Tuesday, December 15, 2015

bits of cheer [week 3]

This weekend we had a few family pictures taken. We really haven't had any family pictures taken since Oliver was born and I thought it was high time we tried to get a few of the four of us together so I could finally print pictures and update the ones we have on our walls [though lets be real: that won't even happen until Easter]. A professional photographer was out of the question this year [why are they all so expensive? and why don't I live closer to my talented photographer friend?] so I enlisted the help of one of Landon's sisters, set my camera up, dressed the boys, got Landon to put on a matching sweater, and then we trekked outside for some pictures. I have been trying to sort through them during nap time and after bed when I get a chance, so it's slow going. But I did find this little gem, and I love it. It may not be the perfect picture, but it captures my world so very perfectly right now. I love these boys, and am so thankful all three of them allow me to love on them each and every day. 

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Simple Luxury said...

Oh. my. gosh. this photo is beyond adorable. I am kind of obsessed with your outfits! (And, that shirt looks AWESOME on you!! - so glad you got it!) Your boys are always dressed so cute. I love Emerson's vest and sweet little Oliver... all the heart eyes for that sweet boy. SO cute.

Amy said...

I cannot handle the cuteness that is in this photo! Everyone looks cooperative & adorable! Love, love, love!

Laura said...

So very, very cute!!