Monday, November 16, 2015

a weekend visit with gigi and poppy

About once a month or so Landon's parents try to come in for a little visit. Sometimes they won't come in, like if we go see them or something. But they love to come see us the boys and hang out. They arrived a little earlier than they typically do, and both of the boys happened to be napping when the got here so we spent some time talking with the distraction of the little ones for a little bit. I had thought about going to the library before dinner, but Emerson ended up taking super long nap, so we stayed home and Poppy went to get Landon from campus and then to pick up dinner. There was a basketball game on that night, so of course we watched that.

Saturday morning I fixed some pancakes for breakfast and then we parted ways for most of the day. Landon and his dad headed to a football game at UofI and his mom with to the grocery store with me and the boys. Nothing super exciting, but things that needed to be done. After grocery shopping we hung out and the boys played. Landon's mom had brought some shirts for the boys and wanted to get their pictures in them so we had a mini photoshoot. The mascot of the high school Landon went to was/is a Rebel, thus the "little rebel" shirts. For some reason, the pictures I took aren't showing up on my computer right now.... I'll have to fix that .... so I'm sharing a few of the ones she was able to snap.

Not long after nap time we went out to eat - Red Lobster had the biggest dairy free selection of food I was able to find ... in case you're looking ;) - so we went there and made it back home in time to watch another basketball game. What a weekend [in the sports department]. And earlier that afternoon UK had a football game, so we watched that too. So many games. 

waiting for a table :] 

Sunday morning we took our time getting up and ready [so by 7:30 I was up and going ;]. Landon and his dad fixed some special window fixing that's supposed to help keep the heat in and the cold out, and once they finished that his parents helped us move some furniture around. We are living in a two bedroom house right now, it's fine and nice and works. However, it does make it a tad tricky in the baby department. Like, I would love for Oliver to be sleeping in his own bedroom, but that can't happen because, there isn't a room just for him. He and Emerson do/will share a room one day, but right now Emerson is a crazy sleeper and Oliver isn't sleeping through the night so we aren't ready to put them in the room together at this point. I might start putting Oliver in his crib [which is in their shared room] for his morning nap in the near future, but for afternoon nap and night time - he's been in our room, in the rock n play. I know the end of his time is there is nearing an end as he's getting bigger and starting to roll more. So he'll be sleeping in the pack n play. 

I love this one - it cracks me up every time. haha. 

Since June the pack n play has been in the living room, but this weekend we brought it upstairs to put in our room ... but it ended up in the laundry room. So yeah... the way our furniture and everything was sized, it was the best fit/solution to bring my desk that had been in the laundry room into our bedroom and put the pack n play where my desk had been. Poor kid, his bed's in the laundry room... At least it's a nice one?

And then... we may or may not have put up our Christmas tree. We turned our house from a somewhat tidy space into a hott mess in just a few hours and it took the rest of the day to get in back in a presentable state. Oh how little time it take to make a mess...

For lunch Emerson requested that we go eat at a "reswant" so we did. It's a special treat, eating out, and something that really only happens when Gigi and Poppy come to visit. haha. On the way home from lunch I noticed it had gotten pretty quiet in the back so I turned around to find Emerson dozing off to sleep. I shook his leg, poked him, and talked to him to wake him up. He woke up [from his 2 minute nap] and talked to me the rest of the way home. But my efforts were in vain. Once we got home and put him down for his nap, he did not sleep. At one point during his nap time I heard him call, "Mommy! Mommy! Help me!" over and over. I went in his room to find him standing inside his laundry basket. I have no idea how he got in there, it's tall. I got him out and told him to get him his bed. About 15 minutes later I went back to get him - he was in Oliver's crib playing with the diaper pail lining. So, that was super.

That night he went to bed early and Landon and I hung out for a little while. It was a nice little visit and the weekend felt like it went by entirely too quickly!

I hope you had a nice weekend!

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Amy said...

What a nice weekend! The boys look so handsome in their shirts!