Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oliver / 7 month update


Happy seven months of life to you! You continue to bring us so much joy every single day. You have such a sweet and happy demeanor and are such a content and easy going baby. We are so very thankful for you and just love you to bits!

With every passing day your show more and more of your personality - I love it! You are really growing and developing likes and dislikes and it's so fun to watch you as you figure this world out. Sometimes you'll just start cracking up and your sweet little giggle will fill the room and everyone stops to listen. When you start giggling while Emerson is nearby, he will do anything to get you to giggle again. A lot of the time he is pretty successful in getting you to laugh and smile, and sometimes he doesn't even have to do anything! It's not uncommon for us to be walking upstairs together - Emerson in front of us - and when he gets to the top step you start dying laughing. It. is. adorable. And it of course gets Emerson all wound up and doing even more of his usual antics so he can hear you again. I love those moments. You save most of your sweet squeals and peals of laughter for Mommy though and I must say, I kind of love it a lot. We'll be in the room together and you'll be laughing like none other, then someone else comes in and you stop. If it's Daddy or Emerson you'll usually giggle some more, but anyone else? Nope. You're just keeping that sweet sound for your favorite people I guess. One time, when we were visiting your Poppy and Gigi and when to church with them, one of their friends started talking to you and got some little giggles from you. But she's the only one other than us to do that.

You had a pretty busy month and saw lots of family and friends, some for the first time ever. We stayed with your Poppy and Gigi for two whole weeks leading up to Christmas so you got to see a lot of family - aunties, great grandparents, uncles, cousins. You were always pretty content and happy as long as I was around, though sometimes if I left the room and then came back, you only wanted me. You'd be happy to talk to others, just so long as you were in my arms. I didn't mind one bit. You also celebrated your very first Christmas! It was so sweet to celebrate with you this year, I know you didn't understand what was going on, but my heart was so full spending one of my favorite holidays with you and your brother.

Once we got back home you started sleeping better. It was really rough sleeping while we weren't home. I like to say that it was because you were sick, cutting teeth, and because you knew your daddy wasn't with us for half of that time. Whatever the reason, you were a terrible sleeper - the worst you've ever been! So that was fun. Usually you ended up sleeping on the bed next to me and once you were there you slept really well. I don't know if you thought the mattress was just more comfortable than the one you were sleeping on [it was] or if you just liked being closer to me in an unfamiliar room. Daddy said you were like the Princess and the pea - who knows. All I wanted was for you to sleep. When we got home we moved your crib into the laundry room because although you could [and will] share a room with your brother, he has crazy sleeping habits right now and you wake in the night, so we didn't want to deal with that right now. You don't mind being in the laundry room and have started sleeping better now that you have a comfy mattress to sleep on.

Sleeping: It is better, but you still aren't sleeping through the night. You've done it on more than one occasion, but it's not on the regular. For the most part you only wake once in the night, I feed you, and then you go back down. Though there are nights you think sleep is for the birds and will have none of it. You usually go down for the night between 7:30 and 8:00. You always get a bath before bed time and you love love love it. You stretch your body out and flap your arms to the side then hold them straight out while standing up on my leg as we fill the bath with water. In the morning you usually wake between 7:30 and 8:00, but there are always days that are different. Like the other night, when you would. not. sleep. you slept until about nine that morning. So yeah. You are down to two naps a day. One in the morning that usually lasts about 40 minutes or so and a second one in the afternoon that lasts for an hour or more. You are usually ready for for morning nap around 9:30 and your afternoon nap at 1:30. It's nice when you do go down for your afternoon nap around 1:30, because that's when the big kids nap. That is only something I have been working on for months now :) Sometimes you'll fall asleep and then wake up 30 - 50 minutes later, and just not stay asleep, but in general, you are much better about staying asleep these days. So thank you! We've been working on "sleep training" with a limited cry it out method. I guess it's working? I'll share more about that another day though. You like to hug/cuddle with something when you fall asleep. Most of the time it's my arm and/or hand - you hold on tight. I'd love to give you a little buddy to cuddle with, but am leery to do that until you are a bit older, though I do wonder if it would help you fall asleep/sleep better.

Eating: You are still nursing, although not exclusively anymore - you have started eating solid food! So far you have had bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, pears, rice cereal, wheat/oat cereal, peaches, carrots, and I'm sure there are a few more, I just can't remember what they are. You really did not like the first foods you tasted - sweet potatoes and rice cereal. But it has grown on you since then and now each evening you very much look forward to your dinner. You like all of the foods, though you're not crazy about the green beans [can't say I blame you, they taste nasty!], and you threw up three times after eating wheat cereal for the first time the other night. So we haven't given that to you again and don't plan on it for a while as that is not a good reaction to have after eating something. I have since then cut gluten out of my diet in hopes that it helps to clear up your constant congestion [once and for all!] and I'm praying that if it is indeed gluten, it is not a life long thing - I heart me some gluten. You nurse four times a day and will go four hours between feedings. I'm not sure how many ounces you eat each time, and you haven't had a bottle for over a month now ... so yeah. But you're growing and when you are hungry you let me know. Usually you'll be patient but when it's so close you start going crazy.

Teeth: You cut three more teeth since your last monthly update! Holy cow boy, you can slow it down in the teeth department if you want. You cut your third and fourth teeth - both upper lateral incisors [aka: fangs] on December 19th. And you cut your top left central incisor [front tooth] just the other day, on January 9th. You constantly have your hands in your mouth and anything you can get a hold of, goes straight to your mouth. You got a little teething monkey for Christmas and love it. 

Milestones: You are rolling over like a pro these days and it is you primary method for getting around. You can roll from one side of the room to the other in a matter of seconds, so I can't leave you on the floor [or bed!] and leave the room and expect to see you where I left you. You are on the move! You usually play on the floor in Emerson's room while I read him a story before nap time, and the other day you rolled over to a wall so fast and were about to grab the cord for a lamp - I hadn't even read two sentences! Emerson thought it was hilarious and died laughing. You really do crack him up. You both make each other laugh [which I love].

You are sitting up a lot better these days too. You can mostly sit up unassisted, but you still need help or you topple over eventually. But your core is getting much stronger and you've started sitting in the front of the shopping cart at stores! Woo hoo! I love it, Emerson loves it [cause he gets the back], and you seem to like it too [enough that you've fallen asleep two of the three times I've put you up there :]. You still love standing with assistance and your little legs are so strong. You grab anything and everything that comes within your reach and have super quick little arms and hands. Your feet are another favorite thing. You love to grab them and put them in your mouth. You also really like to take your socks off and eat them. One day I laid you down for a nap, but you were fighting sleep that afternoon so when I went in there to give you some pats, I saw blood all over one of your socks. It freaked me out at first and then I realized you bit your lip! Thankfully that was all it was.

At your six month well check you measured in the 50% and the doctor said you looked great! You are wearing size six month clothing and some 3-6 month depending on the brand. You are still in size 3 diapers and Pampers Swaddlers are still our preferred diaper.

On Sundays you have officially started going to the nursery. I kept you with us during the service for so long, but you are a squirmy little fellow and have lots you want to do, so you go play while we are in the service. So far you've done really well and everyone only says how happy and sweet you are.

We have been working on establishing a more set routine for your days. It helps me a ton and so far you seem to really like it as well. It's nice knowing about when you will eat, play, and nap and when your happy times and fussy times of the day are. We've cut out your evening naps - they were making it really difficult for you to fall asleep at night, so instead of going to bed at 10 like you were, you are skipping that third evening nap and going to bed earlier, around 7:30. You do get a little fussy before then, but you play in your bouncer while I fix dinner and are mostly happy, then you eat your dinner of solids around 6 and go to bed soon afterwards. Making you stay awake through the evening and skipping that last nap was a game changer for bed time. We're still working on you learning how to fall asleep by yourself, I know you'll learn one day but I do hope and pray it's sooner rather than later.

You are such a blessing to us, Oliver. I love you so very much and am so very thankful for your sweet life. It has been a joy watching you grow these past seven months and I know I will love watching you as you continue to grow and develop just as much, if not more. 

Thank you for letting me kiss and squish your sweet little cheeks every single day. You are precious and loved and one of the greatest gifts we have. I love you so much - as does your Daddy and big brother. I hope you always know that. I pray that you always know the love of Christ and that He reigns in your heart forever.

You are loved.



Ashley Brickner said...

He is sooooo precious! Like edible! :)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

He's so yummy! I just want to squeeze those little thigh rolls! Happy seven months!

Courtney said...

Oh goodness! Such a sweet, sweet boy! I love how he is rolling all over the place to get where he wants to go :) adorable!