Friday, October 2, 2015

projects, pumpkins, and celebrations

Before the weekend gets started I thought I'd share a few thoughts. Which is what I usually do around here. Anyhow, just a little of this and that...

1 // a play space project 
This weekend I am hoping to get a few projects done, or at least mostly done. I know it's probably pretty ambitious of me, but I can't help it. There are things on my mind and I feel like they need to be done right now. One of these things is making a play room of sorts in our basement. I hate the basement [any basement], however after having two two year olds jumping all over my living room furniture, ripping the cushions from the couch and stomping all over them, and just making a tornado come through it on a daily basis, I am all about moving their play area to the basement. I want to reclaim some space. I thought I could make the living room work as our primary play space, but it's not working. So I've cooked up some ideas and we're going to work on painting the basement room and making it into a play area for the kiddos. Hopefully this works and is the solution to all of my problems and hopefully I don't mind spending extended amounts of time in the basement.

2 // other "projects"
In addition to working on a play space, I'm hoping to go through Emerson's clothes and put away all of his summer clothes. The temperatures have finally dropped and started to be more consistently chilly and shorts and t-shirts just aren't going to work any more. Oliver may have a few things that need to be put away as well, but not as many, he has a pretty small collection of clothing. If I get to it, I'm also hoping to tackle my closet and clean it out and up [again]. It's a mess and I still have some maternity clothing hanging in my closet. They need to be put away. I'm planning on getting this all done when I finally fold and put the laundry away. ha. We shall see. :)

3 // it's fall!
Since it's officially Fall now, it's time to put away all of my spring/summer things and pull out my pumpkins and Fall decor. I don't have much, but what I do have makes me happy and always makes me feel like it makes our house just a little bit more cozy and homey. I love that this season is a cozy one and want to make our house as warm and inviting as possible.

4 // thinking ahead 
Even though Christmas is a few months away I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts, mainly for Emerson and Oliver. I even have a few gifts already hidden away. But I am eager to really start getting my Christmas gifts together so I can be done sooner than later. The past few years I've been able to get my Christmas shopping done by right after Thanksgiving and I have loved it. I have a few ideas for Emerson and Oliver and am excited to actually make some purchases for them.

5 // happy anniversary 
On Sunday Landon and I will get to celebrate another anniversary! These years are just flying by and it's crazy to think that we will get to celebrate seven years together. We're not sure what we're going to to yet, but I imagine it will be on the simple side.

Enjoy your first October weekend!

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Amy said...

Hope your anniversary was fabulous! The Target dollar spot had some pretty great fall decor! I even saw some at Walmart.

I just cleaned out my closet...of maternity clothes! Amen!