Friday, October 30, 2015

sick babes, adventures, and holidays

Well, hello! I feel like this week has escaped from me. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. Sheesh. Add in a day where the littles did not nap at the same time [ah!] and another day I had some work to do and well, this little favorite spot of mine received little attention. Not being able to sit down and blog makes me realize just how much it helps refresh me after a morning spent wiping noses, changing diapers, chasing two two year olds, holding and feeding a baby, running upstairs to the potty before an accident happens, and everything else that goes along with having two little people in your life and babysitting another. After this week there are just a few things to share . . .

one. sickness. 
For the past week we have been a house full of sniffly noses and pitiful coughs. A lot from Emerson, but even more from Oliver. Poor boy has not been feeling well at all. It makes for some long days and nights. I need to get some help. Seriously. ... if only I could.

two. a morning out. 
Yesterday morning one of the girls in my small group asked if we wanted to come play at her house for the morning. Even though it meant getting three little people out of the house and disrupting our loose routine, I decided to do it. The bigger kids loved and and Oliver didn't mind it - until later that evening when he [and I] paid for a morning off his usual napping routine [even if it is a pretty pitiful napping routine; it's his and it's what he's used to]. Still, we enjoyed getting out of the house and it was nice to spend some time with another grown up. She babysits too, so it was also neat to see what her days look like [extremely similar though she a few more kiddos and has her mother-in-law to help!]. 

three. Christmas gifts 
For a few weeks now I've been thinking about what gifts I need to gather up for Christmas. I know what we're going to get for Emerson and have a few ideas for Oliver as well. But when it comes to Landon, well, that's just tricky. I can ask him a dozen times and he always just says, "nothing" which makes it pretty difficult to get him something he actually likes. Maybe this year I should just get him what he asks for: nothing. I wonder what he would do then. haha. I'm thinking about getting candles for Landon's sisters. Normally I don't order candles online, but I kind of have an obsession with these ones and my favorites are most of the food ones. How can you go wrong with Pumpkin Pecan Waffles or Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow? Though, I'm still trying to figure out what to get for my own sisters. Oh decisions...

four. wardrobe clean out
After about a year of practically wearing the same handful of clothes on repeat, I think I'm actually going to really go through my closet and dresser drawers and pull out all of the clothes that I haven't worn in forever, the ones that don't fit my body very well any more, and the ones that I just don't really care for any more. I have had some of my clothes for years, maybe it's time to just get rid of the old and start fresh. For the past few months I've had a little budget to work with and to spend as I please, but haven't gotten anything yet - so maybe now is the time to spend it on some good pieces and really start fresh. Though, for some reason I have a hard time parting with some of my clothes. I always say, "Oh, I'll wear that one again..." or "that's cute" and so they stay. They are just clothes. Why am I so attached? What's wrong with me? I need to clean the closet out.

five. Thanksgiving
With the exception of one year when while we were temporarily living in Washington D.C. Landon and I have gone to my oldest sister's house in Minnesota for Thanksgiving. This year would be the sixth or seventh Thanksgiving to spend with her and her family. We would make the 12 hour drive from Louisville and since moving to Illinois, the 8 hour drive. We even drove when Emerson was a 10 month old baby. But this year, we are debating about making that 8 hour drive with a four month old baby who eats about every three hours. I'm just not sure. It's basically the only time we see my oldest sister, and it's always nice to visit her. Plus, I feel like it's just Thanksgiving when we're at her house [probably because it actually is Thanksgiving when we're at her house]. But the decision remains to be made. To go or not go.

Have a very Happy Halloween!

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