Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oliver / six month update


You are six months old today! Happy Half Birthday! I'm so glad we've had the last six months together and am very much looking forward to loving on you for the rest of your life. You have brought so much joy into our lives and we love you so much!

You are still such a happy and easy going baby. You're full of smiles, though you do save the biggest ones for mama [which I love]. Daddy and Emerson get the most smiles for you after Mama. Sometimes you'll even let out a little giggle. You love to watch Daddy when he's talking or just nearby. You also love your brother. Sometimes when we're walking up the stairs, Emerson in the lead, you'll just start giggling. Apparently you think he's pretty funny. He loves to hold you and informs me several times a day that he "need[s] to hod baby." He loves bring you every. single. toy. he has and giving it to you. It's very sweet, but can occasionally be a little problematic - like when you are buried under said pile of toys - and books too. You love you brother too and love to watch him. I'm sure you'll be best buds before too long and want to follow him everywhere he goes.

You are sleeping pretty well at night still, for which I am most thankful. This blessing does not go unnoticed by me at all. Usually you'll go down for the night around 8 or 8:30 and will wake once in the night to eat. Though, the past two nights you've slept for about 8 1/2 hours, waking in the very early morning hours to eat and then you go back down for a few more hours before you're up for the day. I would not object in the slightest if this became a constant for you. Naps still aren't your favorite, but you do take about three a day, sometimes four - a tiny little cat nap around dinner time. But I'm trying to just get you to bed earlier so we won't have to have that little late nap and hope it helps you sleep better at night. Your naps range from a half hour to an hour. Sometimes, you'll sleep for an hour and a half, but shorter naps are more common for you. Once you wake up you play for a little while before it's time for you to eat again. I'm trying to stick fairly close to the eat/play/sleep routine, but when you only nap for 30 minutes it makes it a little tricky to follow it exactly. What we're doing right now seems to be working for you though, so we'll keep going with it. I'm sure at some point you'll mix it all up for me. 

The past two or so weeks we've been working on getting you to learn how to fall asleep on your own. I let you cry it out a few times, but I really hate that method. I hate hearing your little wail. So, I've started rocking you until you are on the verge of being asleep, and when I see your eyes get super heavy, I lay you down and pat you a few times. I'm praying this continues to go well and that soon you'll learn to dose off on your own completely. But a few pats are nothing compared to a half hour of crying from you.

You've also moved out of the rock n play in to your crib [aka: pack n play]. As you and Emerson will share a room, and that's where your crib is, you have yet to sleep in there. Your brother is a bit of a crazy sleeper and when he wakes up - he is up! So, we're waiting to put you in your crib. For now you have a nice little bed in the laundry room. It works and you don't seem to mind too much.

Here's some big news for you: you have two teeth [though I suppose you know that ;]! They've actually been around for a while now. They were sprouting right around your five month mark, and popped through just a day or two after you turned five months. While they are cute and all, you are too little to have teeth! Sometimes you don't realize you have those teeth in there - and that they can hurt! Just don't go sprouting a bunch more teeth too soon, okay? Thanks.

Speaking of teeth - you are still exclusively nursing. You eat about five or so times a day and once in the middle of the night. Over the past month you've started eating quicker, which I very much appreciate! Right before our big trip to Minnesota you started eating in about 15 minutes, which helped while traveling and just in general. I don't feel glued to the couch, and actually feel like we can do stuff a little more freely since you are eating quicker. If you are sleepy, you'll take longer to eat, but usually you're anxious to get done and get on with your busy schedule. Recently you've started to become extremely distracted while eating. If there is a show on, you will crane you neck and body to see what is on. If Emerson squeals or talks really loudly or something, you stop to see what's going on. 

At lunch time today you did try your very first taste of solid food! You were not a fan. Not in the slightest. hah hah. 

When we were at your four month well check you rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time, but after that you only did it a handful of times. Well, that has changed! Now if I put you on your belly, you almost immediately roll straight to your back. Then while on your back you roll from side to side while holding you toes. You've rolled from your back to your belly once or twice, but for now you're content with rolling over just the once.

A week or so ago you moved into size three diapers, still Pampers Swaddlers. You are wearing a mix of three and six month clothing, although any more it's primarily six month clothing. I'm not sure what you weigh, maybe 16 pounds? Really though, I have no clue. But you are getting bigger, your carseat is getting heavier to cart around, so most of the time I take you out of that when we get places and just leave it in the car. Tomorrow morning you have your six month well check, so we'll find out all your stats then [and then I just have to remember to write them down in your baby book!].

Some loves/favorites: bath time, looking at the baby in the mirror, holding you toes, taking your socks off, watching you brother, the bouncy seat, sitting up, sitting in mama's lap while we eat dinner [or any meal], being swaddled tight, your paci, being kissed all over. talking and having conversations, grabbing for and holding on tight to things [toys/my hair/fingers/anything and everything], stretching out all the way [especially during diaper changes].  

You are just the sweetest and best baby ever! You make me want a dozen more! And also pray that you are always this wonderful and easy going :). I love you so very much and am thankful each and every day that God blessed us with your precious and wonderful life. You are joy. 

Thanks for loving me and for letting me be your mama. I love you to the moon and back.



Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 6 months to your adorable boy! XOXO

Courtney said...

LOOK AT THAT SMILE. In every picture!! Such a sweetie. And hooray for finally getting down to 15 minutes at feeding time. I bet you feel like you have so much free time now :p

Jessica (The Newly) said...

Stop it! I cannot believe he is 6 months old! Where does the time go!?! Happy 6 months to your sweet, precious boy!

Laura said...

He is precious, and that little mouth of his is just gorgeous!

Amy said...

Ahh! Those leg rolls! Happy 6 months, little buddy! Glad to hear the crib transition is going better!