Wednesday, October 21, 2015

some gifts {1 - 31}

It has been a while since I've shared some little gifts in my life. Today seems a fitting day to do that since it's been a really crappy morning. The way I figure it, looking at the tiny little blessings God gives me each day will help balance things out. Right? I'm not sure what number of blessing I am at, so I decided to start over from #1 and just start things fresh [over].

1. tiny hands that grasp my finger and hold on tight

2. baby belly laughs - anytime, but even more so in the middle of the store

3.  kissable baby thighs - and the squeals it elicits

4. cuddling with Emerson and reading book after book

5. freshly baked french bread - and that bread smell dancing in the air

6. my kitchen aid mixer and all of the good it mixes up for me

7. hearing Emerson's deep belly laugh - so hard that he can hardly breathe. Then saying, "No more! Stop!" to me but asking for more kisses and tickles with the twinkle in his eyes

8. a clean kitchen

9. a tidy house - even if it is for only .346 seconds

10. sleeping babes

11. the quiet that nap time brings

12.  baby's tiny hands brushing against yours

13. new twinkle lights

14. a walk outside on a crisp Fall evening

15. baby hats and hoods with little bear ears [why are those little ears so darn cute on babies?!]

16. a friend so good you can text her anytime about anything and know she'll still be your best of friends

17. checklists and things ticked off of them

18. pumpkins

19. baby wraps - the cozy cuddly way you can wear your little nugget

20. the way Emerson gets so excited about going to Bible class and talks about it all week long

21. fresh clean laundry - folded and put away

22. the sweet, cinnamon, pumpkin cake aromas floating from the oven and filling the house with warmth and cozy

23. the way smells can give you hugs

24. baking = therapy

25. a fun little shopping trip to Target with my two little loves in tow

26. seeing Christmas goodies popping up around the store [yay!]

27. writing = therapy

28. finding things to make a Halloween costume on the cheap

29. coffee

30. colorful pens

31. the anticipation of this holiday season

What are some of the gifts in your life right now? What do you do to maintain your sanity on the craziest of mornings/days? Am I the only mama who sometimes wants to go hide and let someone else take care of the kiddos for a little bit? ha. I hope you all are having pleasant day! :)


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Some of these things are my very favorites too! Love, love, love! We had a HARD day yesterday too, mama! You are not alone!

Amy said...

Oh I love these! So many of these would be the same as mine!