Monday, November 2, 2015

a happy halloween

Our Halloween festivities started Friday afternoon after nap time. Each year since we've lived here, Landon's civil building at school does a little trick or treating for the faculty/students and their children. We've taken Emerson the last two years and this year was no different. Well, it was because we had two little ones to take around. Following the trick or treating is a little Halloween/Fall party for the students in Landon's department. They have snacks, a costume contest, pumpkin carving, and a pumpkin carving contest [those engineers are really competitive, don't you know]. I had completely forgotten about the snack portion of the night, so during lunch I raided my pantry for something to take and contribute. Thankfully I had all of the things I needed for some yummy pumpkin cookies - perfect for a fall gathering. And thankfully while I mixed up the cookies, the little guy slept. 

During nap time I frosted the cookies and got them ready to take - I even thought ahead and put them in the car so I wouldn't be rushing/forgetting them later. And oh. my. goodness. Do you know how hard it is to make cookies that you know taste amazing and not be able to have even a little nibble?! Those cookies were taunting me from the start. Oh, dairy, how I miss thee. But that's how much I love Landon and care that he has something to take to his "school party" haha.

Emerson woke up first and was so excited to finally get to wear his costume. We had been talking about it for a few weeks and he had "helped" me make it and get some things to put it together. He was all kinds of excited to be the man with the yellow hat or as he sometimes refers to him, "keke gorge's daddy". Oliver couldn't have woken up at a more perfect time - as soon as Emerson was dressed. I got Oliver ready and then loaded the boys into the car in hopes of making it to the trick or treating before it was over. ...but only after attempting to take a picture of them in their costumes.

We made it to campus with plenty of time to go trick or treating. Emerson really got into it this year and was so excited to walk around "daddy's okkice." He would say trick or treat some of the times, but for the most part the people just filled his little bag with candy - the boy got a lot of really good candy! Once he had gotten candy from one office he would turn and say, "more candy!" and then run off to find some. To say he had fun would be an understatement.

Once we had finished trick or treating we headed over to the party for a little bit. We decided not to carve a pumpkin there, so we just hung out and visited with the other students for a little bit. Before we left they had the costume contest and one of the girls in the Landon's program nominated Emerson and Oliver for the contest so we took the boys up front and lo and behold, they won the contest.  

Once we got home I fixed some dinner and then we put the boys to bed. Whew. It was a night. We were glad for the opportunity to go trick or treating at the office and were happy to see some of Landon's peers [me, he sees them all the time]. 

Saturday was a kind of lazy day, it was gray, cold, and rainy all day long. Apart from going grocery shopping we really didn't do very much at all. We just stayed inside, read books, played, did laundry, cleaned, you know, the usual.

That evening the rain kept raining and it was even colder than earlier, so we were very thankful we had been able to take Emerson trick or treating the night before. If he hadn't gone the night before we would have taken him to a few houses in our neighborhood, but we were glad we didn't have to get out in the gray drizzle. Instead I tried to get a few more [better] pictures of the boys in their costumes. Though, for some reason the better ones I took aren't uploading right now, so all these pictures are thanks to my phone [at least I have some!]. 

You wouldn't think it would be that tricky to get a picture of the man with the yellow hat and Curious George, but that hat is big and well, tricky to get a good picture of. 

Sunday was another pretty chill day. The weather was a tad nicer so we were able to go for a walk and be outside a little more than we were the day before. After church I took the boys on some errands and we stopped in TJ Maxx. I went in to look for a pan or something, but instead I got nearly all of Emerson's Christmas gifts and even some birthday gifts for him too and a few gifts for Oliver as well. I had in mind a few things I wanted to get for him, and there they were, for cheap! I snatched them up and grabbed a few other things on my list then we headed home where we hung out for the rest of the day.

Sunday night it got dark far too early, so we huddled in the living room and watched part of a movie together. Oliver can sit and watch tv for longer bouts of time than Emerson it seems. Any time he sees a screen he turns his head to see what's on it and then he just stares at it for the longest time [aka until I make him look away. haha].

And now we are in November [!!] and our days will be getting darker earlier; but I feel like these days ahead are full of promise and lots of joy. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend! 


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

They looked so cute! It looks like you had a fun Halloween! XOXO

Laura said...

The boys were so cute! What a great way to spend Halloween!

I'm not a fan of the dark early evenings either. Already excited for March! :)

Amy said...

Congrats on winning the costume contest! The boys looked adorable in their costumes! Such a great idea!

These past few days have been beautiful weather wise, but then daylight savings time had to go & ruin it by getting dark at 4:30. Ha!