cut all dairy out of my diet. All dairy. Not just milk, cheese, and yogurt. If a food has been baked or cooked in anything with milk - I can't eat it. It means I have to read the labels of everything a lot more closely and get a little creative with trying new recipes for dinner, but since I've cut out all milk from my diet, you have been doing so much better eating! You haven't stopped eating in the middle of a feeding, you haven't screamed and cried, you haven't thrown up. It has made a world of difference in you while you eat and after you eat. Your poppy diapers look normal now and your congestion has cleared up quite a bit too, though that's still not completely gone. I still have a few days to go before the milk is completely out of my system [it takes three weeks!], I'm hoping once that day comes it will be out of your system not long after that and your congestion will be gone. You have also shown signs of being sensitive/allergic to corn, black beans, and tomatoes. I'm not sure about the tomatoes, but I'm scared to try them, just because I don't want to upset you if you are in fact sensitive to them. Your daddy keeps wanting me to try them and eat things with just a tiny bit of milk in them - but I won't do it! I want to keep you happy and healthy.

Stats: Right now you are wearing 3 month clothing for the most part. A few things are 0-3 month or 3-6 month, but primarily you're in 3 month clothes. Though, you are a long little guy and your sleepers are quickly becoming a little too snug, just because of your length. I'm sure it won't be too long before you move into 6 month sleepers. You're in size 2 diapers and those fit you just fine. We're still using Pampers Swaddlers and we love them. I've tried a few different brands and makes of diapers - but that never ends well for us. So we're sticking to the tried and true. I'm not sure how long you are or how much you weigh, maybe 15 pounds? We will find out when we go for your four month well check in a few days.

Other: You are so strong and are stilling up so well. You've sat in your bumbo a few times and love to sit up when being held. You do well with tummy time and have come so close to rolling over when you're on your belly. I'm sure the day will come all too soon when you will be rolling all over the place and I won't be able to leave the room and come back to find you in the same spot where I left you.

You are such a joy and blessing in our lives, Oliver. I love you very much and I pray you will always know that. I also pray that you will always know, love, serve, and obey Christ. He is the center of everything and He loves you so much. May your eyes always be fixed on Him. I pray that you will have discernment, wisdom, strength, and kindness. I love you, Oliver, thank you for letting me love on you each and every day and for bringing so much joy into our home.

a squish and a kiss,

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