Friday, January 8, 2016

friday thoughts: skinnies, boots, dead cars, and gluten

Happy Friday! What a week it has been, I am oh so happy to see the weekend come. I'm pretty sure you are happy to welcome the weekend too. Right? Anyhow, I thought I'd end the week with a few things from this week...

one || hello skinnies! 
I have mentioned before how I seem to have an aversion to skinny jeans. I think they look cute on other people, but me? Not so much. And as such, I have never owned a pair of skinny jeans. Well, while we were visiting Landon's family over Christmas, I was in need of a pair of jeans that fit - apparently I have lost more weight than I realized and none of my jeans fit. So one afternoon I asked one of Landon's sisters if I could try on a pair of her jeans - just to see if they fit [she's a tiny thing] so I could [maybe] order a pair without having to go to the store. Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles - her jeans fit me. And they happened to be skinny jeans. And even I thought they kind of looked cute. So I borrowed her pants for the night and then ordered a pair for myself. Thank goodness for sisters, am I right? I have officially jumped on the skinny jean bandwagon. Yikes!

two || boots with the fringe 
Sometime before Christmas I mentioned that I had been swooning over a pair of boots - with fringe. I'm not a boot girl, but these boots called out to me so I added them to my Christmas wish list. And lo and behold, I got them for Christmas. I haven't had a chance to wear them out [since they looked pretty terrible with not skinny jeans] but I put them on when I got my skinnies in the mail and I must say, I'm pur-tty excited [and nervous] to wear them out and about! I'd say I'm on a role for trying new things this year. 

three || the time my car didn't start 
On Tuesday morning I usually go to a Bible study with the little people. They go to their own class, I go to my own class. It's pretty nice. Though honestly, I'm not crazy about the study and my group is just so-so. But Emerson loves going to "Bible Class" and talks about it all the time. So I continue to go. I know it's good for me too, but if I didn't have him, I would just opt out of going all together. Anyhow, Tuesday morning, I got the big kids ready to get in the car, got snacks, waters, bags, coats, and all of Oliver's things together. I loaded them in the car, first Bee [who was screaming and throwing a fit the whole time], then Emerson [chatting away happily], and then Oliver [who started crying the moment his carseat got in the car - boy does not like to be in the car/carseat unless he's moving]. I ran in the house to grab something I'd forgotten, then got in the car. Whew. Turn the key to start the car, and "click click click" - nothing. Try again, "click click click" - nothing. The car would not start. Ohmygoodnessgracious. I told Emerson we couldn't go to Bible class because the car was broken, he was not happy about that so he started crying. Obviously. Three munchkins in the back of the car - all in tears. Little by little I unloaded the bags, coats, and the little people. All while crying. I was wearing a thin sweater and it was freezing outside/in the garage and I was sweating like it was the middle of July. Sheesh. So that was a fun way to start the day. 

four || basement playroom 
Several months ago I started taking the munchkins to the basement to play. They were driving me nuts in the living room, so I put my fears and dislikes of basements aside and moved all the toys and what not to the finished part of our basement. I've been working on brightening it up and making it a little more cheerful since then. It's just about to a point I am happy with, and I just have a clock to get to finish it up [why are all the cute ones so expensive?]. Even I think it's super nice and don't mind spending my mornings down there. Pictures and more to come soon! 

five || no more wheat 
Last night I was fresh out of baby food. Well, the fruits and veggies I have been feeding Oliver. I had a box of baby wheat cereal so I mixed some milk in with it and let him eat that for dinner instead. He ate it, he wasn't crazy about it, but he was eating it so I kept feeding it to him. I knew he was hungry and didn't want him to not have his evening meal of solids. It was the first time he'd eaten wheat cereal so I was sure to keep a close eye on him, much like I have been when I introduce any new food. He was fine and dandy until I laid hime down for the night. It's not unusual for him to fuss and cry a bit when I lay him down, but last night he screamed and his cry sound like he was in pain. Then he coughed really hard and cried some more. When I went in to get him and put my hand down on the bed next to his head I felt something wet, warm, and gooey. The poor baby had thrown up. Landon held him while I changed his sheets, then I rocked him and put him back to bed. The same thing happened. I went to get him and discovered he had thrown up again. I changed his sheets again and his pajamas and then I just held him and cuddled him close. He threw up one more time in the middle of the night, and no more since then. After this episode Landon and I both think he has an allergy, or sensitivity, to gluten. It is the only thing I have not tried cutting out of my diet to help see if it would clear up his constant congestion. But now I know, and am cutting all gluten out of my diet. I feel so bad that it took me this long to figure it out, but I guess at least now I know? I'm really hoping that over the next few days as the gluten clears from me, that his constant congestion will clear up. I'm just glad it was only some throw up and nothing more serious - giving babies new foods to eat is always so scary to me! And now I'm on a dairy and gluten free diet - at least I can have soy again :) 

I hope you all have a happy and restful weekend! 


Jessica (The Newly) said...

Goodness, that poor baby! Glad you figured it out and hoping that being gluten free will clear him up and make him a happy little man! It's no wonder you've lost weight though, mama. Breastfeeding on its own will burn major calories, but having to limit your diary so much is definitely limiting your caloric intake as well. And woohoo on the skinny jeans!!! So glad you jumped on the bandwagon. Your boots are ADORABLE! Love them:)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I used to be the same way with skinny jeans and it took me a little while to jump on that trend, but now? I wear them all. the. time. and I'm going to be so sad when they go out of style!

And boots with the fringe? Yes, please! I got some for myself and some for Olivia back in the fall and we wear ours all the time!

I hope Oliver is feeling better now. It's the absolute worst when your babies don't feel well. Hopefully going gluten free will keep his little tummy happy.

Have a good week! XO

Amy said...

Oh poor little guy. :( I'm hoping that the gluten is the answer!

And look at you in those skinny jeans! Hot mama! Where did you get them from? Also, LOVE those boots!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

Awe those boots. So cute. And I only jumped on the skinny jeans bandwagon last year. I thought I looked awful in them, but turns out you just need the right pair.

So sorry to hear about your little guy. I hope his sensitivity gets better. At least you found out soon and you can avoid it.