Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Emerson turns three

Because this blog is a way for me to document our life and the little adventures that make it special to us, I wanted to be sure to dedicate a post to Emerson's birthday celebration. I know I've talked about his birthday festivities a little bit already; but I wanted to be sure to really capture his special day and include a few pictures. 

The morning of his birthday, once I was ready and heard him chatting away in his room, I opened his door to wish him a happy birthday. As soon as I walked in his room he looked up at me and said, "My wate up for my birdday!" He was all kinds of excited. It was so sweet to see his excitement and know that this was the first year that he really understood and got into the whole birthday fun. 

The night before, after the boys were in bed, I had put up a little birthday banner in our kitchen and wrapped his presents and "hid" them behind one of our couches. So that morning when we walked downstairs, he noticed a gift bag behind the couch first thing. He was so excited but was also really good about listening and waiting until later to open them. He walked into the kitchen and oohed and aahhed over the banner and then we had our usual breakfast of yogurt/toast/cereal ... fancy, I know.

We finished breakfast and finished getting ready for the day before Bee arrived. She came bearing a present and immediately told Emerson to, "Open it! Open it!" He obliged and they spent the day playing with her gift to him: play food [some of the best I've seen!]. Emerson was so good about waiting until Bee went home before he opened the rest of his gifts. He would mention them if we walked into the living room, but was so good about waiting.

Our small group leader [wife] sent me a text that morning asking what the birthday boy wanted for lunch; she wanted to come over with her little boy and baby girl to see Emerson and to play. They arrived around lunch time; she brought Thai food for me [bless her] and berries for Emerson [bless]. Once lunch was over we took the kiddos to play for a while in the playroom. It was a fun and unexpected visit and way to spend the morning. Emerson loved that one of his buddies came to play with him and before they left they gave Emerson a birthday present - I dare say it may be his favorite one - a Despicable Me Fart Blaster. Oh goodness gracious. At least it doesn't omit a smell? He loves it and carries it with him all around the house, haha. Boy mamas everywhere unite. 

Once naps were over, Bee went home, and Oliver ate, he was finally able to open his birthday gifts. He was all kinds of excited and knew exactly how to open gifts. He ripped through those gifts so fast that he was done in less than five minutes. He got one thing to play with and the rest were things that he needed. He was happy with his loot and ran around the house with his "tooting gun" while I fixed his birthday dinner of pancakes and bacon. Boy loves breakfast food.

Since Landon's parents were planning on coming to visit on Friday we decided to wait to have his 'big cake' /"party" for when they arrived. But, you have to have cake on your birthday, so I made a few cupcakes so we could let him blow out candles. He loved blowing his candles out [and remembered about blowing candles out from his birthday the year before] and took the job so seriously. It took him a few breaths, but he huffed and puffed and got those candles to blow out.

It was the perfect ending to his third birthday!

That night after the boys went to bed Landon's parents arrived early so they could beat the snow storm headed their way. I worked on finishing Emerson's cake toppers and visited with Landon's parents after they arrived for a little while. Friday morning Bee came over and the two of them played all the day long. I baked and frosted Emerson's birthday cake so it would be ready for eating after dinner that night.

For dinner we went to Longhorn and then came home for presents and cake. Emerson was excited to see that he had more gifts to open and went to work opening them all in record time.

*He has been talking about and asking for a trumpet for months. One of his thoughtful great aunts sent him, what else, but a trumpet for his birthday. He was beside himself.

He opened a few more gifts and some cards. Every time he opend a card that had money or a check in it, he'd take the money and toss it to the ground. haha. What good is paper, right? ;] 

Emerson and I had talked about what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he always said the same thing: a Little People [aka Minion] cake. Well, there were two times he said Curious George or something, but it always came back to Little People. So that's what I made for him. It was so much working on his cake and seeing his joy and excitement when he saw the Little People on top of his cake gave me all the warm fuzzies. 

We had a wonderful celebration for this sweet boy and it was so much fun to see him excited about his birthday and all that it entailed.

And now that he's three he just suddenly seems so big and grown up on me. I'm looking forward to what this year of his life will bring and excited to see how he grows, learns, and continues to develop. It is my prayer that his heart will love, seek, and obey Christ all of his days. I pray that as he grows he will be a man of integrity, generosity, compassion, and boldness. He is a non-stop little firecracker and I'm so thankful I get to be his mama.


Laura said...

Such a fun celebration. Happy birthday, Emerson! And his minion cake is adorable! Fabulous job!!!!

Our Pretty Little Girls said...

What a great birthday! Love the Minion cake, we are huge minion fans around here. He got some great presents too. That pancake set looks adorable!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

What a special day for your sweet little man. That is so funny that he wanted a trumpet! Where did he even get that idea from? I don't even know if my kids know what a trumpet is. Lol. Maybe he is going to be some sort of child prodigy or something! Hehe.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy Birthday, Emerson!