Monday, November 9, 2015

ho hum.

The weather got a little on the chilly side this weekend so we stayed close to home [inside] for the most part. We had a few errands that we needed to get done and some chores to work on at home so that's basically what kept us busy. Saturday morning Emerson woke up at his nice and bright [early] time so I went to get him up. Landon and Oliver were still snoozing away so Emerson and I hung out, read some books, and played for a little bit. Somewhere in there I realized I still needed to plan our weeks meals and write out a grocery list, so I said, "Oh! Guess what we need to do?" to which Emerson promptly responded, "Fod the landry!" hahaha. Apparently I say that a lot ... and apparently the laundry is always in need of folding. haha. And he was right, laundry did need to be folded, but we held off on that task for a few more hours. 

We got ready [while getting ready Emerson was sure to make sure Oliver had any toy he could possibly want or need. He does this all the time and I think it's the sweetest], ate some breakfast, then headed out to get our groceries. Exciting stuff I tell ya. The rest of the day was pretty chill. Chores got done, more laundry was washed, naps were taken. After nap time I took the boys to do some Christmas shopping and get some pants for Emerson [because he can go through five pairs some days and I can't keep up with that kind of laundry]. We stopped at the mall to grab some candles and got a great deal thanks to sales and coupon combining then we went to get some pants for Emerson. Although, I was tempted to just go home and forget about the pants because it had been an ordeal getting the candles... But Emerson was excited about it and so, with his encouragement we went to another store. whew. Exhausting. Thankfully they had what I was looking for and we got home not too long after. 

Sunday was church and then haircuts for Landon and Emerson. We watched some football [or was that Saturday?] and just did whatever. That night I was checked my email and saw a coupon from Gymboree, I never usually click on the coupons I get from them, but for some reason I did last night. And ohmygoodness. They have the cutest little boy clothes right now! I'm not usually a huge fan of their clothes, but they are on the mark right now and I wanted to get all of the things for both of the boys. It was so hard to not get everything I saw and liked. If you are looking for some cute finds for your boys [or girls] you should check out their selection, cute cute. It was a nice way to spend the day. The weekends are always pretty laid back, but still always enjoyable and I love it that way.  

Anyhow, I hope you all had nice weekends and were able to get somethings done and enjoy time with friends and family.


Ashley Brickner said...

Those weekends are my favorite!!! So sweet!

Jessica (The Newly) said...

I usually avoid the sale coupons like the plague because they are always so enticing....But once in a while, it is definitely worth it to click:) Glad you found some good stuff - candles included:)

Amy said...

I love Emerson's little hat! Did you make it?

I'm heading to Gymboree's site right now. :)