Thursday, January 21, 2016

three // a birthday letter


Happy Birthday to you! Today we celebrate three years of your precious life! It seems crazy that it has been three years since your daddy and I rushed to the hospital and held you in our arms just a few short hours later. The day you were born was a wonderful day. The day you were born is a day I will remember for always. 

Watching you grow and learn has brought so much joy into our lives. You have gotten so big and these days you seem like such a boy, not the tiny little nugget 6 ounce baby we brought home three years ago. It's not hard to believe it's been three years though. You are every bit a three year. You are bigger and older looking. You have stretched out and are growing fast. You've already nearly outgrown some of the pants I got for you in the Fall. You talk to us about everything and have so many questions. You are more boy than baby, but still sweet as ever. 

You love life and you live it to the fullest - every. single. day. You are not easily upset and when you do get upset, it doesn't last for long, you find something else that makes you happy [or we distract you with some "super cool" thing and 98% of the time you're all about the new cool thing we're talking about]. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time your head hits the pillow at night, you are on the go. You are a busy little guy with so much to do and talk about. Sometimes it it seems like you aren't listening or paying attention because you are distracted with something else or talking yourself; but then we ask you a question about what we were reading/talking about and you are able to give the correct answer. 

Reading is still your favorite, though now you love to read more independently than ever. Before bed and nap time, you sit in your bed and read book after book, studying each page and "reading" the story to your buddies. Often times you'll fall asleep with a book by your side. When you wake up you usually entertain yourself by reading until we come and get you. It's so sweet to hear you reading your stories to your favorite buddies. Some of your favorite books are: all of your Bible story books, Curious George, and the "Best First Book Ever". There are other books that you love, but those ones are your favorites. I love that you love reading and I love when we get to read stories together. I do pray it is a life long love for you [and your brother ;]. 

Running, playing, and being outside are other favorites. You love cooking in your kitchen and are always happy to fix me whatever meal I ask for, you love trains, running around in circles [literally - you run around the room in circles while squealing in delight], playing with Bee, playing with Oliver and giving him all of the toys [except for the ones you want to play with, ha :], playing Hungry Hippos, watching a show in the evenings, helping me fix dinner or bake [anytime I'm in the kitchen you want to help and always ask, "Whad I hep you width?"]. Your favorite shows are Daniel Tiger, Superwhy, Curious George, and "the little people" aka, Minions. 

This year you went through some pretty big changes - the biggest one being that you became a big brother! You have done so well adjusting to your new role and absolutely love and adore your little brother. You are always so eager to bring him any and every toy. Sometimes you want one of his toys, but you always replace it with a different toy. You love holding him and reading books with him and think it's hilarious when he tries to eat the book we're reading. Giving him hugs, pats, kisses, and just playing with him is one of your favorite things and you are always asking to play with "Otto". Sometimes while I'm fixing a meal you'll come in the kitchen and dance, hop, sing, blow bubbles [pretend with a measuring spoon], for him. He loves it and cracks up peals of giggles, which you love just as much as me so you keep doing whatever it was that got him giggling in the first place. It's basically the most adorable thing. ever. 

Your bed time is around 8 o'clock, but can change a little based on the night. You still take an afternoon nap, although lately you've been skipping those and just play and read books in your room. I'm not quite ready to give up your nap time yet, and you still act like you really need one, so we're going to keep on with the naps for a while yet. I've heard of some babies and munchkins your age sleeping until 8 or later in the morning - you are not one of those kids. Before the sun is shining you are up and ready to start the day.

It is such a joy watching you as you grow. You fill our home with so much laughter, joy, and love. You are a blessing and we are so very thankful for you and your life. I pray that you will always know and love God and that your heart will always seek after and obey Him. I pray that you will be compassionate and generous, brave and wise. May your light always shine for Him. I love you so so much, sweet boy. 

Happy third birthday! 



Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Emerson!

Don't worry Hannah, my children have no clue what it is to sleep past 6. haha! You're not alone! ;)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Happy birthday to your cutie pie! Why does it always have to fly by so fast?