Thursday, January 7, 2016

some confessions

As I was reading a few blogs today and lacking a little inspiration for a post of my own today, I saw Jess shared a few confessions. Then I though, how perfect and fun that seemed. So for today, I'm sharing a few confessions of my own.

I confess . . .

Our Christmas tree is still making our living room cozy and bright each morning and night with happy little twinkle lights. I just may be the last one to take their tree down.

I have been doing a little more baking . . . and I love it. Since I "need" a sweet little something after dinner I have no choice but to mix something up real quick like for a little dessert [cookies, sweet breads, and muffins - nothing too fancy ;]

Most days I wear the same fleece zip-up. It's comfy, I love how it fits, and it keeps me warm. I have others, but they just don't work as well. So I stick with the tried and true. I think I found another one that may be equally wonderful, but I have yet to actually buy it.

There are three full baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. They've been there for about a week now.

My planner from last year is still sitting on my desk.

I have a few piles of papers I desperately need to go through and [probably] throw out.

Emerson's baby book is still not completely finished. He's turing three in two weeks. Also, Oliver's baby book is basically empty at this point too. At least it's not a 'second child' problem in this house. hah.

There are a few family pictures of us in frames around the house - all from the first year of Emerson's life. I really need to print some pictures and update the ones we have framed. We're a family of four now [and have been for half a year]!

I can't wear yoga pants as pants. I've tried to go a day in yoga/sweat pants because they are so comfy, I stay at home, and mostly because they fit. But after about an hour wearing them as my pants for the day, I feel blah and have to put on real pants [aka - something with a zipper].

And that's where I'll stop for now!


Callie said...

Oh, it is so hard to stay on top of the picture updating! It took me two years to update our walls after Gwen was born, and now they all need updating again!

Jessica (The Newly) said...

I have some of those very same problems! You are not alone! I feel gross from wearing yoga pants all day today. Hate that feeling. Vivian's baby book is about three months behind in updates now. And our pictures on our walls all look like we are only a family of three. Must update them soon!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I am totally with you on the picture updating. I was actually looking around our house last night and realizing that I haven't updated most of the frames in almost two years... since our youngest was a newborn!