Monday, December 7, 2015

days at home and errands out and about

Friday turned out to be a really nice day for us. Not that Fridays aren't nice already [hello, weekend!], but this past Friday was especially nice because it was a half day of work for me [and who doesn't love half days?]. After Bee left Emerson had a picnic lunch in the living room while I fed Oliver and we had a very leisurely hour or so before nap time. Days with just the three of us are rare, so I treasure them even more when I do get time alone with them [especially during the week]. After naps I folded laundry with some cute little company and we did a few other chores around the house. 

After naps, I took the boys to run a few errands before it got too late. While we were out Landon called and told me he would miss his buss connection, so instead of heading home we went to meet him at the bus stop. There's a little grocery store by his stop so he picked up a movie for us to watch that night and then we headed home for dinner.

On Saturday morning we ran more errands and got some more things checked off our to-do list. While we were out we picked up "Inside Out" to watch with Emerson that afternoon. It was a cute little movie and we're glad we were able to watch it with him. It's so crazy that he's getting to the age where he kind of sits still for a movie. hah.

We filled Sunday with more little adventures, church, and just spending time together. During nap time I started wrapping Christmas presents and was able to put a few under the tree! I still have more to wrap, and am hoping to get that finished in the next few days. Oh what fun!

Our weekend also involved getting a swaddle blanket for Oliver in hopes that it would help him sleep better. While it helps him sleep better, it does not help him fall asleep any better. Oh man. Sleep training is not for the faint of heart. I hate doing it, but I don't know how else to teach him to fall asleep on his own. I can't rock him to sleep every single time he wakes up or to get him to fall asleep for every nap and bed time. Can I? I remember when we were doing the same thing with Emerson friends told me, "Yeah, Sally cried for 10 minutes! And then she was out." Um... my boys can cry for hours. H-O-U-R-S. Obviously I don't leave them alone the whole time, I check on them [and sometimes pick them up...], give them their paci... But oh my goodness. Oliver, please learn how to fall asleep by yourself very soon! Please.

So that's been fun.

Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekends and have good weeks ahead of you!


Callie Nicole said...

Sleep training can be so hard! Praying he learns to fall asleep by himself soon for you.

Amy said...

We are starting to sleep train, too. I'm just not ready for the crying because Wyatt is loud. I have a fear that he will wake up Cash...