Friday, October 16, 2015

some fall fashion

Fall is the time of year things start to get nice and cozy. Sweaters come out of hiding, jeans, boots, and scarves all make their way into your life on the regular as well. And each Fall, for whatever reason, I think of how I would love to be one of those "fashionable" people. Which basically means, wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt every. single. day. I think about how fun and cute it would be to actually look put together and wear the leggings, tunics, cardigans, scarves... all the nice things. But then I can never put the pieces together or when I do, I look at the price tag and quickly back away. But I thought it would be fun to put a little post together about all of the things I think would make for a cute fall/winter wardrobe and what I would like to get my hands on ... if I could. Take this for what it's worth, coming from someone who is quite obviously challenged when it comes to the fashion side of life.

one. tunics / long tops. 
I think these are cute and fun and so versatile! I would love to have one [or five] to mix things up a bit. But then it also raises the questions: what looks good? how do you pair things together? is this long enough? short enough? cover enough? does it look right with "such and such pants"? and the list continues

two. leggings. 
But if you have a tunic or long top or even a cute little dress, you have to wear something with it. And a regular pair of jeans just won't look right. So, you need to get leggings to go with it. I would love to feel like I could get away with wearing a pair of leggings [not as pants] with a tunic or longer top, but there is something that stops me every single time. So the leggings stay at the store. I'm just not brave enough. Plus also, shoes? What shoes look good with leggings?

three. skinny jeans. 
This kind of goes along with the whole legging thing. I feel like for me, if I were to ever wear skinny jeans I would need a longer top to cover my booty. And much like the leggings, I'm not brave enough to ever buy a pair and wear them.

four. boots. 
But if I had a pair of nice boots, I would feel more okay with wearing skinny jeans and maybe even leggings. Because even if your booty is covered, you need something helping out down low, something to even things out. Balance. I've got big ol' hips, it's not a good look [for me at least] to wear something that shows off huge hips and then tiny little ankles. Boots bring the balance. So if I had a pair of boots, I could get some leggings and some skinny jeans and then some longer tops or tunics, because again, the boo-tay needs to be covered.

five. boot socks. 
Is that even what they're called? That's how "in the know" of the fashion world I am. If I had boots, I would wear them, because let's face it, they bring a little more balance and it's a nice extra little touch. Plus, they're cute and I'm sure some of them provide actual warmth, which is always a plus in my book.

Anyhow. There you have it. My list of fall fashion things. The things I would love to have but probably never will. The things I think look so cute on others, but I feel like I can hardly pull off - unless all the things are combined perfectly and I have a fashionable friend helping me. Oh, and also, if I had the money. That's pretty key too.

What are some of your favorite fall/winter looks? How do you feel about/pull of the leggings? skinny jeans? boots? and all those other fun things. What do you wear that makes you feel put together/cute/stylish? Or are you more of a regular jeans and t-shirt kind of person? What do you do to add a little pizzaz if you are like me in that sense? Or even if you aren't, but just happen to be a fashionable person. :) Feel free to spill on all the things, because like I said, this is one area I am sorely lacking in.

Happy Weekend to you!


Courtney said...

I'm so not down with leggings. They aren't pants and I feel like everyone and their mother(shudder) wear them as such. I am big on skinny jeans + boots though. And just last fall I got some toms wedges to wear and they're great. But, I'm also no fashion plate. So don't listen to me lol

Laura Darling said...

I love those boots! And tunics and leggings are my new favorite things!

Amy said...

Love boots & skinny jeans! I also love leggings, when I'm home with my boys & there is no chance of anyone coming over...except maybe my Mom. Ha!

Have a wonderful weekend!