Monday, October 5, 2015

weekend highlights [happy anniversary]

For some reason, I always seem to have so much trouble remembering what we did on Friday night. It's not like it was that long ago, but for the life of me I can never seem to remember. It's a problem. Though it must mean we didn't do anything terribly memorable. ha. I'm sure we had dinner and gave the little people baths and hung out for a little bit. But other than that... no idea. 

Saturday morning was foggy, chilly, and a little bit drizzly. It was the perfect fall day and made me want to lay in bed all the day long. But that's not really an option when you have two little people needing you for every little thing. We headed to the grocery store in the early foggy morning. Later on we headed to the gym for little work out session and then came home for some lunch. While the boys took naps I did a little bit of cleaning and started taking things down to the basement so we could make it into a play space. Once everyone was up and going Landon and I decided to go out, spontaneously to celebrate our anniversary. We were going to run a few errands as well, but that didn't happen. We headed to Cracker Barrel - because we like to eat there and because that is where we had our first date. Memories. Though, our first date experience was a lot different from the one the other night. We had the boys with us, a terrible server, my order was taken wrong [or I was just served the wrong thing] so I had to wait an extra 30 some minutes to get my salad - of just lettuce, and well, I had lettuce for dinner. So, yeah. I've had better experiences. But it was a nice change of pace and fun to get out. And Emerson downed his pancakes like none other. That boy surprises me with how much he eats sometimes.  

We headed home and it was cold and dark. The long winter days are quickly approaching. So quickly that we turned the heat on. Yikes!

Somehow, no matter how early we wake up, we can't seem to make it to church on time. You would think with all that time to get ready and out of the house we would get there on time. But nope. Not on time. Anyhow. For some reason, Emerson didn't want to stay in his Sunday school class -and none of the helpers or teachers were helpful in holding him, talking to him, inviting him to play with them. They all just sat there and looked at us. Uh... So he came with us and sat with us during the service. And he sat there the whole time. Quietly. At one point he got down on the floor and took my shoes off, which he started playing with promptly. I think they were boats and then airplanes and then an object to color. He colored a little bit [mostly in his "nopap" (note pad) and only a line in my shoe (which does look like a coloring book...)], read the Bible, read another book, and was content to sit quietly. During one of the prayers he was sitting in Landon's lap; he had his hands folded and Landon had his hands on his legs. Emerson took Landon's hands and put folded them together like we do when we pray. Too much!

For lunch I fixed a special meal for our real anniversary and then the boys took naps. While they napped the afternoon away I was able to get all of our laundry folded and all of the toys put in the basement. I even pulled out my fall decorations, though I didn't get them put out. Maybe tonight? I had a little bit of time to do some browsing online while the boys were still napping. We have a wedding coming up and Emerson doesn't have any dress clothes for this season, so I was looking for something to get him. I had been planning on going to the store to get him something, but then I discovered I could get him an outfit that matches one of Oliver's. And I had to have it. Before that moment I didn't care or even think about them matching. But once I realized they could match - it was done. He needed that outfit. I looked and called a few stores to see if they had it in stock in his size and finally found a store with it in stock.

So after naps, we loaded the boys in the car to get Emerson and Landon hair cuts - they got to have their hair cut at the same time and it was the sweetest thing! And also great for saving us some time. Then we headed to Kohl's [because lately, where else do I go?] to get Emerson's outfit? I had some coupons, they had some sales, and we left after getting a steal of a deal. I can't wait until I get to dress them in their matching outfits! I'm sure I'll be a big ol' puddle.

We ran a few more errands [romantic way to spend an anniversary, huh?] and almost got them all done. One store had already closed by the time we got there, so I'll have to go out another time, but we were still pretty productive. Since we were being all sorts of romantic, we decided to stop at Chipotle and get some dinner to eat at home. I didn't have to cook, so I was happy. 

We enjoyed our anniversary, so even though it wasn't a hot date out, it was still nice to spend time together and save lots of money :) 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 

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Amy said...

Sounds like our anniversary! Lol! How times have changed. I can't wait to see your boys in their matching outfits!!