Thursday, November 5, 2015

some gifts {32 - 58}

As I am trying to be more grateful for the little everyday blessings, I'm trying to write down what these are for me. Some days it seems like all I do is wipe snoty noses and tell two two year olds what they need to do only to have them squeal, "No! Hide!" and then run and hide in some corner or other hard to reach place. Smart cookies, but man, they wear me out. So anyhow, in trying to look at the bright side of things, I'm here [again] to share some more of the little gifts God gives each day.

32. being part of a small group and the fellowship it provides

33. Emerson's prayers: "and tank you for ...." his prayers are always prayers of thanksgiving

34. three napping kiddos all at the same time

35. being able to take my babies to the doctor when they are sick

36. meeting a good doctor who genuinely seems to care

37. a brisk Fall morning

36. taking all three kiddos on a walk to a new park

37. watching Emerson and Bee run around in the cool, windy morning

38. being outside

39. coupons in the mail

40. phone calls from sisters

41. that fact that teddy grams are dairy free

42. play-dough and the endless hours of entertainment it provides

43. an eager little helper who is always looking for a way to help me: wash dishes, scrub the dirty floor, sweep the dirty floor, cook, bake, clean up....

44. getting a text from one of my sisters about a shirt I was just looking at

45. getting gifts for loved ones

46. enjoying a freshly baked cookie

47. taking hot showers

48. watching the way Emerson plays, little imagination hard at work

49. baby giggles

50. rocking a sleeping babe

51. hearing, "Mommy! I need you!" every morning

52. seeing Oliver's eyes light up when I talk to him

53. the dimples that appear when both Emerson and Oliver smile.

54. calm and quiet

55. seeing Christmas things put on display in the stores

56. God's grace

57. trick or treating fun

58. working on projects for fun and getting them done

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Amy said...

All of these! :) Sisters are great!