Monday, November 23, 2015

a snowy weekend

All last week I kept hearing the weather forecaster people calling for snow on Friday night and Saturday morning. I didn't really believe it would snow and figured the weather would just change its mind and be bright and sunny and semi-warm. But low and behold, Saturday morning when I woke up and took a peek out of my window - it was snowing! And there was a soft little layer of snow on the grass! I figured it would only last a little while, but I was wrong. It snowed nearly all day long and oh how I loved it. 

We decided to do some fun things on Saturday, so after breakfast we bundled up and headed to the library. Exciting, I know. We roamed around, got some books, and a show for Emerson to watch. Then we made a "quick" stop at the grocery store to grab a "few" essentials for the week. And after lunch I bundled the boys up again and we trooped outside for a little bit of snow play [or just a few pictures, Oliver's first snow had to be documented after all :].

Last weekend we put our Christmas tree up. It wasn't something I had planned to do, it just kind of happened. Landon's parents were here visiting, and we took advantage of them and had them help us; be it hang out with the boys or put the tree together so I could decorate it. I don't usually put the tree up that early, but who was I to refuse help? And plus also, why not?! 

Since our tree was up, I decided to try and get some pictures of the boys for potential Christmas cards and for "Christmas" pictures of the boys for another project I'm working on. I'm still trying to decide if I'm actually going to send cards out this year...

Sunday we were almost on time for church and afterwards we spent the rest of the day getting some chores done [me], playing [the boys], and working [Landon]. It was a restful day even though naps were a little rough.

I never thought I'd say I let Emerson watch a show just to get him to calm down sit still, but the other night, he was wild so I was that parent who put a show on and he sat there. Quiet. Still. ...for all of ten minutes. But ten minutes is ten minutes! I know, I know. I'm winning at this parenting thing.

Each year Landon's mom asks for a Christmas wish list for us. This weekend I was able to sit down and think about what the boys wanted/needed and then put a list together for her. Oh, Christmas, it will be here before we know it!

I think the snow made this weekend feel all special and magical and wonderful. I'm sure it's only the first of many snows for us - and I love it. There's something so calming and peaceful about watching fluffy white snowflakes fall from the sky. Oh, what fun...

I hope your weekend was equally magical.

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Laura said...

Snow and babies! What a treat. The tree looks great, and the boys look like the sweetest little presents sitting under it!