Wednesday, December 16, 2015

after Thanksgiving trip

Somehow these last few weeks have snuck by and before I realize it, we will be celebrating Christmas! So, I thought I better go ahead and document our after Thanksgiving trip. It was a trip, that's for sure. [If you missed out on our Thanksgiving, you can read about it here.] 

Saturday morning came and we packed our bags and loaded the car and once Oliver had eaten we said good-bye to my sister and her family and started our trip home. Only, we weren't going straight home. We had planned to stop at a hotel with a pool and that was near a waterpark. Landon had been talking about doing just that for a few years, so this year, before we even went to my sister's house, he made reservations at a hotel. So on Saturday we had to stop at the hotel, we weren't about to let that money go to waste. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been a big deal, but Emerson had been having a rough few days and clearly missed home, as did we. 

We were hoping and praying that even though he was not acting like himself our little side trip and adventure would cheer him up and brighten his spirits. It kind of did. Thankfully shortly after we left my sister's house he fell asleep in the car and both boys were snoozing away as we drove. We didn't make any stops and made it to the hotel around lunch time with both boys still asleep. It was a miracle. Once we got there we had lunch [mine a bowl of lettuce with onions - not the greatest selection for a person with allergies] and then walked around and played all of the games and rode all of the rides we could.

We had to wait a few hours before our room was actually ready, so we put off the swimming until we had a room to actually change in. Once we checked in, I changed Emerson and he and Landon went off to swim and explore the waterpark part of the hotel, and I stayed in the room to feed Oliver. When he was done eating I debated joining them in the pool, and even had a swim suit for Oliver; but I had seen the swimming part of the hotel and I just did not want to swim there. After trying to talk myself into changing to swim I decided not to and just strapped Oliver on and walked over to see what the boys were up to. We walked around for a little bit and then I spotted them in the midst of several dozen people. Who knew the waterpark would be so crowded in November?! We didn't. It was awful [if you don't like crowds]. Landon told me it wasn't worth it for me to get in and he and Emerson swam together for a while longer while Oliver and I hung out and watched them. Emerson loved it!  He didn't like the special features of the waterpark, he just liked the swimming pool [note to self: if we ever think of doing anything like this again - don't. Just stay at a hotel with a pool and nothing else]. They finished swimming, came back and cleaned up [read: took hot baths/showers with lots of soap] and we enjoyed a little dinner in the room after going out to a restaurant to think better of it with two little ones and my restricted diet. We watched a movie and then Emerson went to bed.

It may not sound like an exhausting day, but my goodness, it was. All those people, all the commotion, a cranky toddler... wears you out. We were ready for bed that night!

In the morning we had breakfast, and then I set out to spend our $100 credit at the hotel -money we wouldn't get back, but was included with our room., and Landon went to play all the games with Emerson to use up that credit [he won a dozen rubber duckies on his favorite game - the claw] I scoured the gift shop for longer than I should have, and asked the cashier a dozen times, "how much does this cost?" What store doesn't mark their prices? In the end I managed to find the perfect amount items to leave us a balance of 2 cents. Snap. I will take it. We got in the car Landon had packed up earlier that morning and we started the drive towards home. We had stopped at a half way point so we only had four hours in the car. .... but then we hit traffic at the same time Oliver decided he was hungry. So we pulled off an exit hoping there would be a fast-food restaurant of some sort. There wasn't a single blessed one. We drove ten minutes off the exit to find a restaurant, but the line was out the door, so we drove on. Finally we just stopped on the side of the road, I fed Oliver, Emerson kept sleeping, Landon wandered off to find something to eat, and I just kept praying. Trying to get back on the interstate was a comedy of errors. Every time we turned to get on, the road was closed because of construction, or there was detour, or there was a dead end, or or or... it was awful. We finally made it to a neighboring town [though I'm not sure how] and there we passed a dozen fast food restaurants. Of course.

By the time we got home we were exhausted and so very glad to be back. Even Emerson was happy to be home and have his room back to himself [that boy does not do well sharing a room. He needs his space! yikes for our future!].

Looking back, even now just a few weeks removed, it doesn't seem as crazy as it was at the time. But it was a trip. Thankfully it was one that Emerson seemed to enjoy.

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Alisha said...

Whew. That is a lot. At least Emerson had a good time. He looks so cute with his little swimmer life vest on and playing games!

PS: Is the no-reply blogger thing fixed?