Wednesday, December 9, 2015

a day in the life

It's hard to believe that Oliver will be six months old this week! Six whole months. That's half a year! How did he get this big?! Where did the time go?! Anyhow, in light of his big ol' upcoming milestone, I thought I would finally recored what an average day looks like around here because I know one day I will look back and wonder how I got through my days, what they looked like, what we did, and all that. Already looking back to when Oliver was born six months ago I'm slowly forgetting what those days looked like [in a nutshell: a little bit of sleep, feeding a baby every two to three hours, and a lot of shows for Emerson. I know, I know... but it's the truth]. Moving on... here's an average day in the life for us right now.

- - - - - - - - - 


5:24 - Oliver wakes up to eat. Feed him, lay him back down. 

6:04 - Have my quiet time by the twinkly lights of the tree. 

6:30 - Get ready: fix my hair, put make up on, get dressed in something other than pajamas 

6:55 - Emerson wake up. 

7:13 - Go downstairs for breakfast. 

7: 15 - Oliver wakes up. Go upstairs to get him up and take him downstairs to the kitchen.

7:18 - 7:45 - Eat breakfast then clean up the dishes and kitchen.

7:33 - Landon leaves for the day. 

7:52 - 8:13 - Go upstairs to brush teeth, take Emerson potty, make his bed, and also change Oliver. Start a load of laundry. Play and read some books until Bee arrives. 

8:13 - Bee gets here.

8:20 - Go to the play room in the basement. Emerson and Bee have free reign in there and I love it.

8:30 - Feed Oliver.

8:45 - Emerson has to go potty.

8:50 - We all go upstairs to the kitchen, Emerson goes potty [that makes it sound like he went potty in the kitchen. He did not. We just happen to have a bathroom right off the kitchen - which is not ideal and kind of gross, but it is what it is - and there is a baby gate up to trap the children in the kitchen/bathroom area so they can't get into real mischief while taking potty brakes/making meals/and such.] and we go back downstairs when he's finished.

8: 50 - 9:30 - Tummy time for Oliver, Emerson and Bee play. We read some books and then the "big" kids are off again.

9:30 - Go upstairs and lay Oliver down for his nap [while trusting, praying, and hoping the kids don't get into any mischief or bite each other while I'm gone].

9:35 - 10:15 - We do an "activity." This is what I call anything we do at the kitchen table. It's one of my favorite times because they love it and are contained [thank you booster seats with buckles :]. Today we made snowman ornaments and colored pictures [though the picture is of our Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts - I didn't get one of the snowman craft].

10:15 - 10:40 - Clean up from our craft and have a snack.

10:30 - Go upstairs to take Emerson potty.

10:43 - Oliver wakes up. I leave the kids at the table and go upstairs to get Oliver.

10:45 - We all go downstairs to the basement to play some more.

11:30 - Feed Oliver.

11:55 - Clean up the toys and books and go upstairs for lunch time.

12:10 - Get the kids in their seats and make sure they are buckled in. Give them some books or magazines to look at while I get lunch ready.

12:20 - Eat lunch [during which I sit for all of three minutes because the rest of the time I am getting things or lunging to prevent peas being spilled all over the floor].

12:30 - Oliver is sleepy and waits as patiently as a baby can for me to get him and lay him down for his nap.

12:40 - Take Oliver upstairs for his nap.

12:45 - Lunch is over, clean up the kitchen, and wipe the kid's face and hands off.

12:50 - Take Emerson potty

1:00 - Get the play dough out and let them play for a little bit while I finish cleaning up the kitchen.

1:20 - Clean up the play dough and take Bee downstairs for her nap.

1:25 - Emerson and I walk upstairs to his bedroom, put him in a diaper for nap time, and read a story together.

1:30 - Sleeping children. Whew. I made it. It's during this time I can usually sneak away to blog, read your blogs, write emails, pay bills, work on my to-do list... But usually it's just me clicking away on the computer, doing nothing at all. Not super productive, but super refreshing for me.

2:13 - Oliver wakes up. I get him, change him, and we play and read books for a little bit. I switch the laundry to the dryer and start running it.

2:30 - Oliver eats.

2:45 - Tummy time on the activity mat for Oliver while I  finish a post/read a few blogs/fold laundry/clean the bathroom.

3:20 - Oliver is sleepy. I rock him and lay him down.

3:38 - Emerson wakes up. I leave him alone for a while because he needs time to wake up and be cheerful. If we go in to get him as soon as he wakes up, it's Mr. Grumps for the rest of the afternoon.

3:52 - Emerson calls, "Mommy! I need you! Get me outta here!" [we may or may not have a lock on his door... ]

3:55 - I get Emerson and change him out of his diaper.

3:58 - Bee's Mom arrives to pick her up.

4:00 - We go to the playroom [where Bee sleeps] and get her up. Emerson and Bee run around like wild children while I talk to Bee's mom for a few minutes about her day.

4:17 - Bee goes home.

4:20 - Emerson and I go in the kitchen to get him a snack. Then we play with his Nativity and  read a few books.

4:37 - Oliver wakes up. We go upstairs to get him.

4:38 - 5:30 - Fold laundry, put it away, play with the boys,

5:35 - Feed Oliver. Emerson gets to watch a show while I feed Oliver in the evening, which he loves.

5:45 - Start dinner. Oliver plays in the bouncy seat and Emerson plays in the living room and kitchen, stopping to help me occasionally.

6:18 - Landon gets home.

6:25 - Family dinner time.

7:00 - Landon starts getting Emerson ready for bed and I finish cleaning up the kitchen while Oliver hangs out in the bouncy seat.

7:20 - Oliver and I go upstairs for stories, goodnight kisses, and hugs.

7:30 - 7:45 - Give Oliver a bath and get him ready for bed.

7:50 - 8:20 - Feed Oliver one last time and lay him down for the night [and pray he stays asleep and sleeps through the night!].

8:30 - Clean up the rest of the kitchen.

8:45 - Plop on the couch and watch a show with Landon.

9:00 - Decide I need cookies, so I make a batch up really quickly and enjoy my sweet treat.

9:22 - Fall asleep on the couch while Landon works on the other couch.

10:30 - Wake up and go upstairs to take a shower and go to bed [and sleep until the little nugget wakes up and needs to eat].

- - - - - - -

And that's about what a day in my life looks like right now. It's an average day, so obviously not every day looks like this. And this day does not include all of the fits that are thrown and tears that are cried. It doesn't include all of the diaper changes. It doesn't include all of the cuddles and hugs that are give. But it gives you an idea of what our days look like.

Some days we don't get an activity done and some times we get three done. Some days we play with play dough a lot and some we don't get it out at all. Sometimes we do crafts and play dough. I have a goal of doing at least two little crafts/activities with the kids every week. Usually I'm pretty good about sticking with it and getting a few crafts done with them. But sometimes it does happen because Oliver doesn't nap or the kids just don't want to [and I don't want to fight them] or we just don't have time. But I try. We've been working our way through the alphabet, albeit rather slowly, and I've been trying to do one letter a week. Though since the holidays have started [Halloween], we haven't done a letter. I need to get back to doing them after the new year.

After writing this out and reading over it, it sounds like I kind of do a lot and at the same time not much at all. But, oh my goodness, little people keep you busy! By the end of every day I am exhausted [and really missing my coffee].

Anyhow... that's a day in my life :)


Linsley said...

This looks a whole lot like my day! It a busy job, being a mama! You're doing awesome... SUPER MOM!!

Amy said...

Whew! What a day. Go, go, go. Do Bee & Emerson get along really well? The boys & I want to come play with you guys.

Callie Nicole said...

I love this post - so similar to my days! A lot and then not much at all - so true! I like how you do two crafts a week - I always want to do more crafts with the kids, but I have an awful time coming up with them!